Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round 2: Get it on!

What a second round the NHL has given us this year. Eight very deserving teams, four very wide open series. Well, almost. After a 6-2 first round, here is my stab at round two's winners.


(1) Boston vs. (6) Carolina

This is the only series where I'm pretty sure who will win. The Bruins are just too strong, while Carolina will be tired after a long seven game series with the Devils. Thomas will continue to stand on his head, while the youth in Boston will continue filling the net. Still, Ward will steal a game or two for the Canes, but it won't be enought

Bruins in 6

(2) Washington vs. (4) Pittsburgh

Ovechkin vs. Crosby; Bettman could not have wrote this one better. This should be the series of the round, and I have very high expectations for this one. Crosby and Ovechkin will play their best, and in the end it could come down to a coin toss. If you're Washington, you need more from Mike Green. In the end, I think the Penguins will take it, but will be punished severely along the way.

Penguins in 7.


(2) Detroit vs. (8) Anaheim

The Ducks look to go 2 for 2 in the upset department when they take on the defending cup champs. We've seen this before, and the results was a Ducks sweep. The Ducks won't sweep, but they will win the series. They say defense wins championships, and Ducks have the best top four in the NHL.

Ducks in 7

(3) Vancouver vs. (4) Chicago

What a series this should be. Luongo vs. Khabibulin. While both of these goalies are at the top of their games, it will be interesting to see how both fair against each others offenses, which are both rolling along. Look for Havlat to have a big series, but look for Luongo (and Alex Burrows) to have an ever bigger one.

Canucks in 7

So there we have it. There's the talk, now it's on to watching the games! I can't wait for these series to begin, and I won't have to as it all kicks off tonight.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Players could pay the price

Last night we saw two of the season's early cup favourites eliminated in the first round. Both San Jose and Calgary had teams that on paper were cup contenders, but fell way short.

In Calgary, it's hard to imagine either Sutter or Keenan being let go after the first round exit. Both are well respected by ownership and have done a great job with this Flames team.

In San Jose, the coach is too new to be fired, and Doug Wilson, despite the team's playoff failures, has built a pretty solid team. Wilson's job is in trouble, but he may survive to see one more season.

The changes coming for both of these teams will likely come on the ice. In San Jose, it's not a stretch that Thornton could be gone by the start of next season. He has done little in the playoffs for a team that really needed him to step up.

Cheechoo has had back-to-back awful seasons, and it's really time for a change of scenery. If San Jose can trade Cheechoo this offseason, they will.

Nabokov struggled near the end of the season, and that carried over to the playoffs. While Nabokov would be an easy scapegoat, I don't see the Sharks moving him unless a Thornton or Cheechoo deal brought a starting goalie back in return.

In Calgary, Iginla and Kiprusoff did not perform to their expectations this postseason. Iginla is a staple in this franchise and isn't going anywhere, but sources tell me that Kiprusoff is not so save. The Flames are very high on Leland Irving, and now may be better than ever to throw him into the spotlight. The return for Kiprusoff would be extremely high, and such a deal would give the Flames more depth and possibly a more well-rounded team.

With the addition of Jokinen, Langkow could be let go in order to free up some cap space. Mike Cammalleri is all but gone to Calgary, and all but arriving in Toronto.

Bertuzzi re-signing is very up in the air, while I'm pretty sure Adrian Aucoin's Calgary career is over.

Look for a change to come on the blueline as well, with one of Sarich or Regehr being dumped.

It will be very interesting in San Jose and Calgary this summer to say the least, as both teams have fallen too short, too many times.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brashear Suspended Six Games

The NHL has suspended Caps forward Donald Brashear for six games for incidents in game six of the Caps/Ranger series.

Six games is pretty huge, and this is a clear statement by the NHL to get this type of stuff out of the game. Remember, these are six potential playoff games (should the Caps win this series.) If the Caps are eliminated, the games will carry over until next season

Whats better than a game seven?

Game sevens are one of my favourite things on this planet. Nothing is more exciting than a winner-take-all atmosphere. In the NFL and march madness, every game is do or die, and for that reason I find their playoff format extremely exciting. On the other hand, anyone can win in the game of hockey and for that reason, the seven-game series idea is necessary.

When a game seven occurs in the NHL, it is because both teams are evenly matched. We are already assured two game sevens tomorrow, with New York/Washington and New Jersey/Carolina. Both series have been great, and I cannot wait to sit down and watch both of these tie-breakers.

Tonight we have two game sixes, and because I'm a fan of hockey in general, I'll be cheering for the Sharks and Flames. Four game sevens in the first round would be fantastic, but will it happen?

