Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Avery Done For Season

Lacerated Spleen in the first period of last nights game. Shows how tough the guy really is, as he finished the game, then almost died afterwards...Hockeyleaks wishes him a quick and full recovery...

MTL and Philly go tonight, I look for the Flyers to keep playing their game and to take a 3-1 series lead. What is with all this Price controversy? The Habs are where they are because of this guy, no way should they even be questioning this situation. Carbs should be fired for even suggesting Halak could start tonight...Price is young, stop messing with his confidence...

SJ and Dallas could end tonight, should be another close battle. Im going to say San Jose extends the series tonight, but it could go either way. Dallas is playing extremely well tonight. If SJ loses tonight, I expect some serious off-season changes for this team.

And how about Jagr? "this could be my last game"...way to make it all about yourself Jaromir. Your team is down 3-0 and thats what you want to say? A UFA on July 1st, I still think he'll resign in New York.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

GM Theories

Pittsburgh is currently up 1-0 after 2, the game is on CBC in Canada and NBC in the states. Tonight, TSN will have Dallas / San Jose and I believe Versus will have it for our US fans.

So as we are less than two months from the draft, it really is time to start discussiing the General Manager situation we currently have in the league. Toronto has been the target of all the talk lately, and for good reason. They don't have a full-time GM at the moment, but we are being told they will before the draft. We were all led to believe that Burke was the guy, but commish Gary stepped in and nixed any plans Burke had of leaving the Ducks. So who are they looking at now. No interviews will begin anytime soon, from what I've been told. The Leafs want to talk to Ken Holland, but i believe they will do so without success. Glen Sather and Doug Wilson are two other guys they'd like to talk to, but both are likely staying put. Doug Mclean, Doug Armstrong and Jim Rutherford are two guys that are also on their short-ish list, and all three could be interviewed tomorrow if the Leafs wanted. Right now, it's anyone's guess, but the Leafs would like it if teams like Detroit, San Jose and NYR would get eliminated sooner rather than later, as they'd like to resolve this ASAP.

The Leafs are one of about six teams seriously being considered by Fabian Brunstrum. It's believed he would like to know who the GM wil be before he signs. The Leafs may lose him for that very reason. The Leafs have buyouts and trades to attend to. Fletcher wants the new GM to make all of these moves, as he understands how important it is for someone new to shape the franchise, and for him to not act too soon. While he may not want Tucker or Kubina, the new GM may. This doesn't mean Cliff won't make decisions on these guys, but MLSE and Fletcher would rather the new face of the franchise's front office do it.

Ken Holland is the best GM available, but it's doubtful he's leaving Detroit. Doug Wilson would be my second choice, but his lack of cup success may turn the Leafs away. After that, I'd go with Doug Armstrong. Brad Richards aside, his team is currently playing very well in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Craig Patrick and Doug Mclean (why are half of the GMs named Doug?) should be avoided, as all success can be thanked on having very high draft picks for very many years. Glen Sather and Bob Gainey can both be avoided in this discussion, as I don't believe either is going anywhere anytime soon. As for Dave Nonis, maybe he will be brought in, but it won't be as GM. He doesn't fit what the Leafs are looking for.

Toronto is not the only team with GM questions. Vancouver just hired Mike Gillis, which in my opinion was a terrible mistake. This guy has no experience, and inherits a team in need of a lot of work. I am hearing all the time that Gillis inherits a lot of great things, such as a ton of young defensive prospects and the best goalie in the world. This may be true, but that doesn't mean Vancouver isn't in serious trouble. The team has no offense up front, and will likely lose Morrison and Naslund this season. Linden and Miller are also going to be needed to be replaced. So three of the clubs best offensive players over the last six or seven years are going to need to be replaced. You have the Sedins up front, followed by a whole lot of nothing. Your defense is basically set, but your goaltending may not be. Talk is Luongo wants out, and is not happy with the direction of the franchise (heard this one before?). Talk continues to circulate that Spezza and Emery could be on their way to Vancouver for Luongo. Spezza is a risk, as the guy has played with two of the best wingers in the game for the majority of his career. Can he be successful as the main guy? I don't have that answer. Vancouver is in a world of trouble, and I don't see this team getting better any time soon. Gillis was not the man to fix this ship. I can confirm that Doug Armstrong, Doug Wilson and John Ferguson Jr were all contacted about this job. I would have taken all three (yes, even JFJ) before I would have taken Gillis. The best man for this job would have been Pat Quinn, hands down.

