Tuesday, February 27, 2007

D-Day Recap

First off I want to thank everyone for their support today, I want to thank the Hockeyleaks.com team for helping me out today, and I want to thank our readers for being around all day. I have recieved many emails thanking me for today and I really just want to thank you. When I started Hockeyleaks as a blog almost two years ago I never thought more than 25 people would read it. We set new forums and chat records today, and when I get my numbers tomorrow morning I feel that we will have beat our Hits record, which was set last deadline day at 850 000 hits. I think we topped a million today, I'll let you know.

Lets now look at the 5 best deadline teams. For a re-cap of all of the deadline trades check out Hockeyleaks.com.

1. New York Islanders: They are on the outside of the playoffs looking in, so what do they do? They go out and get the biggest name available in Ryan Smyth, plus get a guy like Richard Zednik to improve this team even further. Not only did they make two great deals, but they held on to Jason Blake, who many thought was on his way out. If DiPietro the Islander defense can step up, the Islanders could be very scary.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins: The Pens needed toughness and boy did they get it in Gary Roberts and Georges Laraques. They also added some depth on defense and in goal, and I'd say the Penguins have really improved over the last 24 hours.

3. San Jose: Bill Guerin just adds to this team's really dangerous offense. They kept everything else in tact, plus they added Rivet just a few days ago. The Sharks are proving they are one of the top teams in the West.

4. Detroit: A little bit of a gamble on Bertuzzi but if he pays off Detroit will have added one of the best power forwards in the league. Kyle Calder should re-find himself in Detroit as well.

5. Dallas: Getting Norstrom today is another great pick up and shores up their defense in front of Marty Turco. They already brought Nagy in and also added Baumgartner, so the Stars are looking like they are ready to make a serious run. That being said, they lost this years and next's first round draft picks, so failure would hurt this team quite badly.

Still trying to figure out why Gelinas wasn't dealt, or maybe he was and we don't know it yet? I know Calgary was very much in this.

More later including what you can expect from Hockeyleaks.com in the future.

Roberts Apparently Done, Jagr Being Shopped

Morning all, two quick things before we dive into deadline day.

Apparently the Roberts deal with Pittsburgh is done and confirmed so we're sticking with that one now...

and apparently the Rangers are shopping Jagr....stay tuned...

I'm in chat all day, lets go!

Not So Fast Pittsburgh

Now reports are saying that Gary has not dropped his NTC...and I really can't seem to find out so I'm going to say it's not done yet, and really it won't be made official until tomorrow morning when Roberts officially signs the papers...

So deal is off the books for now, tune in tomorrow morning...

Roberts Waives No-Trade Clause

Gary Roberts has waived his no-trade clause, allowing the deal that sends him from the Florida Panthers to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for prospect Noah Welch. Check TradeLeaks for more information.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Deadline Day Coverage

We will kick things off at 9 am tomorrow morning and go until 4 or 5 pm. We will be in live chat all day and will over a trade tracker that will be the best one online (we promise!). Make sure to be here all day, as well as in the forums and in chat, it will be a fun day.

I'm going into Chat now to discuss the latest rumours...come join me

Smolinski To Vancouver

2nd rounder goes the other way

Zednik to NYI

2nd round pick goes the other way...

Kovalev confirmed to be NOT on waivers...

Reports have Roberts to make decision on trade by 9 pm EST tonight...

stay tuned

Kovalev NOT on waivers now...

Kovalev's Agent and another person fro MTL organization are denying it...

that being said keep watching because Hockeybuzz and USAToday have also picked up this story...

Kovalev On Waivers...

Can't confirm yet but it's a rumour right now that is really heating up....

Also I can confirm Noah Welch is the player going the other way in the Roberts deal if it's ok'd...

Hold on folks...

Here We Go!...Tucker, Roberts, and WAIVER MADNESS

It's Madness today...as we are about 24 hours till the trade deadline.

Darcy Tucker is apparently very close to a signing a new deal worth three million per season, the only thing we don't know is the years. I am hearing it may be four years, but three is also possible. This should put to rest any Darcy Tucker trade rumours, but they have been dead for several weeks anyways.

