Monday, January 30, 2006

Doug Weight Traded To Carolina

Deal is done, no word on who's going the other way. Check over the next hour or so to see the full deal, as well as my thoughts on it.

Power Play Fantasy League

Updated Standings are up, so check out for complete standings update!! Also, rumours, injuries, etc have been updated, as they are every single day!

I'm off to Toronto in a few hours to speak with a few people, and hopefully get to the bottom of a few off the record rumours I've been hearing. I'll be sending any updates I get back to either Yick or Cdog, so check the rumours page today often, as a lot of things could break today.

Sergei Gonchar is really being shopped hard, as the Pens really want to get rid of his 3.5 mil/per season contract. If Gonchar can play like he did in Washington, I think he's worth his contract, and could be had at a pretty cheap price for Pittsburgh. Teams I'm hearing are Buffalo, San Jose and Minnesota.

Mike Sillinger Traded To Nashville

As reported on a few hours ago, The Nashville Predators have acquired centre Mike Sillinger from the St. Louis Blues for forward Timofei Shishkanov. This is just the first move by the Blues, there are many more to come. Weinrich will likely be the next, with Weight, Tkachuk, Jackman and McAmmond all likely to find new homes before the deadline.

Hatcher has been named the Captain of the Flyers for now. Obviously if Primeau comes back, he'll get the "C" back.

Witt will be dealt by the deadline, with Montreal, Tampa Bay, Colorado and Detroit all very interested. Ribeiro is the only name I've heard involved in any Witt deal, as Washington really wants him to play with Ovechkin. for any questions or comments. for all the latest news, it's updated several times a day, as things happen! Power Play Fantasy League update is coming tomorrow! I've been bumped from 1st place to second, so make sure you check it out and see who passed me! I'll see you all in the morning!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hello Hockeyfans!

Not as much coming out this morning as I thought there would be. Chicago and Boston are apparently discussing a deal involving Samsonov and Arnason, among other players. If Chicago isn't going to make the playoffs, why would they have interest in Samsonov if he is going to be a UFA at season's end? For the full potential trade breakdown, check the rumours section.

Yukobov was plucked off waivers yesterday by Florida. I like this move, as I think Yukobov has potential, and will be able to show some of it for the Panthers.

Doug Weight rumours continue to fly, with Calgary joining them. Ottawa is still said to be the front runner.

Toronto has now lost 8 in a row, which means changes should be coming, as early as today. Don't be surprised if the Leafs wait until after Monday's game against Florida, as McCabe is suppose to be back for that one.

The Hockey Auctions page is about to be re-stocked with items over the next day or two. I will have Toronto Maple Leafs Lithographs up, as well as autographed hockey cards, and maybe even a jersey or two. I'll post a link when thats ready. In the meantime, a good friend of mine has an Ebay store that I promised I would promote on here. He's got a lot of sports collectables, including a whole pile from the NHL. Here are two links to his page, the first being all of his items, the second being all of his NHL related items. If you do buy anything, make sure to let him know that sent you. And before any of you say it, no we're not making a profit of selling his things off our site, I'm just trying to get him some business, he's a really great guy so check it out!

Entire Store

NHL items

That Roloson/Dupuis deal is apparently still in the works and could break today. It very well could be Edmonton getting them both...stay tuned, I'm sure we'll have more as the day goes on.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Roloson/Dupuis still not announced

The pending trade involving Dupuis and Roloson that Eklund announced last night has still not been announced, which to me may mean something has gone wrong. I will continue to look into this and find out what I can.

Something else to look into? Ed Belfour will not get the start in net tonight against Montreal. It is the first Saturday night home game this season that Belfour will not start. Tellqvist will get the start. If Belfour is traded, and there is a lot of talk about that right now, Edmonton and LA are the two biggest possibilities. LA would apparently be interested in having the veteran goalie share time with Garon, as they feel the Eagle would be great backup for the playoffs.

For all the latest trades/signings/waiver action/rumours remember to check out Also, we are re-doing our affiliates section on the website, so if you want your site listed as one of our affiliates, please contact me. I want to say thank you to all the emails I've received lately, a lot of them thanking us for doing a good job and keeping everything free. So you know, we have no plans on adding any costs to any of our features any time soon! Have a great Saturday night, it's a great night for hockey.