Bryan Burke remains in Anaheim, and wow does he have a mess on his hands. The Ducks have 49 million commited already for next season. Selanne is a UFA, and will likely not be back. Remember that the Ducks were only mediocre until his return. Niedermayer is an unknown, but if he doesn't comeback that would give the Ducks some much needed breathing room. That said, I still believe he can be a premier defenseman in this league. Doug Weight is a UFA and likely won't be back, while Corey Perry is a RFA, and will be looking for a big pay cheque. If Burke doesn't get this guy signed by July 1st, which is very possible, he will attract offer sheets, which the Ducks wouldn't be able to compete with given their current salary cap situation. The Ducks situation is not a pretty one, and they are just lucky Burke is still around to fix his own mess. If any GM in the league can get the Ducks out of this mess, it's probably Burke.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feedback Required

I talked to a few people about this yesterday, and we are confident this will work and be a lot of fun to run and play in. I'd love to hear feedback, and ideas. I want to launch this in the next two weeks. Please ask questions if you are unclear on how this will work.

Hockeyleaks 08-09 Fantasy Team League

Number of allowed teams: 30
Cost to enter: $12
Prize Pool: 1st - $150 2nd - $75 3rd – 40 4th – 25 5 - $10

When 30 teams have entered and paid the entry cost, a draft will begin. All 30 teams will be randomly selected to determine a draft order. Entrants will then pick one NHL team, in the order in which is determined randomly. No team can be selected twice.
On July 15th, rosters will be set. You will take control of your team and all of it’s prospects. For example, if you select Detroit, you get all of Detroits players and prospects. It is your responsibility to pick 9 starting forwards, four starting defenseman and two goalies. These will be the ones which accumulate points. Point structure will be set sometime between the draft and July 15th.

Pool will be run through a message board, while points and standings will be kept on All transactions will be made via the message board. You may trade players with the other 29 players. All trades and transactions must be approved by an administrator, and will be done within 24 hours. You may at any time switch one of your active players for one of your bench players. All switches must be approved by an administrator, and will be done within 24 hours.

After July 15th, all players who are not signed will be on waivers. To submit a waiver claim, you must file it on the correct forum. The starting waiver order will be the opposite of the draft order. For example, whoever has the 30th team, will have the first spot in the waiver order. When a team makes a waiver claim, they move the 30th waiver spot, and the person in the 2nd spot will move up to the 1st spot. Waiver claims take 48 hours to go through. A person making a waiver claim must drop one of their top 12 forwards / or one of their top 6 defenseman / or one of their top 2 goalies.

I'd really like you to reply to this email or email me at with your feedback on this idea, as well as any feedback you have for the website as we head into draft/UFA season.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Round 2: Best Ever?

This second round of the Stanley Cup has me more excited than any previous set of rounds that I can remember. There are four great series, all of which could go the distance. Time to take a look at each one, and who I think will win it.


(1) Montreal vs. (6) Flyers

Both teams must be tired from a gruelling 7 game series, and both will not have much time to rest in between. Both have momentum going in, which should make this series very exciting right from the start. In goal, I will give the edge to Biron. Price started to show his rookie-ness in the last series, while Biron's playoff experience should help him out. On defense, the Habs take this one by a nose. Up front, it's basically a draw. In the end, I'm taking the underdog, as I think the Flyers have what it takes to get past the Habs. I know most of you won't agree, but there is just something about the Canadiens that makes me feel they don't have what it takes just yet to be legitimate cup contenders. Thats still a few years away. Flyers in 7.

(2) Pittsburgh vs. (5) NYR

This series is going to be amazing. The Penguins did an amazing job against the Sens, and now will be faced with a tougher test in the Rangers. Lundqvist is better than Fleury, so NYR has the edge in goal. On defense, I should take the Rangers, but I will take the Penguins only because I saw the way they shut down the Sens last series. Up front, you can't not pick a team with Crosby and Malkin, it just can't be done. If Hossa ever gets hot, this team may be unstoppable up front. The Pens win this series, but the Rangers put up one hell of a fight. Penguins in 7.


