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The Latest

Vermette re-ups in Ottawa, so take his name off the trade rumours...

Big-ups to Andy Strickland, who called Bowman to Chicago months ago. Everyone bashed him, but now Bowman is set to officially join the Hawks as an advisor.

I know this is a hockey site, but how crazy is it that Ken Griffey is coming to Chicago? Nuts...

The new site is still in the works, so keep checking back to see it when it launches! The forums are back up and restored, so make sure to go there and keep the posting up!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

700th Blog Post....

Well this is the 700th blog post made by me, well not really. We were hacked after like 150 blog posts on, and now we've had 700 more on Either way, I feel sorry for all of you who have had to read almost 1000 of my blogs...on to the news

Sundin to make decision on August 1st? The news will tell you Vancouver. Eklund is telling you it's only fitting I'll tell you Toronto. I've heard that Sundin will not choose Vancouver because he knows this isnt a playoff team, and to leave the Leafs for a non-playoff team would make him look awful. It's down to the Toronto and Montreal, and in the end I believe he will not have it in his heart to leave the city of Toronto...

You'll hear a lot about Glen Murray going to San Jose, but I'm not sold on it. I think he may end up back in LA. The Kings management are very interested i've been told, as they think he'd be great for the young players.

Kubina's trade window is quickly closing....if McCabe can't be dealt soon, the Leafs will really step up their Kubina shopping...

thats all for now, the new site is probably just days away. The server change will happen before sunday, and once that occurs, thats when the fun arrives!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Site Update

Just giving you guys an update on where we are right now. We had a bit of difficulty moving the server last week. It's hard because I have to transfer it on my side because I own the new server, but I need the guy who owns the old servers help (aka unlocking things on his side). He was hard to reach, and it got difficult, but things are alright now and the server transfer should be complete this week. Once that is done, it shouldn't take long to launch the new site. So if you go to and things either dont work, or something doesnt look right, just sit tight as this is almost over.

I am so excited for the new site, hopefully it turns out wonderful and can move forward in a big way.

Corey Johnson

Monday, July 14, 2008

Leafs Aquire Hollweg from Rangers...

uh, why? The Rangers will recieve Pittsburghs fith round choice (acquired for Hal Gill) in return

Ted Nolan Fired...

The Islanders have fired Ted Nolan. Heavy rumours thats Tortorella will replace him...

Also, mixed reports about Jason Williams. While I was assured he had signed with Ottawa, a TV station in London is saying he has signed with Atlanta. I guess we will have to wait for someone to make an official announcement...

Sunday, July 13, 2008 Downtime...

Just letting you all know that will be down for about a week starting today, as we move to our own server. Thanks for your patience, the blog will continue to be updated...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Facelift in Ottawa?

Ottawa is an interesting team to watch right now.

Tomorrow they will announce Jason Williams has signed a three year deal worth just under 6 million total.

Vermette wants out, and will get his wish. The Sens are also heavily shopping Chris Neil. Two teams being mentioned are Chicago (Cam Barker or Brent Seabrook), and Florida (Allin or dare I say Bouwmeister? Jacques Martin LOVES Vermette).

Radulov is getting 8 mil a year in russia...I still don't think he'll end up there. I'm hearing two things...a) This is a ploy to get a good deal from Nashville and b) Russia will back off the contract, as it really could start this relationship between Russia and the NHL off on a bad note....

Matthieu Schneider could be on his way to Phoenix I've been told...

Had a good discussion with some people tonight about how overrated Hossa and Campbell are. Is Campbell in the top ten defensemen in the league? Pronger, Chara, Lidstrom, Niedermayer, Gonchar, Kaberle and Phaneuf were all 100% voted better, but I think there could be more. Timmonen, Zubov, Visnovsky, Ohlund, Boyle, Green....I want to hear your thoughts, so reply to the blog on the forums with your feedback on this...(when we launch the new site sometime in the next month, commenting on these will be sooo much easier, I can't wait).

Thats all for now, tomorrow could be an interesting day I've been told...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Canucks Set To Make Announcement?

Ive just been told by a source out west that the Canucks will be announcing a couple of signings later this week.

Sundin has been spotted in Vancouver this week, while Demitra could be the other one...

with that said, it could also just be the re-signing of the Sedin twins...

either way, I'm hearing that the Canucks will announce two signings before this week is over

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Here We Go is still using the same layout it did when we first opened three years ago. I changed once, only to come running back to this one. Three years into this site, I think it's time we tried something different.

I have already announced that I have purchased it's own server (we've been using several other servers free of charge over the last three years). Now I can announce that I am paying someone to re-design the site.