Gary Roberts has been traded, but the question is "will he waive his NTC?"...the deal is not to Ottawa or Toronto which why he may veto the deal. I'm hearing that team is Pittsburgh, though can't confirm that yet.

According to our friends at Hockeybuzz, the following players have been placed on waivers: Brian Boucher, Bryan Berard, Michael Leighton, Denis Hamel, Jason Krog, Marc Chouinard, Aaron Downey, and Petr Cajanek. Rumour also has Nikko Kapanen on waivers as well.

There are some big names there, I beleive several of those (Berard, Boucher, Kapanen) will go by noon tomorrow.

Bill Guerin could very well be traded today. Detroit, Anaheim, Ottawa and San Jose seem to very in this, while I wouldn't count Detroit out either.

Leafs still have serious interest in Milan Hejduk.

Islanders are looking at another Av, Svatos.

Oilers and Smyth will meet today, if no deal is reached I believe he will be traded tomorrow.

If the Flyers could sign Biron long-term (good luck), there is a possibility there could be a Biron for Pikanen deal.

Very Very busy in the NHL, check the forums, blog and Hockeyleaks.com for all the latest, we'll be here with you all day. Cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com for your questions and comments

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rivet To San Jose

Looks like either Souray isn't available or that someone else has out-bid San Jose for him...Josh Gorges and a 2007 1st round pick go back to Montreal...

Ducks really working hard trying to get Guerin right now...the prices are all very high right now...

I love this time of year, more later

Tkachuk To Atlanta...Done Deal

As I told you all last night, before any media or blog was even talking about it, the Thrashers and Blues were close to a deal that would send Tkachuk to Atlanta. The deal is finally done and here are the details.

The Blues get a first round pick in 2007, a third round pick in 2007 and and second round pick in 2008 plus Glen Metropolit. If Atlanta re-signs Tkachuk, the Blues will receive an additional first round pick in 2008.

Quite a lot for a team to give up, especially when they're only 4 points ahead of the 9th place team....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cobourn for Zhitnik...

The media hasn't confirmed this yet but as far as I know it's done..guess it's not big Keith to Atlanta...yet...

details now at Hockeyleaks.com...enjoy your night

Tkachuk To Atlanta?

Rumours are swilling that Tkachuk has been dealt, and I'm hearing it may very well be to the Thrashers. I know nobody else is reporting this, but I heard that the Thrashers were working very hard to get Tkachuk and now they may finally have.

I'm just heading out for the night, and won't be around until morning so if anything breaks look to the forums to see it. Site will be updated with all of tonight's happenings in the morning...

I really smell trade...and Hartnell was a scratch for Nashville tonight, that may be worth looking into...

Things are about to happen...

The Ducks have dealt Shane O'Brien and a 2007 3rd round pick to Tampa for Gerald Coleman and a 2007 1st round pick. Many sources believe that first round pick will be flipped in a deal to bring either Souray or Bertuzzi to Anaheim. Rob Blake is NOT willing to waive his NTC as earlier reported by several sources.

Phoenix have made two call-ups, which means deals involving Laraque and Adams may soon be about too break out.

I will out most of tonight, so make sure to check the forums when looking for the latest news, our members always post the latest as soon as things are made public...more later if something breaks while I'm around

Brewer, Legace Re-Sign With Blues

The Blues have re-signed Brewer to a four year deal while Legace gets a two year deal. No money details yet but they will be posted on the forums when available.

Well, we may know who that western star the Leafs are after: Milan Hejduk. They'd love to get Svatos as well.

Habs have interest in Nathan Horton, though with Martin's crazy prices in Florida he's probably asking for Koivu and a first round pick in return.

Canucks seem to have serious interest in Zubrus.

Laraque To Pittsburgh continues to be talked about, several deals are floating around, the latest being Laraque for Malone and a prospect/pick.