(1) Detroit vs. (6) Colorado

Both number one seeds getting knocked out in the second round? That's the way I see it. I've said all along, when healthy the Avs are the best team in the NHL, and guess what, they're pretty damn healthy. In goal, Detroit isn't quite sure who their #1 is. Hasek was, now it's Osgood, and at some point it will probably change back to Hasek. Theodore is the man in Colorado, and did I mention he's on his contract year? Theo is playing the best hockey since his Hart days, and that isn't going to change. On defense, you can't not pick a team with Lidstrom. That being said, Colorado's defense isn't bad itself. Finally, the Wings win the offense category by a hair, as Datsyuk and Zetterberg are too much of a force to be beaten. Forsberg, Stastny and Sakic, however, can put on quite a show of their own. This is the series to watch, and really it could go either way (as these all could). I'm taking Colorado in 6.

(2) San Jose vs. (5) Dallas

I took Dallas to go out in 5, and here they still are, hammering the Ducks in 6. I'm bettng against them again. The sharks have a better goalie, a better defense, and a more balanced offense. The sharks faced a tough series againt Calgary, and will use it as motivation to jet past the sharks and into the western final. Thornton, Marleau, Cheechoo and Roenick will continue to shine, and Clowe will continue to surprise us all. Sharks in 6

And there you have it! I would love to see your picks, so reply to this blog on the forums! My next blog will take a look at the GM world, with my thoughts on the current Calgary, Anaheim, Toronto, and Vancouver situations. As Eklund would say, Stay Tuned...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game 7s Tonights

Tonight, we have the finales to two of the best playoff series in the first round. Calgary/San Jose has been epic, I have been addicted to this series like no other. From Curtis Joseph's tremendous, series saving effort, to Joe Thornton's last second goal to lift the Sharks ahead, this series has had it all. Tonight will be a hard faught battle. Sharks will take it, I'm guessing 4-2.

Philly/Washington has also been great, with Washington and some guy named Ovechkin making an incredible come back in the series. I picked Philly to win this series, but I just don't think they can stop the A-Train tonight. The Caps are on a roll, 5-2 victory for them.

The site is back to being updated, so check out the rumour mill for all the latest rumours.

July 1st isn't that far away, the draft is even closer. Should be a great next couple of months!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Is a Gimmick Really Necessay?

I know I blogged like an hour ago, probably not even, but I need to get this out. I just watched (for the second time in two days) a segment involving Eklund's dog. Never have I been more ashamed to be a hockey blogger.

Maggie the monkey was fun. I mean who doesn't love watching a cute little monkey from the bowmanville zoo (not too far from my childhood hometown of Newcastle) spin a wheel.

But a dog picking a coloured ball? Yesterday, Bert the dog picked the St. Louis blues to win the draft lottery. We all knew Tampa was winning the draft lottery, how could the league pass up a chance to put another ownership-issued on another southern team? (PS Tomorrow I blog about how the draft lottery needs to be changed).

Today, Bert predicted the playoff winners. I didnt watch the whole thing, but I believe Bert picked San Jose, Nashville, NJ and Anaheim...who knows, who cares who else the dog picked.

TSN is a national network. They have millions of viewers, and some of the best hockey reporters on the planet. They can take a chance by putting a monkey on their program. Eklund is a hockey blogger, and most people don't even care about his opinion. People don't go to Eklund to see who's going to win games, series, or championships. They go to see who will be traded. His opinion isn't important, so why should we care about his dog? How smart can the dog be, half of the time he rolled both balls back. Sorry pooch, both teams can't win.

I have two dogs. I'm going to get a bunch of dog biscuits, marker some names on them, and whatever one my dog eats, will win the thanks. I think half of the problem with Eklund's segments is his really is annoying.

On to some website news:

first, I am proud to announce that the third annual PPFL has been won by someone other than Bob Adamski (Who won the two previous editions). I finally took home the top prize, with Blueleafs coming in at a close second. I will give Blueleafs the trade of the year award, however, as he switched Crosby for Malkin the day Crosby went down. This almost helped Blueleafs win the 2007-2008 title. 2008-2009 PPFL info will come out sometime in July this year.

Still no software to update the website, but I'm working on it. All info will continue to be in the blog until I can get things sorted out. This new laptop runs great, however, and should make updating this place even easier.

third, I really want to upgrade hockeyleaks and make it great for this summers free agency. Please email me at and give me all the feedback you possibly can. I want to know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see from us going forward into the off-season and through next season.

Have a great Wednesday, and check back tomorrow for what I think needs to be done in regards to the draft lottery/order.