The site will soon be fully-forum based. The site will still feature standings and stats on the main page, but the headlines will all be done through the forums. This will simplify everything for you and me. No longer will you have to scramble around the site for the latest rumours. Instead, all of that information will be there for you to read and comment on, right on the main page. This means the blog may also be changing, so stay tuned. I've spent the last month investigating and research ways to make a better site, and I think you will all be happy with the changes that are coming.

Another great improvement will be that we will be able to have more staff updating the site. Currently, I am the only one who can edit If I am not around, the site doesnt get updated. Thanks to the new design, I will be able to appoint a few others who will be able to post news as soon as it happens. This will be one of the best new things about the new

Also, the forums will be the same, so none of your accounts should be affected. So if you go to, and the site is down, this does not mean we are gone, it means we are in the middle of improving greatly. The blog and forums will continue as normal, though the site will see seldom updates until this is complete. This shall be complete within the next 30 days, maybe even sooner.

If you have any feedback on this, please email me or reply to this topic located in the forums. I would love your suggestions and what you would like to see on the next version of

Friday, July 04, 2008

Boyle To Sharks

He's waived his NTC to go to San Jose, no work on whats coming back to Tampa....

This is my last post until Tuesday, as im going away for the weekend...its my only time off for the whole summer. Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay tuned to the forums for the latest updates

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Leafs Aquire Grabovski

The Leafs have dealt their 2nd round pick in 2010 and Greg Pateryn (who they picked in the 5th round in 2008) to the Habs for Mikhail Grabovski.

Quote from Fletcher:

""Mikhail had tremendous success at the most recent World Hockey Championships," Maple Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher said in a statement. "He has great upside and we will look for him to contribute for us right away at the centre position."

More to Come...

Late Night Rumblings...

Dan Boyle is apparently close to being trade. There are three teams I'm hearing right now: Ottawa, LA and Philadelphia. Ottawa is currently the front-runner, offering a package that includes one of Vermette or Meszaros.

Naslund could sign tomorrow I've been told. The Penguins were leading this all day, but now Minnestoa is in front, apparently making him a multi-year deal. The Wild are also interested in Brenden Morrison.

Montreal is looking to turn their attention to Pavol Demitra. I am hearing they have made Selanne a very nice offer as well. Montreal should make at least a signing tomorrow, they've basically decided Sundin isn't coming to Quebec...

As far as Sundin goes, I'm hearing it's Leafs or retire.

Final note of the night, the Oilers have really upped their offer for Jagr. They really wanted Hossa, but they will settle for Jagr. Unfortunatly for the Oilers, Jagr is likely staying in the East. Mario Lemieux himself is in charge of bringing Jagr back, and the Pens are right now considered front-runners. The Rangers are still in this, and will likely make a more substantial offer now that Sundin's decision is delayed...

More to come tomorrow, I have a feeling we'll see a trade or two tomorrow. The teams who missed out on UFAs may turn to RFAs, and that should happen any time now...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Buzz (hehe) on Who's Left - AVERY SIGNED

Sean Avery To Dallas Done deal, ignore what I wrote below about him...

Haha, I'm totally expecting a lawsuit for using the word buzz..


Sundin - Best name still available. I'm hearing there is no way he takes Vancouver's offer. Sundin is a modest guy, and honestly doesn't want the pressure of being the highest paid player in the league. He also doesn't want the pressure of a two year deal. With Detroit out of it, I am hearing it's down to two: Toronto and Montreal. I wouldn't be at all shocked if Sundin returns to Toronto. Final team to watch in Sundin race, SUNDIN. If Sakic decides against a return, Sundin could be on Colorado's radar.

Avery - Dallas leads this one, though Calgary Ive been told is also showing quite a bit of interest. The Rangers could up their offer should they miss out on Sundin and Jagr.

Jagr - With Hossa offically gone, expect the Penguins to really pick up the slack and make Jagr an offer. The Oilers really like Jagr and have made him a fair offer. The Rangers are still the favourite if he decides to stay in North America.

Orpik - I'm hearing Montreal leads this one, but I expect Ottawa to really up their game today. Brian Murray is really frustrated he missed out on a few guys he really wanted yesterday. Orpik could land in Atlanta as well, while the Pens still want him back.

Demitra - Vancouver still wants him, but he hinges on Sundin. If Sundin signs somewhere other than Toronto, I've heard Demitra could go to Toronto on a one-year deal. The Devils really like this guy as well.

Naslund - Back to Vancouver is likely, but he's waiting to see who will be centering him. Colorado is a team that I've heard as well. Either way, expect Naslund to either sign with the Canucks, or a team where he has a legitimate chance at a cup.