So it was less than a week ago that I was celebrating us hitting 10 000 hits in a day! Well, we've been climbing up about 1000 a day, and hit 14 000 yesterday. Today, we hit 20 000+ hits!! This is excellent, I want to thank everyone for making us part of the daily internet surfing, we really appreciate it. Talk on the forums has also really picked up, and I couldn't be happier about that! The more traffic we get, the more people I get to talk to, and the more people I talk to, the more information and rumours I get that I can post for all of you to read!

Speaking of rumours to read, check out our rumour mill section on for some late night rumours I just put up. Things around the league are really heating up. Edmonton is not done, we all know that, while changes are coming in Toronto and Montreal. Minnesota is also looking to add to their team to make a strong push for the playoffs!

If you haven't already, make sure you check out our Q & A with Wade Belak! Thats all for now, have a good night, and enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wade Belak!

Check out for our exclusive Q & A Session with Toronto Maple Leaf forward/defenseman Wade Belak! This is the first of many player Q & A's will bring you! Make sure you check it out!

Also, rumblings are coming into me that Ed Belfour may want out of Toronto. He is unhappy with the support he's been given, and because of the fact that the Leafs brass are ignoring their weak defense, Belfour wants things to either improve, or be dealt himself. I'm going to try and find out more, and hopefully give you all a better idea whats going on in Toronto tomorrow. Things are not good, moves are about to happen.

Oilers add another defenseman

In addition to getting Dick Tarnstrom, the Oilers have also added Jaroslav Spacek, from the Blackhawks, for forward Tony Salmelainen.

The Czech Olympian has had stops in Florida, Columbus, and Chicago, and scored a career high 45 points in 02-03, with the Blue Jackets.

Oilers/Pens Make A Deal...

No sooner do I post that blog, when I get a call from a good source! The Oilers have aquired Dick Tarnstrom from Pittsburgh for Jani Rita and Cory Cross. Expect Edmonton to be very busy over the next month and a half.

Things Heating Up

A lot of very interesting rumours coming today. We'll start in Edmonton, where the team is looking to improve in several areas, and are one of the few teams near the top that have the cap room to really improve. Up front, Doug Weight is a player they could add to their roster before the deadline. On defense, Dick Tarnstrom is the most rumoured d-man to be going to the Oil. As for in goal, Curtis Joseph would make the most sense, as the Oilers would love him back, especially if they were to meet Dallas in the post-season.

San Jose continues to make a push for the playoffs, and with A LOT of cap room available, they could be very busy. The first move will likely be bringing Owen Nolan back. That could happen in the next two weeks. Another rumour has them bringing Ed Belfour back, in a deal that would send McCauley and Nabokov to Toronto. There would be at least two more Toronto players/picks going to San Jose, with Antropov, Kilger, Allison, Czercawski, and Harrison all names I've heard that could possibly go to San Jose. There is something to this rumour, as I've now heard versions of this deal from about three sources, and two readers.

There are a few other rumours posted at in "The Rumour Mill" section, so check it out. Also, new Q & A coming to very soon, and it will be with an actual NHL player. He plays for a team in the Northeast division, thats all I will tell you for now. for any questions/comments you may have for me.

Jan Bulis

Four goals tonight make him look very good to Washington and Chicago, two teams very interested in the winger. Though all you Habs fans do not think he'll be dealt, there is a very good chance he will be, especially with nights like that.

The Flames have placed Sauve on waivers, one day after he started a fight with Colorado goalie (and former teammate) David Aebisher. Vancouver i'm sure would welcome him? Chicago is another team I could see claiming him.

I still somehow think Sundin could be traded, and I still feel Vancouver would be the perfect fit. Bertuzzi for Sundin? Makes sense to me...

How about Pittsburgh's 8-1 win over Washington? Sure it's only Washington, but it's the first positive thing out of Pittsburgh in awhile.

I bought a new cell phone today, one of those phones with TV on it. I must comment and say that being able to watch NHL highlights on my phone is terrific! The picture and sound quality are great, and it lets me watch highlights any time I want, as many times as I want! If you've been thinking about getting a TV-phone, do it!