San Jose came in as their series favourite, and have looked much better over the last three games. Thornton has played much better than his previous playoff endevours, while Marleau and Boyle have looked great. The Ducks would love to close things out at home tonight, but I think the Sharks will steal one on the road and force the first round's third game seven.

As far as Calgary/Chicago, I just don't see this one lasting another game. While I predicted Calgary to win this game in seven, I don't see Calgary beating Chicago tonight. Yes the Flames are at home tonight, but they will be without Phaneuf which is a huge minus. Chicago looked too good last game, and they shoud close out the series tonight.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

What a series loss would mean for San Jose

San Jose, the best team in the NHL this season, is on the brink of elimination. Not to put down the Ducks, because they are a great team with a lot of strengths, but San Jose should not be going out in the first round.

A first round exit would mean a lot of change in San Jose. First, you'd have to think Joe Thornton could be on his way out. This guy has not done a thing in the playoffs. Patrick Marleau has shown this year that the Sharks are his team, and I think a first round exit could very well mean the exit of Joe Thornton.

Cheechoo is another player who badly needs a change. This kid has shown that he can be a great NHLer, but his sub-30 point season means he likely will be with a new team in the fall. The Sharks will have trouble dumping his salary, but someone will take him I'm sure.

What about Nabokov? I'm sure he'll get Vezina consideration this year, but he has been nothing short of awful in these playoffs. Could a change of scenary be in his future as well?

And of coarse the big question: who will be making these changes? Doug Wilson has been the GM of San Jose for awhile now, and while he has led the team to great regular season success, he has always fallen short in the playoffs. It's not a stretch to believe a first round loss to the Ducks would mean the firing of Wilson.

While the Sharks are not out of it yet, it appears like it's only a matter of time. While it's going to be an interesting summer for a lot of NHL teams, the Sharks should be near the top of that list.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Montreal fans: look to the draft

I know how it feels Habs fans, the feeling of your teams season ending much before you think it should. As a Leafs fan, making the playoffs alone would feel like a Stanley Cup win at this point.

However, the draft is a time you should all be excited about. The centennial season can be seen as nothing short of a failure, and the Habs know the best way to fix this is at the draft. For those unaware, this year's NHL draft is in Montreal on June 26th. I have every intention of being there...

We've all heard the Lecavalier to Montreal rumours, but this morning I got wind of something a little bigger.

You see, the Habs are in an interesting situation as far as the draft is concerned. While most teams are still cash-strapped, the Habs have so many UFA/RFA players that they will be able to bring in a big name or two at the draft without fear of going over the cap.

If the Habs land a player like Vinnie, they simply let Koivu, Kovalev, or both go. Two guys talked about going to Tampa are RFA's Chris Higgins and Tomas Plekanek. Both are not seen as future parts of Montreal and will be traded if the opportunity presents itself.

As far as UFAs, aside from Koivu and Kovalev, there are a few other big names the Habs may losing. Komisarek is not likely to return to Montreal I've been told, while Schneider may return after he had such a good end of the year with the Habs.

So yes, we know the Habs are still trying to get Lecavalier, but thats not the only thing the Habs are looking to do.

Discussions I have heard today involve Colorado and their 3rd overall pick. Should a deal not happen to bring Lecavalier to Montreal, I am hearing Colorado and Montreal have held discussions to give Montreal the third overall pick. The deal would include Higgins, Montreal's pick (which I believe would be 15 or 16 overall), and a Montreal goalie? Halak? Price? I don't know, but one of them. There would one more player and one more draft pick going to Colorado, with possibly Colorado throwing in one smaller piece.

Montreal wants to make a splash at the draft simply to say "sorry" to their fans. This was a big year for the team, a year many thought was now or never. The Habs have every intention on telling their fans that never isn't an option, and that the Habs will be more competitive next year. The draft is their place to do that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tavares at Number Three?

The Redline Report released today has just about everyone baffled. While Hedman going to #1 was something that had been talked about over the past 12 months, the fact that Matt Duchene is now ranked #2 is just baffling.

Tavares has been "the prospect" for the past few years, and I still believe he will be selected at number one. While this will likely do nothing to lower Tavares' value, this should help the values of Hedman and Duchene.

Hedman has been questioned a lot over the last few months, and many have questioned whether he's the prospect we originally thought he was. This kid still has a super-star future ahead of him, and just because of his less-than-stellar performance at the world juniors, there is still no reason to think this kid won't be a top d-man in this league.

The interesting thing is Duchene, who is projected by most to go #3 to Colorado. What a great player this kid could be for the Avs, who need a top centre to replace Sakic, who has another year left in his career tops.

