Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Leafs Overpay To Keep McCabe / Ottawa Reports

McCabe will make 5.5 to 6 million a season in Toronto for the next 5 years.

Reports coming to me are saying this is because Chara and Redden may BOTH be close to re-upping in Ottawa long term. Something to watch

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The New Site!

Work on the new is going extremely well! Everything is working great, and we are way ahead of schedule. The plan is still to launch on the day following the Stanley Cup final! If anyone wants a sneak peak, add me to msn (, and I may let you take a look, just so I can get feedback, so we can decide what needs to be changed before we go public.

A big thank you to Jon Howe from (check them out), as he's been working his behind off trying to get this done for us. He's been great, and I believe we'll see him around here a lot more, working with the Hockeyleaks team. The new site will allow us to do a lot more here, which is very exciting. With a great offseason ahead of us, this is a very exciting time for

Monday, May 22, 2006

Good News!

After hours and hours I have fixed this blog's spacing problem, which means I will be updating the blog more often now, especially since the free agent season is right around the corner. I just want to give out a few site updates.

Currently we are looking to give the site a bit of a re-design. If any of you out there are good with design or HTML, and would be interested in giving me a hand, I would love to hear from you!

The forums have slowed down a bit, so I must remind you all to come back and post!! With the offseason so close, there will be tons of rumours floating around, and we'll all be here to discuss them!

Finally, I have recieved several emails about our Chat Room. Yes, I know it's down, and has been since March. It's not needed when there are no rumours to discuss! No point on paying for something we're not going to use right? Don't worry, it will make it's return in late June, so we can all stay up all night talking about rumours again, wasn't March fun?

We're always looking for new writers, so feel free to email me at if your interested. Even if you don't want to write for us, drop me an email with your thoughts on the site, the nhl playoffs, and your offseason predictions. I love discussing all those things with you great people! I hope all you Canadians had a great long weekend, it was a busy one for me!

Richards Re-Signs With Tampa Bay

5 Year / 39 million dollars

So now the question is, how can Tampa Bay afford that goalie they needed?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Marc Crawford To Be Named Coach Of...

The LA Kings. Will be announced on Monday

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Happened?

I went 1-3 this round, and that is actually pretty good compared to a lot of people who work in this industry. I've talked to so many hockey people over the past few days and everyone is shocked about how this round went down. Lets look at what happened... ----

Lets start with the sweep. Anaheim beat Colorado in four games. Sure, a lot of people saw Anaheim winning this series, but in four games? I think we can officially blame the losses of Forsberg and Foote for the demise of the Avs. Those two guys are huge veteran leaders, who had a lot of skill, and played very well for Colorado over the years. Replacing them with guys like Brisbois and Turgeon isn't how things should have been done. Six weeks ago I would have told you that Sakic and Blake would both be back, but now, I don't think either man is a lock to re-sign with the Avs. Their legendary GM just stepped down, that shows the state of this team. The Ducks played great, and will be very dangerous for many years down the road. This team is too young to be this good, they're surprising a lot of people ----

Next we have Buffalo beating Ottawa. I called this one, and the way Ottawa lost this one, they may have caused a lot of internal damage. With guys like Redden and Chara UFA's come July 1st, who wants to come back to Ottawa. The same group of guys has dominated the regular season for several years now, yet they've done very little in the post-season. That being said, this was more Buffalo's fault than Ottawa's. Buffalo was getting offense, defense, and the best goaltending they've seen since Hasek (Ottawa wishes they had a little Hasek in this series...). -----

New Jersey had won 15 in a row, who would have thought they'd be eliminated in five games? Where was Brodeur, did he not play? Once again, this loss may influence a big name pending UFA to leave, and that is Elias. This guy has huge market value, and expect a lot of teams to be hard after him (yes Leaf fans, Toronto will be one of them). Cam Ward played fantastic, and everyone seemed to step up at the right time for the Hurricanes. -----

Finally, Edmonton coming back from a 2-0 deficit to take the series 4-2. Who is this Pisani guy? Well I knew who he was, and as a Leaf fan I kept saying to myself, "This guy is a UFA on July 1st! Woo!", but I think it's safe to say he's saying. Edmonton got Pronger for a reason, and this is it. Roloson has played amazing, and the youth in Edmonton is excelling. Smyth is also playing a hell of a series. ------

So we get into Round 3. I say Buffalo over Carolina in 6 games, and I say Edmonton over Anaheim in 7. Four young teams left, get ready for the most exciting hockey you've ever seen! ---

also, sorry for the spacing of this, this blog has issues, i'm in the process of moving blogs!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Pierre Lacroix has stepped down as the GM of the Colorado Avalanche

This moved shocked me. I cannot believe Pierre is stepping down. He has been one of the best GM's around for a very long time. Some have blamed him for their recent playoff exit, but look at it this way : Colorado wasn't suppose to beat Dallas! Lacroix will remain president of the Avs, and will hand pick who replaces him as GM.

Leafs To Hire Maurice As Head Coach

It will be announced to the public at 11 EST

Leafs To Hire Maurice As Head Coach

It will be announced to the public at 11 EST

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Final 8 Set!

When the Ducks knocked off the Flames last night, round 2 was set! Ottawa will face Buffalo, Carolina will face New Jersey, San Jose will meet Edmonton while Anaheim will take on Colorado. This round promises to be very exciting! My early predictions? Buffalo, New Jersey, San Jose and Colorado in the final four! Also, don't forget to check out the rumour mill at as it has been, and will continue to be updated on a regular basis! The offseason isn't that far away!