Keep checking the site as often as you all have been! We're around 14 000 hits today, which is up about 1o 000 from a week ago! 60 000 hits in the last five days! I can't believe it, and our numbers keep on increasing. Remember, go to to join the mailing list. To contact me with any questions or comments, email me at

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Leaf Rumours

From a very good source : " The Leafs have acquired defenseman Jamie Rivers from Detroit for a conditional draft pick. This is all pending a physical."
- No media outlets are reporting it yet, though it has been mentioned on Mojo Radio I have been told. Not sure I like this move by the Leafs, as Rivers is no better than Brad Brown, who the Leafs already have.

Two rumours emailed to me, that I usually would discard, but since Leaf fans are in a panic and want to read all of the crazy rumours, I will post them on here (but not the rumours section of the site). From the source :

"I've been hearing whispers floating around that the Leafs are about to pull the trigger on a deal that would send Shane Doan and Curtis Joseph to Toronto in exchange for Jason Allison, Nik Antropov, Jay Harrison and a 5th rd pick. Another rumour I've heard is Belfour to Edmonton for Steve Staios."

I don't believe either, though I wouldn't be surprised if Belfour was dealt, and Joseph was targeted. Thats all for now.

Mario Lemieux To Retire

#66 has called a 2 PM press conference to announce his retirement. With his health not at it's best, and his team at the bottom of the standings, this is not how Mario would have wanted to end his career. Two Pens have now retired in the last week, which leaves this Penguins team in a lot of trouble. The future has never looked so unclear in Pittsburgh...

Lets move on to some rumours...Mats Sundin could be on his way to a new team. Reports out of Toronto this morning suggest that Sundin is unhappy in Toronto, and may welcome a change of scenery. If you want to start speculating on who's coming to Toronto in return, Calgary and Vancouver are two teams who would apparently be interested in the Veteran centre. How about a package that sends Sundin and Belfour to Vancouver for Bertuzzi and a defenseman? Let the crazy rumours begin...

Dwayne Roloson told reporters yesterday that he expects one of the Minnesota goalies to be dealt, whether it was him or Fernandez he did not know. It looks like Roloson could be the one traded, with Vancouver, Edmonton, Colorado and Tampa Bay in the running.

We hit over 10,000 hits again yesterday, which is very good news for our site! Remember to check the rumour mill and TradeLeaks often, as they're updated throughout the day, as things happen. For example, we posted a Doug Weight rumour on that page at 1 am this morning! Email me at with any questions or comments. Have a good day!

Monday, January 23, 2006


First off, I want to thank everyone for making Hockeyleaks so popular over the past 48 hours! We hit 10 000 hits yesterday on the site (does not include blog and forums), which we've never even come close to! We're already over 6000 today, which means a second 10 000 hit day in a row is not out of the question! Make sure to check the rumours and trades pages, as both are updated when things happen, even if a blog isn't posted. For example, these following rumours were posted around 11 am this morning :

- Sergei Samsonov could find his way to the Kings by the Trade Deadline. They now have the room for him thanks to Bure being gone for the rest of the season
- Weinrich and McAmmond are two St. Louis Blues that are likely to be on the move. They were offered the Kings, and apparently Florida, Montreal and Chicago have all shown interest.
- Barrett Jackman is being shopped by the Blues. New Jersey, Toronto, Colorado, Phoenix, Ottawa, Calgary and Buffalo are all teams I have heard are interested
- San Jose interested in Sergei Gonchar? Stranger things have happened...

So make sure to check these pages often to see if any thing changes. Also, two moves in the NHL today. Jon Sim was was traded from Philadelphia, to Florida in exchange sixth round pick in 2007. Also today, the Montreal Canadiens claimed Aaron Downey off waivers from the St. Louis Blues.

That is all for now, have a good night, and remember, our new mailing list is up so check out the "Join Us" section of if you want to join the mailing list! Finally, Power Rankings and several people's columns have been updated, so check it out!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Updates Complete!

I've been busy over the last 24 hours! We know have a rumours page, which has a summary of it's day's rumours. We have a join us page, which allows you to join the mailing list, as well as a contact us link so you can contact us with comments, questions or inquiries. We have a TradeLeaks page that shows all of the recent transactions (signings, waivers, trades). Finally, we have one of the best injury update pages on the internet! Check it all out, and feel free to email me with comments. Also check out our new rookie race section on the main page.