This is the deepest draft I can remember, and for any team to move into the top-three will be a challenge. It can be done, and it will be attempted, which just further makes this years draft the most anticipated in recent years. The fact that it's in Montreal, with them looking to respond from a soon-to-be first round exit, is another reason to book a trip to Montreal on June 26.


How about tonight's games? The Penguins showed the NHL that they are still a top team in the NHL, while the Hurricanes watched a three goal lead disappear before winning the game with 0.2 seconds left. Finally, Detroit ruined Columbus' home playoff debut by giving them a thrashing.

As for the ones still remaining, the Blues have battled back from 0-2 to tie the game, though the Blues should be up 3-2 after the refs made an awful call.

The game of the night, however, will be San Jose/Anaheim, as it's a must-win for the conference winning Sharks. These Ducks look tough, and could put this series out of reach with a win today.


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Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking for Team Bloggers!

So I am going to set up a second blogspot account for 30 different bloggers to post on for This will be under the name and simply act as a new section. I am looking for a blogger for each of the 30 teams, and at this moment all thirty teams are up for grabs. If you are interested in a position, send me a sample blog covering your team at the current moment. So if they are in the playoffs, talk about what they've done, if they are not, talk about the season that was or the offseason ahead. I want to launch this soon, so the sooner I fill the spots the better.

Email submissions to :)

How about those Ducks?

The Anaheim Ducks may have been this year's trade deadline winners (which I will actually take a look at in a future blog, likely following the first round).

Rumours surrounded this team, with the likes of Marchant, Pronger, Niedermayer and Giguere all apparently available for the right price.

The deadline passed, all four remained Ducks, and the Ducks have barely lost a game since. The team, seeded #8, leads top seeded San Jose two games to none, and looks to have a strangle-hold on the series as they head back to the Honda Centre for games three and four.

Niedermayer and Pronger have been 1a and 1b as far as defensemen in this year's playoffs go. Both have looked like they're in their prime, and they very well could be.

Marchant is the biggest surprise, as he's playing over 20-minutes a night and playing a role nobody could have seen him playing at the deadline.

Giguere, while being on the bench, is offering support and is breathing down Hiller's neck should he faulter. Just his presence is making Jonas Hiller a better goalie, and how good has he been.

San Jose still has a chance, but these Ducks will be tough for anyone to beat. A Detroit/San Jose second round match-up looks likely, and how much fun would that be. You know Detroit is still upset about a couple years ago, what a series to look forward to.

As for tonight's games, Montreal and Boston are currently tied at 1-1, while Washington has a 2-0 lead over NYR. If you follow on twitter (Hockeyleaks), you would know predicted Washington, Montreal and Calgary wins tonight.

Stay tuned to this blog, and the Hockeyleaks twitter for all the latest

Friday, April 17, 2009

Douggy R, Burke's Quest, and more!

Hello everybody!

As you all know by now, Doug Risebrough was let go by the Minnesota Wild. Do not expect this guy to be out of work long.

Sources tell that both Edmonton and Atlanta are very interested in Risebrough. Both teams have failed to make expectations over the past few years and change is needed. Risebrough is one of the top GMs in the league and he could do wonders for both of these teams. Risebrough however is expected to wait to see which first-round playoff failures will make management changes following their eliminations.

How about Brian Burke's quest for Johnny T? The rumoured deals are as follows.

Toronto would move their first round pick (7th overall), both their 2nd round picks, and one unnamed prospect for Tampa Bay's 2nd overall pick and some salary. What could that salary be? Ryan Malone and Vaclav Prospal are two guys Tampa wants to dump.

As for the current games, do not be surprised if Anaheim upsets San Jose. These Ducks are on a mission and have the experience to do some damage in this years playoffs. Scott Niedermayer showed just how great he still can be last night.

Tough loss for the Habs last night. A first-round exit during this centennial would certainly mean big changes in Montreal. How safe is Gainey? With a guy like Risebrough (who remember, the Leafs had on their short list, along with Burke, Regier and Holland), you have to wonder if a team like Montreal would dump their current GM for Risebrough.

Big game for Carolina tonight, if they fall 2-0 to New Jersey they likely would not be able to climb out of that hole.

Most excited for Vancouver/St. Louis tonight, as this series has potential to be the best one in the opening round. Game one was good, but this series still has a lot of room to get a lot better.

Check for the latest playoff news, stats and standings!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Round Predictions

Every year I make predictions and not to brag, but I have a pretty good track record. Last year I went seven for eight in the first round, while in 2007 I was a perfect 8-8. Let us see what 2009 brings!