Remember, three players still on waivers, I'll let you know if they get claimed. Make sure you join the forums as a member as on deadline they may be only viewable to members! More Later

Atlanta is still looking at Berard, and now add Boynton to that list.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Afternoon Update / Deadline News

Note: blog emails are getting sent out to different people at different times. Some of you are getting them right away, some of you are getting them a few hours later. Hopefully this gets resolved, the best thing to do is to check the forums often as thats where the latest information is first. Also, I know Tverdovsky plays for LA, I dont know why I said carolina...

Eklund is currently reporting that the Islanders are currently one of the two teams in the Bill Guerin race. Obviously more teams can enter this as time goes on, but at this point NYI seems to be in the lead.

Toronto is really burning up the phones today looking for a scoring winger, they feel that is there one missing piece and the lack of one has really hurt them lately, especially in the shootout and overtime.

Make sure to be in the chat all day Tuesday as we will have at least one or two Hockeyleaks.com staff members in the room at all times. Obviously the amount I speak in the room will depend on how busy things are, but I'll be in there the majority of the day. Remember, our deadline coverage will span from 9 am till around 5 pm on Tuesday, so be here!

Lots of blogs today, but thats just how things are with all this action...check Hockeyleaks.com and the forums for all the latest

Waiver Action!

Oleg Tverdovsky, Nolan Baumgartner, and Joey Macdonald have been put on waivers....

I wouldn't be surprised to see Tverdovsky and Macdonald claimed, doubtful about Baumgartner...

anyone else think LA, Philly and Detroit are making some cap room?

Carter To Carolina

Columbus has dealt Anson Carter to Carolina for a 5th round draft pick. I'm glad Carter was dealt early, as we all remember how he likes to be the centre of attention (remember when he took FOREVER to sign in the summer?).

Also, last week's San Jose/New Jersey deal has been voided due to the fact that Korolyuk has decided to stay in Russia...

More Later, Hockeyleaks.com and the forums for the latest

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Saku Koivu On The Move?

I am hearing this morning that two teams (Anaheim and Minnesota) are really trying hard to pick up Saku Koivu. Anaheim's Burke is refusing to make a deal for a rental currently because the price is too high, but would deal some of his young prospects if he could get his hands on Koivu. Minnesota is in a very similar position, and would like to re-unite the Koivu brothers as members of the Wild. While Montreal is doubtful to move Koivu, I can confirm they are getting pressured pretty hard by these two teams.

Speaking of Montreal, Souray is looking like a lock to move. San Jose leads the race, while Edmonton is in this as well. Anaheim is another team who is starting to ask questions (I wonder what Montreal could get for both Koivu and Souray?).

With Carolina now facing some injury problems, and they're playoff hopes fading away, you have to think they are getting ready to make a serious move. I still think they'll land one St. Louis' big two.

For more rumours check out the Hockeyleaks.com rumour mill, it had quite the update today!

Also, Hockeyleaks.com is in the process of setting up a poker tournament.


That link will bring you to Poker Stars, which is what we will be using to do the poker tournament. Feel free to practice up, I know some of the Hockeyleaks.com staff is quite good at poker, and so are some of our readers!

If you want to contact me with questions, comments, or just want to play me in a game of poker, my email is cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com

The Deadline is 5 days away, i'm so excited to bring you guys the best deadline coverage on the internet. I just did a radio interview with Blueline Hockey Talk Radio, there is a link on the main page, so check it out. Don't mind my voice, I'm still getting over a nasty cold. Anyways, check that, Pokerstars and Hockeyleaks.com out right now! That should keep you busy until a tradebreaks, which could be any minute...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

7 Days...

In 7 days, players will be forced to pack up their bags and head to a new city. The lucky ones will leave a bad team for a very good one, the unlucky ones will leave a team headed for the playoffs and land on a team headed for the golf-course. Within the next seven days, a deal or two will go down, with the bulk happening on the 27th.