Though the site is updated, some of the content is not. Power Rankings should be up tomorrow, while we are still looking for new writers. I need column writers, team specialists for the forums (all but Detroit, Vancouver and NYR can be replaced, so email me if you want to be a team specialist for one of the other 27 NHL teams), and a Fantasy writer. The fantasy writer would write a weekly hot and cold section for us. Please email me if you are interested in any of these positions. Thanks, and enjoy your Sunday, and our new sections!

Big Changes Coming

Two to Four new sections will hit today! I don't know what has gotten into me, but I just want to keep improving this site!! We had the most hits on the site yesterday since October, which is amazing! Hopefully these new sections will improve our hits even more! Here are the rumours I have so far this morning, straight from our new "rumours" section which will be up sometime today. I will post a new blog when everything is complete.

- If Olli Jokinen is not re-signed by the Panthers by the trade deadline, he is likely to be dealt. Possible Destinations : Edmonton, Calgary

- Curtis Joseph will likely be traded by the trade deadline. Toronto, Edmonton, Colorado, and Vancouver are possible destinations.

- Jason Allison to Boston is still a possibility. Brian Leetch and Sergei Samsonov are two possible players going the other way

Saturday, January 21, 2006


TradeLeaks is up! Check, and check out the new page! This page will feature all trades, signings, waiver pickupsm etc. so check it often!

Also, we finally have a new mailing list set up! Go to the bottom of the blog, bottom of the forum, or here :

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Response To The Penguins / Saturday Updates

First, I want to start with an email that I got in response to what I wrote about the Penguins. I got several, and this is by far the best and most interesting one I recieved. I also want to point out that when I said the Penguins were not getting the support I needed, I didn't mean fan support, I meant support from their city. Anyways, here is the email :


CJ - I'm a big follower of your blogspot, and have been since the tail end of thelockout, keep up the good work. I'm emailing you to respond to your blurb about the pens and them being up forsale. Being from pittsburgh - i grew up not far outside the city, and i currentlygo to school in the city, i've been around this franchise at its greatest - andnow its worst - times. As people may (or maynot) know, the fate of the penguinsrests with the state of Pennsylvania. The state recently legalized gambling, andthere will be several of these liscenses awarded across the state, one being forthe city of pittsburgh. With no funds left in the city or state to fund a newarena for the pens, Mario and company have made a deal with a major slots company- Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. whom will pledge 290 million dollars that is neededfor the new arena - this is the only money the pens would get out of the deal,they would not be making any money off of the gambling. In addition, the pens, this gambling company, andNationwide developent have created a package that will pretty much revolutionize oneof the worst areas of the city by building a new arena, a slots parlor, andredeveloping the surrounding areas. Nationwide did the same thing for the BlueJacket's arena and surrounding area. Basically what it comes down to is this - thepens will be in pittsburgh IF AND ONLY IF their group wins the gambling liscense forthe pittsburgh region. It appears that mario is out as owner, reguardless. Thereis an offical agreement that binds the team to the city if they win the slotsliscense, reguardless of ownership, otherwise, they are free to do as they wish. In a city who's economy is struggling, the absence of an NHL team and all therevenue that it creates city wide would be terrible - we experienced how it would beduring the lockout, and several studies indicated that the city lost 10s of millionsof dollars in economic power. I wasnt sure how well known this saga is outside the confines of the three rivers,so i figured i'd attempt to spread the word of how crazy and unnecessary this wholething is. There should be no contest that the pen;s and their group should beawarded the liscense, as it keeps one of the most historical teams in the NHL in itshome town, helps the city with a new venue in a new arena, helps stablize the localeconomy, and it redevelops part of the city AT NO COST TO THE TAXPAYERS. all mario, the pens, and the city can do is just play the waiting game...... once again, i really enjoy your site and the blog, and here's to hoping i stil have a team to cheer for in a few years!
- JOE , Pittsburgh, PA


Thanks to Joe for that. If anyone has anything to add or respond to that, please email me and I will pass it on, or if it's worth it, I will post it up on the blog. I want to get our readers more involved around here. Lets get to some news and rumours shall we?

As many of you already know, Nedved was dealt to the Flyers yesterday. I don't like this deal, only because I think he was brought in when he really wasn't needed. The Flyers are playing great hockey, and Nedved isn't. I think the cap room could have been used on something a lot better, and I just don't see Nedved being a good fit on this Philadelphia team. Lets see if he proves me wrong...