Forsberg - Colorado or retire was what we've been hearing all year, but thats not necessarily the case. Teams that miss out on Sundin may have a shot at this guy. So we're talking the Canucks (with Naslund, Ohlund, and the Sedins?...I've even heard the Canucks want Naslund, Sundin AND Forsberg), Rangers, Habs and Leafs.

Hainsey - Very underrated, Atlanta's going to make this kid a serious offer if they can't land someone very soon.


1 Year , 7.4 million

more to come later

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oilers Aquire Brule

Brule to Oilers for Raffi Torres

and so it begins! Brule needed a new start, while Torres will give Columbus some much needed edge.

Joseph to Leafs, one year, 700,000. Its basically done I've been told.

I'll be in chat in 17 minutes.

UFA Day Chat - 12 PM EST

One hour and five minutes, I will be in the chat for a couple of hours, probably until around 3 pm. I expect more earlier in the day signings this year, unlike last quick rumours for you.

Leafs are front runners for Sean Avery. They've apparently offered him 4 years, 16 million, as have Vancouver and Chicago. The Rangers are still currently offering 4 years, 12 million. Rangers may make one last attempt to keep him, but for now I see him going to Toronto.

Demitra to Vancouver is all but done I've been told, but anything can and will happen after noon est. If he doesn't end up in Vancouver, I've been told Columbus and Chicago are teams to watch. Don't count out Colorado either.

I still believe Brian Campbell will end up in Ottawa. With the losses of Chara and Redden in the last few years, this is Ottawa's big chance to rebound and pick up a quality blueliner.

Speaking of Redden, Florida is where I think he will end up.

Morrison is VERY likely to Columbus I've been told, they may make Naslund an offer as well, though if Naslund is leaving Vancouver I see him going to a for-sure contender. Maybe try out the Eastern Conference...

Speaking of the East, Montreal and Boston are two teams to watch for Hossa. I still think Boston is too good a fit for him to pass up, we'll know by the end of the day.

Expect New Jersey to be aggressive today. Brodeur is getting up there, and the start of last season showed that they did have several weaknesses. I expect them to address a lot of issues this week, by adding offense, defense and some goaltending insurance.

Vrbata to Buffalo is very possible, the Sabres absolutly love this guy...

All rumours and happenings will be posted on the forums, and possibly the blog, as well as the chat, so make sure you are checking all three very often today.

Today is going to be fun, I look forward to chatting with all of you. is where I will be at Noon EST.

My Bold Predictions

The free agent market will open in less than 12 hours. Their are not as many big names this year as in previous years, but still some big names none the less. Its that time of year where I make my predictions and see what I can get right. Predictions are based on a what I've heard, and what I lets do this

Hossa - Boston is the team to watch here. They have the cap room, and he's close friends with Chara. He played well with Savard, making it a comfortable situation for him. Boston is also headed in the right direction, something that Hossa is also looking for. While Montreal and Ottawa will make pitches, I believe Hossa will indeed become a Bruin.

Sundin - I'm going to go out on a lim, and say Toronto...

Campbell - The best d-man on the market, there are a lot of teams that would love this guy. Buffalo, Montreal and Atlanta will all make modest offers, while Chicago's offer will be the best of them all. In the end, its Ottawa that will bring home Campbell

Vrbata - Phoenix would love to keep this guy, but the top three teams I'm hearing are Toronto, Buffalo and New Jersey. Buffalo is likely to win this race.

Avery - Rangers or Leafs I'm hearing...If the Leafs are willing to take the gamble on his attitude, then I see him in Blue and White.

Mark Streit - Third in defense scoring last season, he's going to be quite the catch for a lucky team. San Jose, Pittsburgh and Washington are teams to watch here. I'm taking a gamble and going for San Jose

Bertuzzi - This is an interesting situation, as it's anyones guess as to who is willing to take a gamble on this guy. Two teams can be counted out: Anaheim and Colorado. Columbus is a team that has lots of money to spend, and a place where Bertuzzi can nicely fly under the radar...

Ryder - Pittsburgh, maybe Toronto.

Marc Denis - Montreal

Naslund - Vancouver

Kolzig - Colorado

Demitra - Vancouver

Curtis Joseph - Toronto

Jose Theodore - Tampa Bay

Morrison - Columbus

Emery - Detroit

Recchi - Atlanta

Auld - Vancouver

Huselius - Columbus

Jason Williams - Vancouver

Rolston - Calgary

Hainsey - Chicago

Hagman - Ottawa

Stuart - Detroit

Stumpel - LA

Brunette - Minnesota

Roszival - Pittsburgh

Stillman - Carolina

Orpik - Montreal