Guerin seems to be the next "big" player to go. After him, the dominos will continue to fall. Biron is the top goalie on the market, while names like Toskala, Gerber, Giguere, Theodore, Lalime, Khabibulin and Belfour continue to float around. None of the top western teams need a goalie, while several Eastern teams do. Montreal sure does, but like the Oilers, we're not sure if they are buyers and sellers. If both sell, names like Souray, Sykora, Smyth, Rivet, Samsonov, and yes, I've heard Koivu (hello Anaheim?) could be on the move. What happens in the next seven days will tell a lot...

I'm very excited for what should be an exciting day. I know here at hockeyleaks we will all be set up in a room (probably about six of us?), with several laptops, phones, tv's, radios and many other forms of communication ready to go to break the deals as they happen. We'll be in the chat all day long to break deals and discuss them, and if your a member of the forums you'll be even luckier as you'll get some deals even quicker and more of a chance to discuss them. I hope you will all tune into Hockeyleaks.com. Coverage starts at 9 am on the 27th, be here!

Souray to San Jose is really heating up this hour, I'm hearing this could go down today, but that it could also drag on through the next week. San Jose really wants to bolster their blueline and this is the best way to do it. Montreal may want a goalie in return, as they seem thin on them these days.

I'm just about to go onto Blueline now to record a segment for this weeks show. It will be posted on hockeyleaks.com as soon as I have it available, probably as soon as tomorrow morning. Seven more days, I can't wait.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Q & A Answers, Plus Rumours

My latest Hockeyleaks.com article is the responses to the questions you all sent me over the last few days by email/forums. Check it out!

Also, the rumour mill is very updated with names like Sakic, Smyth and Tucker in the news today, so check it out.

After a busy weekend I'm back, and will be here to carry you right on through till the deadline, where we promise to have the best online coverage around! 8 more days, should be fun

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bergeron Traded To Islanders

The Edmonton Oilers have traded defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron to the New York Islanders in exchange for prospect Denis Grebeshkov. More details to follow on TradeLeaks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Rumour Q & A

Because I will not be able to hold a chat until probably the middle of next week, I would still like to find a way to answer your questions. So, please email me at cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com or reply to the topic "Q & A Questions" in the General Hockey forum with questions you have about rumours and trades, and on Sunday or Monday I will put them up on Hockeyleaks.com with all my answers!

Enjoy your friday

More On Tonight

First off I have to say sorry for being slowish on the Forsberg thing, though I'm still hearing we beat a few people. My favourite band of all time, Silverchair, is in toronto and played a show tonight and they are playing another one tomorrow. Obviously, I had to go to both, and was driving to the show tonight when I got a call at about 6:45 saying that Forsberg was dealt to Nashville but no names were available yet. No computer near me, and because I am the only one who can update the site at the current time there really was nothing I could do. I finally got a hold of a friend and I gave him my blog log in so he could at least post the deal on the internet. So you know, I have no concerts booked for the 27th, so no worries!

Forsberg to Nashville has long been rumoured and I wasn't surprised this went down at all. I think it's good that Nashville held on to Radulov, but I still think they paid too much. If Nashville wins the cup, then it was worth it, but if they don't it wasn't. Two promising young players plus two draft picks (not good ones considering Nashville is looking at 25th or higher in the raft), it just seems like a lot for a big question mark like Forsberg.

Buffalo lost two key players tonight to injuries and I'm hearing talks with Buffalo about Bertuzzi and Roberts have really started to heat up. I heard a deal that would send Kotalik, Biron and a third rounder for Roberts, Belfour and Bertuzzi, but first of all Biron would have to sign in Florida which is doubtful, and second I don't really see that deal happening, but Buffalo is in this. Toronto would love Roberts and Bertuzzi but I have no idea what they are offering. If I had to make a guess I'd say Leafs will get at least one of Roberts, Bertuzzi or Guerin before this is all said and done. Maybe add Modin to that list.

Ottawa would love Roberts, I heard Patrick Eaves for Gary Roberts, straight up.

Thats all for now, I have added some rumours now and I will add a few more before I head back downtown tomorrow afternoon around 1 PM...I expect Forsberg to the be the first of many dominos about to fall...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Forsberg Traded To Nashville Predators

The trade finally happened, unfortunatly Corey isn't here tonight to bring it to everyone.