As I reported on the forums late last night (if you havn't joined the forums, I suggest you do, as most breaking news is posted there before anywhere else!), I talked to a good source , and the Leafs are really trying to get rid of Belfour. What many people do not know is that, yes, Belfour's contract is up after this year, but there is an option for next year, which the Leafs will not pick up. However, if they do not pick it up, they actually buy Belfour out for 1.5 million, which counts towards the cap. The Leafs would love to move Eddy by the deadline, and make that 1.5 million someone else's problem. The asking price is VERY low for Eddy. That being said, the Leafs would like to move him closer to the deadline. Goalies rumoured to be replacing him? Curtis Joseph and Evgeni Nabokov are the two I have heard. One more Leaf rumour for you? Bill Watters on Mojo Radio yesterday suggested Sundin could ask for a trade....I've been saying trade Sundin all year, but if you deal Sundin, they can't deal Allison. Interesting times in Leaf land...

Aaron Miller to Buffalo rumours are heating up again, as are Doug Weight to Ottawa rumours. Miller would be a good fit in Buffalo, but I think Ottawa would be stupid to pick up Weight, I don't think he'd add much to their already powerhoused offense.

Some site news for you. As you know, we're working on a new site. For the meantime, I plan on doing some additions to the current site today. No promises, as me and HTML don't work that great together, but I really want to add a new rumours section, as well as a "TradeLeaks" section, where all the trades from here to the deadline are listed. We'll see how this works out...if the site goes down at all today, it's my fault! :)

Also, we're working on getting several Q & A's with players, so that could be something to look for. And I am speaking with Blueline Hockeytalk Radio (Check them out, link is on the main page at about going back on their show, which would give us another media piece to add to our site. If any of you would like to work with, or be a writer for us, please contact me at We are expanding and could always use extra help. Have a good Saturday everyone, I'll talk to you tomorrow (unless something big breaks today). Sunday is usually a great day for rumours...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rumours A Plenty

I woke up this morning to a pile of very interesting, and very real rumours. Lets take a look...

Eklund is reporting that Torres and Conklin could be on their way to Boston in exchange for Andrew Raycroft. Raycroft is being shopped at this point, and if Boston could come away with both those players, I think it would be a good deal to take. Another rumour has Murray, Samsonov and Raycroft going to San Jose for Marleau and Nabokov. This would pretty much complete an entire team for team trade between San Jose and Boston....

Another Boston player who could be on his way out is Brian Leetch. While everyone is assuming he will end up back in New York, Toronto has jumped into the race. Rumours are everywhere this morning, saying Leetch could be back with Toronto in the next 10 days. Jason Allison would go the other way.

Speaking of Allison, another rumour has him on his way to San Jose for Nabokov. This deal would obviously happen closer to the deadline, as the Leafs would not make this deal without first getting rid of Belfour. What about Joseph to Toronto? If the Coyotes are going to miss the playoffs, whats the point on keeping both Joseph and Boucher? Another Leaf rumour has Domi and Czercawski going to Pittsburgh for either Malone or Recchi. Toronto has lost four straight, and has back to back games against Ottawa coming up. The pressure is on JFJ to make a movie, and that move could come very soon.
Jason Cullimore of the Chicago Blackhawks has been rumoured to be moved for the last few weeks. Tampa Bay apparently would like to bring him back, while Minnesota and Nashville have also apparently expressed interest.
Witt is still being shopped, and will be dealt by the deadline. New Jersey is one team I have heard him going to, while Toronto, Colorado, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Vancouver are all teams I have heard interested in him.
The Pittsburgh Penguins are for sale, which brings up the next question : Where will they move? It doesn't look good in Pittsburgh right now, and the chances of the team being moved at some point are very good. Winnepeg, Quebec, and Hamilton are the top three Canadian possibilities, while Portland would be most likely in the States. Obviously the NHL would like to keep the team in Pittsburgh, but not even big names like Crosby, Gonchar, and Lemieux have been able to save this team, so maybe it's time the Penguins moved on to somewhere they will be supported? Email me at with your opinions, I will post the best ones on the blog tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Leafs Looking To Improve

With a very tough four game road trip ahead of them, the Toronto Maple Leafs may be looking to improve their team. With Lindros still another 10 days away from returning, and no timetable for the return of their top two goal scorers (McCabe and Tucker), the Leafs may take this time to swing a trade and bring in some help. The most obvious deal would be to bring in a defenseman, however, other reports are saying the Leafs may also try to bring in some offense, and maybe even a goaltender. Eklund reported this morning that Recchi and Nabokov are two players the Leafs may be after, while another source told me this morning that Mike Comrie to Toronto is a strong possibility. As for defenseman, Witt remains very high on Toronto's list, while Nashville's Zidlicky is another name I've heard. Both Witt and Zidlicky become UFA's at season's end.