How The West Was Won

I know i promised these to go up on Tuesday, not Wednesday at 1:06 am, but I decided to take in a Jays game tonight. Toonie Tuesday is always a huge success, and something I love to attend several times a year. I have to admit, I watched more fan fights and arrests tonight than I did baseball, gotta love this great city of Toronto. I already have the next one (first week in May) circled on my calender.

Here are my selections for the first round of the west

(1) Detroit vs (8) Nashville

Nashville worked their asses off to get to the dance, a place nobody could have predicted to start the season. Gone were all of their top players, replaced with guys with little to no experience. Mason and Ellis have been brilliant at times this year, and they are rolling at the perfect time. Detroit has questions in net, and has been spending too much time as of late in the doctors office. I think Detroit has the talent to pull this off, but it's not going to be easy. Prediction: Detroit in 7

(2) San Jose vs. (7) Calgary

Best goaltending match up in the playoffs, bar none. The Sharks need to get CheeChoo and Marleau going, as Thornton isn't going to be able to carry this team himself. Calgary has struggled at times this season, while the Sharks have been the best team in the NHL since about November. It's hard to not like the Sharks in this one. Prediction: San Jose in 6

(3) Minnesota vs. (6) Colorado

Minnesota is favoured by a lot of people, but not me. Several reasons. If Stastny and Sakic were healthy for a full 82 games, this division would have been Colorado's weeks ago. Another big reason: Jose Theodore is a UFA July 1st, and is fighting for a job. I expect Theodore to shine. Gaborik, Rolston, Koivu and Demitra...or Sakic, Stastny, Forsberg and Hejduk. Minnesota may have the edge in goal, but Colorado is too strong, and are much better on defense. Prediction: Colorado in 6

(4) Anaheim vs. (5) Dallas

I read somewhere that Dallas may be the worst team ever to get 97 points. While Dallas isn't terrible, they are no Anaheim. Pronger's health is in question, but even without him the Ducks easily take this series. Turco has had one good playoff round in his career (and he still lost) and Dallas' defense is too suspect. A team led by Mike Ribeiro isn't going anywhere past the first round. Prediction: Anaheim in 5

There you have it, feel free to discuss it in the forums!

Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm Back! Round One, Lets Go!

I apologize for the lack of site updates! The main page is still a few days away from being updated, as I've invested in a new laptop, and it's currently lacking the software I need to upload/update. is here, however, to help you win your playoff pools. Last year, through the first two rounds of the playoffs, went a very impressive 11-1. Lets go for 12-0! We'll start with the Eastern Conference preview, tomorrow we'll cover the west.

(1) Montreal vs. (8) Boston

Statistics don't lie, and that's not good news for Boston. Montreal went 8-0 against the Bruins during the regular season, and outplayed them in all eight games. For Montreal to even think about losing this game, Carey Price has to show that he is a rookie, something he's yet to do. Tim Thomas will steal one of the games, but it won't be enough to get Boston out of the first round. prediction: Montreal in 5

(2) Pittsburgh vs. (7) Ottawa

No team has slid further down the standings like the Sens have. Their recent struggles, combined with their recent injuries, and there is little chance the Sens can escape the first round. The Penguins are very young, and lack the playoff experience the Sens have, but even so, Ottawa has too many questions, and not enough answers. The Penguins will need good goaltending, but that has shockingly not been a surprise in the second half of the season. prediction: Pittsburgh in 6

(3) Washington vs. (6) Philadelphia

This is my favourite series in the East by far. Washington won the trade deadline, and are now sitting with home ice in the playoffs. The Flyers battled hard the last month to keep their spot, and now we have what should be the most exciting eastern playoff series in the first round. Ovechkin is going to win the Hart, and his production shouldn't slow down now that he's made the big dance for the first time in his career. With that said, the Flyers are a better all around team, and should be able to hold off the surging caps. This one could go either way, but I like Philly's chances. prediction : Philly in 7

(4) New Jersey vs. (5) NYR

The Devils will go into this as the favourite for two reasons: home ice, and martin brodeur. I am taking the Rangers for one reason: Scott Gomez. This guy has something to prove, leaving New Jersey after having so much success there. He wants to show that he made the right decision, and will be playing his heart out to make sure the Rangers get by the Devils. Lundqvist isn't bad himself, don't forget. prediction : Rangers in 6

Tomorrow, the West. Hopefully I can get some software on this laptop ASAP.