Peter Forsberg traded to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Scottie Upshall, Ryan Parent, a first round pick and a third round draft pick.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Doan Re-Signed, Rumour Update

Sportsnet and a few other outlets are still saying it's not done yet, but I can confirm that Shane Doan has re-signed in Phoenix. It's a five year deal worth 23 million dollars. I think it's a little much, but Phoenix had little choice if they wanted to keep him in Phoenix for any amount of time.

Forsberg to Nashville still seems most likely, with Radulov being the key player going the other way. Anaheim is still in this as well, with Bobby Ryan being used as the bait. Vancouver seems very much out of this, as they won't deal bourdon (at this point, I'm hearing that could change as we progress forward), and they just don't have the cap room. San Jose continues to pop up but I really can't see them taking him, they already have one of the most deadly one-two centre punches in the league. Don't count out the Rangers and Wings, while Toronto is still sniffing in this one as well.

Speaking of Toronto, they have company as far as Bertuzzi and Roberts are concerned. I'm hearing Buffalo is very much in this, and may have interest in Belfour as well. They have Biron to offer in return.

Montreal is really working the phones right now, hoping to get something to improve their struggling team. A loss to New Jersey tonight could be what forces the trigger to get pulled, especially now with Kovalev hurt.

Cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com for all questions and comments. Make sure to check out Hockeyleaks.com for all the latest, and to check out our new videos section! The forums are also really a great place to talk hockey, we've had 63 new members in the last three days, keep it up! More if something breaks...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nagy To Dallas + New Hockeyleaks Section

Dallas has acquired the Nagy the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for winger Mathias Tjarnqvist and a first-round draft pick. I figured Phoenix could get more for Nagy, but maybe they just wanted to move him. Make sure to drop by the forums and discuss your thoughts on the deal.

Ray Emery got suspended for three games because of his slash on Saturday. A lot of times we get people asking, "what slash, i want to see it!"...well finally you can with the new Hockeyleaks.com Video Section! Make sure to check it out, the first video I've posted is of Emery's slash, and feel free to add your own video. You must be a member of the forums to do so, but it's free so why not join!

Thats all for now, check Hockeyleaks.com for the latest rumours, stats, trades and now videos! More Later.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

More To Flames Deal / Mega Rumour Update

It is now known that if Brad Stuart does not re-sign with the Flames this off-season then the Flames will recieve Boston's first round pick in 08. At this point I don't see Stuart re-signing, but if he wants to win, Calgary's a great place to sign long-term.

A lot of rumours tonight, and I won't give away too many on this blog. I'm going to make you check out The Rumour Mill section of Hockeyleaks.com. Here are a few to make sure I interest you...

Leafs are frontrunners for Nagy at this point, while they are also looking at Tkachuk.

Habs lead Forsberg race, Nashville right in there and may be willing to part with Radulov.

Thrashers have their eye on Eric Brewer.

Calgary and Montreal have interest in Shane Doan.

Lots more in the rumour mill section, I'm going to bed. I'm hearing tomorrow could be busy. Four trades in the last two days, it must be trade deadline season. Make sure to join the forums too, it's great discussing these deals and rumours with you.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Brad Stuart Gets Moved

The Calgary Flames have picked up defenceman Brad Stuart and centre Wayne Primeau from the Boston Bruins for winger Chuck Kobasew and defenceman Andrew Ference.

I am quickly hearing Calgary jumped in here in attempt to block their provincal rivals. Bruins get good return in two good young players, while ridding themselves of two guys they were most likely to lose in the off-season. Great move by Bruins, while this deepens the Flames as they head into the playoffs.

Site will be updated later, I'm currently not at home and don't have the available softwear. More tomorrow for sure, like I said this morning, the ball is really rolling...

The Ball Is Rolling...

Another deal today, as Nashville shipped their newest player Eric Belanger (yes, the same one they aquired yesterday) to Atlanta for Vitaly Vishnevsky.

