Friday, August 31, 2007

Marleau Inks Extension

2 year extension, check the forums later for the money amount.

Also it looks like Lindros will retire, as soon as today.

Check for all the latest

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Training Camp Invites

The Islanders have invited Bryan Berard to training camp. Some of Berard's best years were in NYI, and I can see him bouncing back there. Good look Bryan!

This is a trend your going to see a lot of: players being invited to training camp. Anson Carter, Curtis Joseph, Jason Allison, Eric Lindros, and many other available players could be invited to training camp next month to see just what they're capable of.

As for Danny Markov, all signs point to him signing within the next week.

Stay Tuned, and don't forget to sign up for the Power Play Fantasy League. Details can be found on the fantasy page at

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Forums Complete, Get Posting!

Please go post like crazy on our forums. Start discussions, post videos, polls, i dont care, lets just get the forums back up to speed!

The layout took awhile but its finally back to looking like it was. Now we just need the posts and members to return, so get on it!

Don't forget to sign up for the PPFL. If you missed details, go to for all info.

Power Play Fantasy League Details 07-08

Power Play Fantasy League 07 - 08 Details

This will be the third season of our PPFL. Bob Adamski has won the first two pools, and will be going for the three-peat this year. Do you have what it takes to take the title from him?

Rules: You will pick six forwards and four defenseman. You get one injury replacement during the season.

Cost: $5 per team. You may have as many teams as you want.

Promotions: 1) 5 Teams for $20.

2) If Payment is recieved by Sept. 20, you will get one additional team free. So two teams for $5, three teams for $10, 6 teams for $20, etc.

Sending Pick Information: Please email your list of 10 players to Please do not email your free team until we have confirmed to have received your payment. We will contact you asking for your free team.

Payment Info: Paypal: Send paypal payment to If using paypal, please add an additional .50 to cost.

Cheque / Money Order: This year to make things less confusing we got a postal box at a local college. Please send cheque / money order to:
Room T210B
203 Humber College Blvd
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 6V3

Please include your email address with your cheque / money order so we can email you and collect your free team.

Prizing: Winner of the pool will receive total money collected, minus the cost of Office Pools, which will keep track of all points and give up the minute standings.

We're Back!

Unfortunatly we've had to start the forums again, so please register and start posting, we need lots of action on them and fast, so new members will not think is a new place.

Site updates and forum updates are being done as I type this, so please get to posting on the forum, and keep checking for updates!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Look To The Future

Hockeyleaks will continue to grow as we head towards the 07-08 season. Here is what you can expect:

- More Q&A's. We've already aquired a few Q&A interviews, and once the site "re-launches" within the next week or so, we will begin posting them once a week or so. The first one will be with Logan Couture, San Jose's first round pick this season.

- A New Betting Section. It will a new section where you will get recommends on who to pick for that nights games. Three sections: A for sure win, your best chance to double your money, and my pick of the night. A lot of people always ask me for my advice when betting on hockey, so I decided to try this as a regular section. This will debut at the start of the season.

- Mail bag section: I will be getting you guys to write in with your thoughts on the league and hockey in general. I will also publically write responses on the website. This section will be updated once a week

- More Columnists, and more columns written on a regular basis. We are going to be re-doing our entire writing staff, bringing some back and adding some new names. This is one of our main focus'.

- Weekly Power Rankings

and of coarse you will get the same rumour and trade coverage you've been getting from us over the past two years.

what do you guys want? and what do you think of the new additions that are coming? Please email me at

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Blog's Where It's At

Until the site is ready, which I hope will be this weekend (fingers always crossed), I'm going to communicate with you guys through the blog.

Peca is still very close to signing with the Rangers, though apparently the Islanders have made a late push. Toronto still has some interest, but no trades that they are working on seem imminent. Peca to Rangers is most likely at this point, I'm surprised it's not done. Don't expect anything on this now until Monday or Tuesday.

Forsberg to Vancouver does have some potential, though I'm not sure how much. If Forsberg could return to form, he'd answer a lot of Vancouver's problems.

This site was passed on to me through a friend, and i'm going to pass it on to you :

It's a list and pictures of all the revealed new NHL jerseys for next year. Some have had quite drastic changes, while the Flames one interests me the most. Tampa and San Jose both have modernized their logos, while many jerseys have yet to be revealed. I'm still excited to see the Leafs jersey, the rumours have been that their logo will be modernized, but we'll have to wait and see

Thats all for now, keep crossing your fingers, and the site will be back before we know it! : The Latest.

First of all, I know the site hasn't been updated in three weeks, we're still trying to get the forums back up, and updates won't return until thats done. There isn't much going on right now, and we're just trying to get ready for the upcoming season, which I can promise you will be's best yet. We're hopeful we can get the old forums restored, but if they cannot be in the next week, we may just have to start fresh.

I want to make a comment about all the Mark Bell talk this week. Every media person I've read this week has had nothing nice to say about the troubled winger, and even less to say about John Ferguson Jr. We all know I'm a leaf fan, so I may have bias towards them, but in no way do I agree with any of what is being said about Bell. The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons wrote a nasty article today about him, while Hockeybuzz writers Berger and Tencer have both taken shots at him in the last 48 hours.

John Ferguson Jr. took Bell because it was the only way he could get Toskala. This was a good move by JFJ, as Toskala is a direct improvement in goal, and was the best goalie for the best price available. Bell is a risk, but this whole situation has been blown out of proportion.

a) Bell will not miss any games because of this. His jail sentence will be in the offseason, he is likely to spend less than 6 months, all of which will likely occur beyond the leafs 07-08 season.

b) If Bell either struggles or does miss time because of this, he can be sent to the minors, and won't count against the cap. He's young, the Leafs can do that. He's not a cap risk.

c) Bell has something to prove, he has a fresh start, and he's not being asked of much. The pressure was on him a lot when he went from Chicago to San Jose. His 20 goal seasons were expected to increase, a lot of pressure for the kid to deal with.

If Bell turns out to be a bust, then there is nothing lost. He can be sent down, no cap issues to deal with. The Leafs didn't pay to get Bell, they paid to get Toskala. In fact, taking Bell lowered the price of Toskala.

If Bell turns out to be good, the Leafs got a freebie. If Bell puts up 20 goals, the Leafs got a steal.

As far as Bell is concerned, there is little risk and a lot of reward. Bell's future looked bright when he was in Chicago, there is no reason to believe he can't re-find his game and move forward with his life.

Please email me your comments to I answer all my emails, and love hearing from you guys. should be back up and running soon.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I just want to apologize for everything still not being back to normal. The good news is that my email address is working again so you can contact me there. It looks like we will have to start with fresh forums, so it will take me a few days to build them. I am hoping to have everything back to normal by mid-week. I'm very sorry for this taking so long, but this is a learning process and we're moving as quick as we can.

I also want to let people know that I have a full base-set of Upper Deck 2007 Hockeycards for sale. This is 350 cards. The price is $40 and that includes shipping to Ontario or Quebec. If you live elsewhere let me know and we'll see what pricing would be.

Sit tight, things should be normal again soon...