(1) Boston vs. (8) Montreal
- How sad is it to see the Habs in 8th during their 100th year. The Habs will battle hard, but their goaltending is too iffy and their offense is too spotty. The Bruins are solid front to back and will be a tough team to beat. Bruins in six.

(2) Washington vs. (7) NYR
- How can you bet against a team with Mike Green and Alex Ovechkin on it? I can't, especially in the first round. The Rangers will put up a better fight than most think, but will come up short. Capitals in six.

(3) New Jersey vs. Carolina (6)
- The Hurricanes have been one of the hottest teams over the last couple months, and I don't expect them to cool down. I'm not sold Brodeur is 100% and I think the Devils struggles will continue right into the playoffs. Carolina takes this in seven.

(4) Pittsburgh vs. (5) Philadelphia
- If Carolina is hot, than Pittsburgh is molton lava. The Penguins are a force in this league and will easily get past the Flyers. Philly has the offense but their defense and goaltending will be their weak points. Penguins in five.


(1) San Jose vs. (8) Anaheim
- This series has potential to get ugly. Both teams have been two of the league's best over the past five years. The Ducks will beat San Jose up, but in the end won't get past them. They will put up a fight. Sharks in six.

(2) Detroit vs. (7) Columbus
- The Blue Jackets finally make the playoffs, only to get stuck against the defending cup champs. The Red Wings are not going to lose to the Blue Jackets, but because of their weak goaltending, it'll take them seven games to get out of this series. Red Wings in seven.

(3) Vancouver vs. (6) St. Louis
- You all have no idea how bad I want to pick St. Louis in this series, but I can't. Mason has been so hot as of late, and the Blues could have Kariya back for this series. With that said, Sundin will play like a man possessed, and Luongo is too hard to bet against. Canucks in seven.

(4) Chicago vs. (5) Calgary
- Probably will be the best first round series. Calgary put so much effort into the trade deadline that a first round exit will not be acceptable. The Blackhawks will have a lot of guys playing in their first playoff series, which will hurt them. They'll give the Flames a big challenge, but the Flames will move onto the second round, setting up San Jose vs. Calgary for the second straight year. Flames in seven.

So there you have it. What do you think, I'd love your feedback. Stay tuned to for all the latest playoff news, stats and updates.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Prospect Watch

Just a few quick hits on a few young players that a lot of teams have their eyes on.

Matt Gilroy is a NCAA champion, and a UFA. I am hearing it's between Toronto, Montreal, Philly and Boston. He is expected to make a decision by Wednesday.

As far as goaltending prospect, Jonas Gustavsson, I am hearing he is all but a Toronto Maple Leaf. Burke met with his agent this past weekend and will meet with him again following the World Championships. Gustavsson cannot sign with a team until the completion of the World Championships, so do not expect closure on this one any time soon. Dallas is still interested but the Leafs are the heavy favourites.

Check the blog tomorrow, as I will make my first round playoff predictions!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Leafs Sign Bozak

The toronto maple leafs have signed forward Tyler Bozak to a multi-year deal.

Great news for Leafs fans, this guy is a better version of Brunnstrom, already used to North American ice.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools!

So I can't take the guilt anymore and I'm giving in. I've received close to 20 emails over the last 10 hours saying thanks for the good times and wishing me luck in my future.

Yes: I will be going to the Hockey News in 2010, but in no way does that mean is close to the end. is not going anywhere, in fact, we are set to improve even further.

Heading to July 1st, we hope to make many improvements on the site. I want to integrate social networking into Hockeyleaks, with more use of Twitter and similar applications to make sure you are all up to date on everything hockey.

We also plan on heading to the draft this year to cover the event live, with live updates and hopefully interviews with some great hockey people.

Finally, July 1st will be done bigger than ever before, bigger than any draft, deadline or July 1st we've ever done in the past.

Thanks for all your well wishes, but I'm pleased to say that is not going anywhere and will be here for years to come.

Happy April Fools everyone, have a great day.

Also, remember to add Hockeyleaks on twitter... username: Hockeyleaks

All Good Things...

With the NHL season winding down, that is not all there is to be sad about.

It is my sincere regret to notify you all that after four years of great accomplishments, success, and fun, will be shutting down.

As many of you have heard, I will be interning at the Hockey News starting in January of 2010, and I feel that it is best if I put my efforts fully into that. I just do not have the time I have had in the past to keep up to date with the site and the people that go there.

Thank you to everyone over the years who has visited and made it what it is today.

Like they say, all good things must come to end, and this website appears to have run it's coarse.

Thanks again everyone, it's been a blast.