It's only a matter of time until Edmonton gets another goalie, with Biron the most likely to become an Oiler. Nabokov is an option as well, as is Manny Fernandez. Rita is one player Edmonton is trying to move, while I've heard Torres' name quite a bit in the past two weeks.

The Brian Leetch to New York rumours are everywhere, and I would be very shocked if Brian Leetch was not back with the Rangers by the deadline.

Owen Nolan will likely sign with San Jose, Phoenix or Nashville. I would be shocked if he ended up in the Eastern Conference.

The Bruins could be the next team to shake things up. I am hearing that they may do what the Islanders did, and dump both their coach and their GM. Speaking of coach's, I noticed Code is back, and he reported that the Islanders have already placed a call to Ted Nolan. I don't believe that for a second, as the Islanders seem prepared to wait until the offseason, when they will be able to make Sutter an offer.

Thats all for now, for any questions or comments. We're always looking for new writers, so email me if your interested. Keep checking daily as it is updated several times per day!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rangers Looking To Deal

The New York Rangers find themselves as a serious contender for the first time in a long time. They don't want to ruin their chances, which means that as the trade deadline approaches, they will be looking to improve. Petr Nedved is one name that has been rumoured to the Rangers, as the Coyotes continue to try and deal the veteran centre. I've been saying Brian Leetch will be back with the Rangers for weeks now, and I still believe that before the deadline, Brian Leetch will find his way back to Broadway. I would not be surprised if the Rangers also try to get Samsonov is some sort of super-package, though it wouldn't come cheap. Samsonov would be a great fit in New York.

Montreal looked good in last night's 6-1 win over San Jose. Unless they continue to win like that, Gainey will still make several moves leading up to the deadline. Ribeiro is as good as gone, and good be on his way to Washington. Witt maybe in return?

The Leafs will be looking to deal, and it could come very soon. With back-to-back games against Ottawa next week, the Leafs would love to have something new in the lineup to attempt to gain some ground on the Sens. With games against the Avs and Wild before then, they should be good tests to see exactly the Leafs have. A scoring winger and a defensive defenseman are on the Leafs' shopping list, while another goalie isn't out of the question.

Roberto Luongo is not likely to be traded, but at this point, he's not likely to sign any long term deals with Florida. Luongo will likely finish the season with Panthers, and then be traded in the offseason. Colorado, Vancouver, Toronto, Minnesota, Ottawa and Detroit are all teams I've heard will have serious interest at season's end.

The Sharks are not done adding to their team. They would love to add another defenseman. The Coyotes are another team who will likely make several trades as the deadline approaches. Mike Comrie will see a lot of attention, as will Ladislav Nagy. Nedved and Mike Johnson(Not Matt Johnson as Eklund indicated) are rumoured to be a package offered to Pittsburgh to get Sergei Gonchar, but this deal is highly unlikely.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sutter To Islanders (e5)

Ok, so I had to add the "e" rating, as even I get bored! But anyways, it appears that sometime between now, and the start of next season, Brent Sutter will leave his Red Deer Rebels and join the New York Islanders as both the Coach and General Manager. How did Milbury last this long? When you look at the talent he's traded away, and you look at what's come to New York in return, he would have been fired much earlier by any other team. That being said, I don't think he'll be unemployed too long.

Not much on the rumour front tonight, maybe the calm before the storm? I hope so, as nothing is more fun than reporting on big trades. Don't forget about Owen Nolan, he's not too far away from returning.

The new site is in development, and we're making pretty good idea process. Power Rankings for January 12th are up at, so check it out! Our numbers are back up, and we haven't been getting this many daily hits since the summer, which is good news for us, and the more hits we get, the more I want to work on the site and the more I want to improve it. So keep checking us out! We are looking for new writers, so email me at I know before it took forever to get your articles up, but with Cdog helping us out so much, everything has been going up in the same day we receive things. I want to thank Cdog for all the work he's done for us, he's been a great addition, and will continue to be as we all move forward. Have a good night everyone! Don't forget to join the forums if you haven't, we're up to over 700 members!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Avs/Habs talking trade?

