Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First Trade!

Ok, so it's nothing to write home about, but the first post-Olympic trade has happened, with the Blue Jackets shipping defenseman Cale Hulse, to the Calgary Flames, for tough guy Cam Severson.

CJ will be on later, with this thoughts.

I believe, this is the first of many trades to come!

Monday, February 27, 2006

It's Rumour Time!

Just some interesting things I'm hearing tonight..

- Both Mats Sundin and Eric Lindros will be in the line up tomorrow night against Washington.

-McCabe's contract talks are not going well, and a rumour has him wanting out of Toronto. Carolina apparently has interest, while Toronto would want prospect Andrew Ladd in return. This is just a rumour, so take it for what it's worth.

-Jokinen may be the next big name to move, and could be traded in the next few days. Ottawa is the front runner

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Reader Response

This came to me a few days ago, and I have permission from him to post it! I really love this writing, and it's got some great points. This is in response to the article I wrote about Canada's loss to the Russians. It comes to us from Dave in Whitby. Enjoy


Hi Corey,

I read your hockeyleaks blog & website every day. I also read your article
explaining your take on Canada's loss. While nobody can deny that the rest of the
world has improved significantly, Canada still had the group of players to beat.
The problem was that they were not the TEAM to beat, and they had a number of
disadvantages this time around, including a lack of hunger that drove them in Salt
Lake City.

In the 2002 Olympics, Canadian players didn't have to go many time zones away and
try to gel in a short time also. Yes, they didn't have much time, but it's a lot
easier to practice and get a rythme going when you can play in the same continent,
and Canada was also hungry for victory after their embarassment in Nagano. This
time, as the defending champs, Canada wasn't hungry enough to overcome the
disadvantages of having a collection of individual stars try to gel after going half
a world away, and having the most players who didn't play during the lockout. That
hurt Canada's veterans in particular.

The Swedes, Finns, Czechs, and Russians mostly played during the lockout, and all
had at least some players who were playing together prior to the Olympics, whether
it was in Europe or playing on the same NHL team (the Czech-dominated Rangers, the
Sedins in Vancouver, the Swedes in Detroit, etc.). Some of them were playing in the
NHL and had the same time-zone problem, but they had the hunger to overcome their
fewer disadvantages. Canada had the most disadvantages, and the least hunger.
Canada had a chemistry and cohesion problem this time, but it was as much a symptom
of the other problems as it was an issue by itself. I would have picked Spezza,
Staal, Phaneuf, and Crosby, and even Shanahan over the likes of Bertuzzi, St.Louis,
and LeCavalier, but the truth is that it wouldn't have been enough anyway. I think
that they would have played better, and possibly got a medal, but regardless of the
roster choices, we were destined to fall short of the gold.

Given the above, I think the most fair tournament for judging the world's best is
the World Cup. I was sad to hear recently that there are no plans to keep that
going in the near future. Hopefully that will change after 2010 Vancouver. The
World Cup has the advantage of running in the summer when ALL teams can afford a
true training camp to develop systems and team chemistry, and can have the proper
time to adjust to whatever timezone it is played in. Even more importantly, it
doesn't compress the NHL schedule, a problem both players and owners hate because it
increases the injury and fatigue risks. The World Cup is the the best for all.


please email me with all feedback to cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com, and I will forward it to him. Check the rumour mill for today's rumours, they should be up soon. I am very hard at work on getting ready for the trade deadline, none of you are ready for how crazy it really is going to be!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Golden Game

Finland vs. Sweeden, though few predicted it, it promises to be an incredible game. Sweden and Finland have both grown a lot since the last Olympics, and I think this game will be one we will all remember for a long time. I am predicting a Finland win, 3-2 over Sweden. Sundin will have a strong game for Sweden, while Selanne will come up huge for the Fins.

The trade freeze is almost over, get ready for the rumours to start pouring back in, starting on Monday! Here is some things to look at on Hockeyleaks.com


That is an exclusive interview I have done with Blueline Hockey Talk Radio. It has some rumours, as well as information about Hockeyleaks.com, and my thoughts on the Olympics, World Cup, etc. Make sure to check it out.


both of those links to an article I wrote about why Canada lost in the quarter finals to Russia. The article will be in the Hockeyleaks.com columns section soon!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And Then There Were 8...

Well, in Olympic Hockey Land, we're down to the final eight teams. I thought since things are quiet in the NHL right now, I'd take a look and predict the final four...so lets take a look!

Switzerland vs. Sweden

The Swiss have been strong, but Sweden is a very strong team, and could end up winning gold at these games. The Swiss run will finally end, and Sweden will move on to the semi's no problem. I'm going to say 4-1 Sweden victory.

Finland vs. United States

This is where all the American readers close the window! Finland is very tough, and I expect them to play this game well. The US has struggled so far this tournament, and the Fins have not. 4-2 Finland takes it.