Atlanta has also claimed Denis Hamel off waivers.

Rumours are in the rumour mill, and check the forums for all the latest...

Would anyone be interested in a Hockeyleaks Online Poker Tournament? I will try to set something up, email me if interested.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Two Deals Today...so far...

The Rangers have dealt Adam Hall to Minnesota for Pascal Dupuis


The Predators have dealt Josef Vasicek to Carolina for Eric Belanger

For my thoughts on both deals check out Hockeyleaks.com's tradeleaks section.

Also, lots of new rumours on Hockeyleaks.com.

18 days till the deadline, things are really starting to heat up.

More Later

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Samsonov Clears Waivers

Sergei Samsonov has cleared waivers. Early reports say that the Habs will keep him up, and attempt to trade him over the next few days. If that fails, then Samsonov will go down to the minors, and the Habs will then try to trade him again. At this point it is very unlikely Samsonov will hit re-entry waivers.

In other NHL news, the NHL Entry Draft is going prime time. This year, for the first time that I can remember, the draft will start at 7 pm on a Friday night. The draft will start on June 22nd and conclude on Saturday June 23rd. Should make for an exciting Friday night.

Three new articles are up in the Articles section on Hockeyleaks.com, please check them out, our writers appreciate it. Please give them an email and send them some feedback, I know they like that. And if email isn't your thing, drop by our brand new forums and drop them a line.

Yesterday was great for us, we hit about 120 000 hits! The trade deadline must be approaching...

Lots of new rumours in The Rumour Mill so check that out. Make sure to check Hockeyleaks.com for the latest, and feel free to email me at cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com with all questions and comments. Have a good day, more later if something breaks

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Samsonov On Waivers

The Habs have placed Sergei Samsonov on waivers, lets see if anyone takes him...

New Forums, Fantasy Article, Rumours and Power Rankings are up so check them all out

New Forum

I'm going to cap off a busy day by introducing you to our new forum.


The design and forums are still not 100% done, but all user info and posts from the old forum have been moved over, meaning you can log in to the new forums with your existing information. Tomorrow around noon expect brand new rumours, fantasy article, an power rankings to go up!

Have a good night everyone

Monday, February 05, 2007

Forsberg Update - Chat Now!

I just spoke to a very well trusted source, and have been told Forsberg has not waived his NTC at this point, so I'm going to stick with this new information.

Also, meet in the chat now if your online, lets talk some hockey

Avery Details / Leaf Rumour

The Los Angeles Kings have traded centre Sean Avery and prospect John Seymour to the New York Rangers for right winger Jason Ward along with prospects Marc Andre Cliche and Jan Marek. Is it me, or could the Kings have gotten a lot more?

Also, word out of Toronto right now is that Forsberg has told the Flyers he wants to go to one of Toronto and Montreal, and the Leafs are looking into dealing Tucker to the West, then bringing Forsberg in. Obviously this isn't done until Tucker is healthy, and I'd still put Montreal as more likely to land Forsberg.

Sean Avery Dealt To Rangers

Details To Follow, just spoke to a good source saying it's a done deal and should be announced within the next half hour

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who's Got What To Spend?

Teams With Over 3 Million To Spend
Nashville (Still have over 6 million in cap room)
St. Louis
NYI Carolina
(Healthy 4.5 to spend still)
Pittsburgh (over 8 million to spend)
Washington (over 13 million to spend)

Teams With Between 1 and 3 million to spend
Montreal (one million exactly pretty much)
Tampa Bay

Teams with less than a million to spend
San Jose
Boston (Least money out of all teams to spend)
New Jersey

Looking at this you really have to wonder what Vancouver, Ottawa, and San Jose could really do to improve before the deadline. On the opposite, teams like Pittsburgh, Nashville and Carolina can really make a move and really make their teams stronger. For the teams in the middle, they can make a move or two still, but may have to get creative. It will be interesting to see how the teams close to the cap will free up room before the deadline.

Some great rumour in the Rumour Mill so check that out! Also, great chat last night, expect another one early next week.