According to RDS, a trade between the Avs and Habs could be done in the next 24 hours. Over the past week we've heard a lot of names, including Blake, Theodore, Ryder, Aebisher, Sakic, Ribeiro and Souray. No idea who would be a part of the actual deal, but with these two teams, there are a lot of possibilities.

Steve Stirling has been fired as head coach of the New York Islanders. I got a report that Milbury would take over for the rest of the season, however, I have since got someone closer to the situation saying that Milbury wants to concentrate on building the team, and not coaching it. The team is expected to announce an interm coach in the next 24 hours, with a real replacement being found sometime by the end of the Olympic Break. Ted Nolan anyone?

How close are the Penguins to making a move? Though they're not completely out of it, 6-1 losses to the Blue Jackets are not something to be proud of. The Blue Jackets, who finally have a healthy Rick Nash, are actually playing some decent hockey right now, going 5-2-1 in their last eight.

Don't be surprised if Czercawski ends up back in Long Island. Alexander Mogilny once again has cleared waivers, and has been assigned to the AHL. Mogilny will report, hoping to impress scouts enough to get traded sometime between now and the deadline. Mogilny would be a nice call up for the Devils to have for the playoffs.

Power Rankings should return tomorrow, Friday at the very latest, but Thursday is the day I usually like to do power rankings. Also, check the forums for the latest on the next version of, and give your input on what you would like to see on it. for all questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Have a good night everyone.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Islanders Finally Make A Move

and I'm actually quite surprised at it. The Islanders have traded defenseman Janne Niinimaa and a 5th round pick in 2007 to the Dallas Stars in exchange for for defenceman John Erskine and a second round draft pick in 2006. I know Niinimaa isn't worth what he once was, but I really thought the Isles could have gotten more in return. This is a great move for Dallas, who should become an even bigger threat in the West now that they have solidified their defense. This move should not affect the Isles, but it does clear cap room for them to make an improvement, most likely up front, and likely at the center position.

The most disgusting move of the day goes to Tampa Bay, who has places veteran Dave Andreychuk on waivers, which should mark the end of his NHL career. I know he could be useful for a handful of NHL teams, but I don't expect him to get claimed. I think he would be great for a younger team, maybe an Atlanta or Carolina, as he is a great leader, and still has something left to contribute. Speaking of players who still have something left, don't be shocked to see Steve Thomas sign somewhere in the next little bit, maybe back in Detroit.

The Mighty Ducks apparently have interest in Kyle Calder. Calder, a UFA at the end of this season, is having a rough season in Chicago, only scoring 24 points in 38 games, while going a minus 11.

The Blackhawks are really trying to dump their biggest of many offseason mistakes, Adrian Aucoin. His massive salary has scared every team away, and Chicago will find it will be very tough to find a taker for him. One team that apparently would be interested if Aucoin came cheap enough would be the Buffalo Sabres, who are looking to make a serious charge at tops in the East.

Salary dumps will begin soon, and there are a few teams to really keep an eye on. With a fairly good UFA class coming up this summer, teams will be looking to dump some salary so they have room to work with on July 1st. Teams that won't make the playoffs, will look to unload their big contracts to teams with Stanley Cup dreams. The biggest team to watch is Pittsburgh, as they have a lot of big contracts they will be looking to unload. Recchi is rumoured to be heading to Philly, while many have suggested that Leclair could return to Montreal. Gonchar back to Washington is not out of the question, while Ryan Malone is being heavily shopped.

Boston, who could still make the playoffs with a good run, is another team to watch should they fall out of contention. Samsonov is a guarenteed move, as he is a UFA at season's end, and has no intention on re-signing with the Bruins. Glen Murray may seek a trade to a contender should things fall apart in Boston, while many feel Raycroft will also be dealt by the trade deadline.

New Jersey continues to try and shop Mogilny without luck, however, as the season goes on, Mogilny's salary for this season continues to shrink. Whoever gets him would still be on the hook for 3.5 million next season, which is a lot for a veteran winger with a hip problem. New Jersey has a lot of UFA's once this season is over, which means if they're a playoff team, they may make a few moves so they don't loose players like Colin White and Elias for nothing. That being said, I don't see Elias being traded, or leaving New Jersey at season's end, but anything's possible in the new NHL.