Russia vs. Canada

In what I will call the Hockeyleaks Game Of The Day, two very good teams play each other. Canada has struggled, and almost lost their third straight game of the tournament. Expect them to win, but not easily. 4-3 Canada takes this one, but this game could easily be stolen by the Russians

Slovakia vs. Czech Republic

The Slovaks are strong, and should beat the Czechs, due to the fact that the Czechs are down Elias and Hasek. Jagr could steal this one, just look at what he's done for the Rangers, but the Slovaks are a very good team, and should move on. 3-2 Slovaks win.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sundin, Sakic on the move?

As reported by us on The Rumour Mill earlier today:

- Mats Sundin rumours have surfaced today once again. Boston, Detroit, Chicago and LA are apparently the teams in the hunt. Names coming to the other way have been Frolov, Visnovsky, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Visnovski, Ruutu, Khabibulin, Leetch, Raycroft and Samsonov(if a long term deal could be worked out). This is something to watch as the deadline approaches.

Dealing Sundin would free up some cap room for the Leafs, and would show that they are rebuilding, but still trying to be competitive. Those are some big names Toronto could get in return, and if a young guy like Zetterberg, Datsyuk or Ruutu could be had for Sundin, I think JFJ needs to pull the trigger.

One of the biggest players that could hit the UFA market this summer is Joe Sakic. I spoke with a source today that is close with Calgary, and he has been told that Iginla has talked to Sutter about the possibility of the Flames getting Joe Sakic. Iginla and Sakic are currently playing together on the Olympic teams, and have played well together for Canada in the past. Calgary has always been missing that #1 centre, and Iginla would love for Sutter to find a way to bring Sakic to Calgary. Though it is unlikely a trade will happen that would bring Sakic to Calgary before the March 9th deadline, if Sakic does make it to UFA status on July 1st, Calgary may be the front runner to land him.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

No Break For Us!

Well with the Olympic break in full effect, you think things around here would have slowed down a bit? It's the exact opposite! Not only are we working hard on getting ready for the trade deadline, but the new forums are being worked on, and should be up this weekend, if not before. I hope everyone likes the change, I know it will be a pain that we'll loose all the old posts and everyone will have to re-register, but the move is for the best, as it will be on our server, so there will not be any unexpected downtime. Also, they will be faster, better laid-out, and will offer more features. So they are something to look forward to.

I spent the day at Sportsnet today, and I want to thank everyone there for inviting me to spend the day in the newsroom. I got a chance to meet many people from the sports world like Rob Faulds, Scott Morrison, Brad Fay, Jim Lang, Barry Davis and Nick Kypreos, as well as many others who work behind the scenes. It was interesting to see how things worked on their end, and I could just imagine what it would be like there on trade deadline day.

I know what it will be like here on deadline day...crazy! We'll have every trade here as it breaks, all day longs, with thoughts on each deal from myself, right here in Toronto, as well as other updates from our members around North America and beyond. We are really working on something special for all of you, and I hope you all like what the end result is. That being said, we're also already preparing for the offseason free agent frenzy, so Hockeyleaks is going to be your main source for hockey news for a long time.

Lets dive into a few rumours! Jokinen to Ottawa for Havlat and a 1st Round pick is a very strong rumour at this point. It makes a lot of sense, as Jaques Martin really loved Havlat, and the Sens really don't have room for him once he returns from injury(which may not be until next year). If the Panthers can't sign Jokinen soon, he will be dealt, and Ottawa is offering the most. Calgary has interest, but will struggle to offer a better deal than Ottawa's.

The Witt situation is an interesting one. Nashville was almost finalizing the deal with Washington, when the Caps got an offer from the Bruins that beat the Preds. At that point, Washington decided that it would be better to wait and see what else comes in, than to rush a deal before the Olympics. Right now Montreal, Toronto, Nashville and Boston are the four teams in the Witt hunt.

Arnason to Toronto is off for the time being. According to a good source, Chicago rejected the offer of Antropov, and asked for Stajan in return. The Leafs rejected that, and talks broke down. That being said, another source told me that talks will resume when the trade freeze is lifted, as Toronto really wants Arnason.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic Break

Well, after today we will lose NHL hockey once again, thankfully this time, it's only for a few weeks. Do not worry, as we will still feature new rumours daily, as well as cover all the Olympic Hockey you can handle. We will also take this time to hopefully work on our new forums (coming soon) as well as many new features that are coming! One of them will be the Trade Deadline update, which promises to be one of the best trade deadline pages on the internet. When March 9th comes, make sure to have us bookmarked as nobody will be reporting on breaking trades as they happen as we will. Myself, Ryan and the rest of the Hockeyleaks staff will be around all day on March 9th to report the trades and give our thoughts as they happen!

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Thats all for now, check the rumour mill later today as we will have several new rumours for you. Enjoy your sunday.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Theodore Tests Positive For Banned Substance

Jose Theodore has tested positive for a banned substance. The substance was not an anabolic steroid but a masking agent for steroids that is commonly found in hair restoration drugs. Theodore will not be suspended by the NHL, no word yet on an Olympic ban. More to come on this later...

Also, rumours are saying the Leafs and Blackhawks are close to a deal that would send Antropov to Chicago for Tyler Arnason. Draft picks/prospects may be involved in this trade, or may evolve into a bigger deal involving more players. Some sources say the deal is imminent, while others are more cautious saying there is still some work to be done before it's finished.

All for now, more later tonight

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kings In Danger

The LA Kings lost their seventh straight game tonight, and are quickly sliding down the NHL standings. The Kings find themselves in the 8th and final playoff spot in the west, only four points up on the ninth place Anaheim Mighty Ducks, and five points up on the tenth place Minnesota Wild. Anaheim has three games in hand, while the Wild have one. Coming into tonight, the Wild were 7-3 in their last ten, while Anaheim was 6-2-2 in their last ten. The Kings are interested in Samsonov, that I know for sure. A goaltender may also be what this team needs, do I dare bring up Ed Belfour's name? That could work...also, Minnesota and Anaheim are both expected to make a few moves to not only increase their chances at the playoffs this year, but to also improve their future. Upcoming UFA's could be dealt for younger players who will make an impact now, and years down the road. All three teams are teams to watch as we head towards that March deadline. If you read the Rumour Mill section, you would have noticed that Kuba and Roloson for St. Louis trade rumour. A package like that is very possible.

Speaking of trades, Sergei Gonchar was a healthy scratch tonight. Start speculating...

I have to mention the spanking the Rangers gave the Sens tonight! Jagr really has returned to his elite form, while Lundqvist is a serious contender for that calder trophy.

Thats all for tonight, more to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Minnesota Looking To Deal?

With Minnesota not likely to make the playoffs, they may look at trading a few of their upcoming UFA's. Roloson and Fernandez are the two most talked about, but Chouinard, Daigle and Kuba will all get attention as well. Toronto apparently has serious interest in Kuba, as do Montreal, Tampa and Philly. Chouinard could end up with Montreal apparently, while Daigle back to Ottawa? Couldn't happen right? We'll see...

GM Meetings started today, so don't be surprised if a trade or two happens before the Olympic Break. Ty Conklin cleared waivers, but was not assigned to the minors. He's available to whoever wants him via trade, and the price isn't high.

Thats all for now. All my family things are all cleared up, so updates will happen more often than they have the past few days. Thanks for all your understanding. Cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com for all questions and comments. Have a good night

Monday, February 06, 2006


In case you didn't check the forums, due to a death in my family updates will be happening at irregular times until Wednesday, when things will be back to normal. Remember to check the rumour mill several times a day as it is updated as things come in. Here is today's rumour mill rumours :

- Montreal would love to get their hands on Brad Richards. That beings said, Theodore is not going to end up in Tampa Bay. Doesn't mean a trade can't happen, it just makes things more difficult

- Samsonov is still likely to be traded, even though Boston is making a late season charge. I heard Toronto may be one team that gets him, while LA and Phoenix are two other teams that will really make a push

- Nashville is looking for a physical defenseman. Witt, Carney, Salei are all options

- Atlanta GM has guarenteed that the Thrashers will make the playoffs. Look for him to make a deal to make sure this happens

In addition to that, I am hearing strong rumours that Anaheim is expected to make a deal before the Olympic break. I am looking into this...

Site News : The columns section is getting a face lift, and should be fully redone by the weekend, or early next week. We have a few new writers coming in, so keep checking the columns section to see if anything new has been added! Also, new forums are in the works! Not sure how long it will take us to install them or figure out how to use them, but server-based forums are on the way, so that is exciting! Anyways, have a great night!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Calgary/Phoenix Swing A Deal

The Calgary Flames have traded centre Steven Reinprecht and backup goaltender Philippe Sauve to Phoenix in exchange for goaltender Brian Boucher and left wing Mike Leclerc. For all my thoughts, etc. check out hockeyleaks.com

This deal brings Curtis Joseph off the table for the moment, unless they can get a starting goalie in return. Speaking of goalies, I heard a very quiet rumour that the Leafs have offered Belfour to St. Louis for either of Weinrich or Jackman. Doubt this will happen, as St. Louis is trying to clear salary, and not take it on.

Lalime was not claimed on re-entry waivers, which means nobody wants him, even if they only have to pay half his salary. The Blues will now look to deal him, hoping someone will take him, even if they have to take a salary in return.

Calgary isn't done. Reinprecht leaving means they're short another centre. Jokinen is one name thats popped up, however, don't count out Brad Richards to Calgary. Calgary is a very solid team with a lot to offer a lot of teams. Getting a guy like Richards or Jokinen is very possible for them.

Talk has the Lightning trying to move Dave Andreychuck before the trade deadline...lets hope he kept in shape. Cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com for all questions or comments...hockeyleaks.com for all other information.