Florida is not likely to make any deals, unless they get a very good offer for Luongo, one that would blow them away. Colorado is probably the only team with the talent available to make such an offer.

In the West, Phoenix is falling fast away from a playoff spot. Brian Boucher and Curtis Joseph may be had for the right price, and with the large need for goalies in the NHL, Phoenix may get something good for either, even if they're both UFA's at the end of this season. There were rumours earlier in the year that Nagy was available, while I wouldn't put Doan as untouchable either. Morris and Mara, both free agents at the end of the year, will both see a lot of attention near the trade deadline if Phoenix doens't look like they're going to make the top 8 in the West.

Then there is the chance that Colorado doesn't make the playoffs, which at this point, is very possible. With Sakic and Blake both UFA's at the end of the season, teams would be all over them if they were available. Can you imagine the offers Colorado would recieve if they were available? Who wouldn't want either player for a solid playoff run. Both are expected to resign with the Avs sooner rather than later, but you never know what could happen between now and the deadline.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Theodore To Colorado?

Thats the big rumour this morning. Montreal and Colorado have had very serious talks over the past 48 hours, and something is brewing. Rob Blake was a scratch last night, which led many to believe he was on his way out of Colorado, however, he was injured, he was not a healthy scratch. Ribeiro and Souray are two others Montreal is trying to shop, while Hejduk would probably be at least one player going the other way.

Petr Sykora WAS a healthy scratch last night, and could be traded very soon. Several teams are interested in the forward, and it would not surprise me to see him end up in the Northeast. I have heard all five Northeastern teams are interested.

The Dallas Stars are apparently very interested in adding Thrasher Slava Kozlov. The Thrashers, who currently sit 7th in the East, are not planning on moving the winger unless they're offered something that could significantly upgrade their team.

Martin Biron is being looked at by both Colorado and Tampa Bay. Not sure who would go the other way, but Colorado has a lot more to offer than Tampa Bay.

Ottawa has stuggled a bit as of late, and have lost 1st in the conference for the first time this season. They also only have 3 points on Buffalo, and 8 points on Toronto in the Northeast. The Sens are looking to add a 2nd or 3rd line center.

Eklund reported this morning that the Flyers could bring over Mark Recchi at the trade deadline. That deadline, is only 5 weeks away. With the Olympic break taking up two of the those five weeks, it means the trade frenzy is not far away from beginning. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the most exciting trade seasons the NHL has ever seen.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Canada Takes Home The Gold

What a great game last night for Canada, as Canada has now won two straight world junior tournaments. Most of these kids are 18, which means Canada should already be favored to win their third straight world juniors next year. How excited are the Toronto Maple Leafs right now? They have Pogge, who led Canada to gold, and they have Rask, who stole the bronze for Finland, and was named the tournaments top goalie. The future looks bright behind Eddie Belfour in Toronto.

Ryan Malone is being shopped by the Penguins, and he will get a lot of interest. A Toronto paper this morning suggests the Leafs will make a strong pitch for him, while I am hearing Colorado, New Jersey and Montreal are all interested. He's cheap salary wise, and could be had for a mid-round draft pick.

Mogilny cleared waivers, and is now being shopped. He is now suspended, which means his salary will not count towards the cap. There is a rumour floating around that he will be sent to the minors until the playoffs, but if this happens, I would be shocked, and disgusted as that is very unfair to Mogilny. Toronto, Buffalo, Ottawa, Boston and Columbus have all shown interest, but Mogilny's price tag is too high. Re-Entry waivers would cut his price in half, and may be the way the Devils go. Speaking of the Devils, Elias has two goals and four assists in two games. Not bad for not playing all season.

Dave Andreychuk is apparently being lightly shopped around the league, though I do not expect anyone to pick him up. One rumour I did hear was that a few teams are interested in adding him to add some veteran leadership, but the price is too high for someone like that. I don't expect him to be moved.

Vancouver continues to loose, and with each loss, they come closer to making a big trade to shake things up. Morrison's name has come up a lot, and we all know the Canucks could use another goalie. Something should happen in Vancouver soon.

Atlanta is currently tied with Montreal for the last playoff spot in the East. There is no doubt in my mind that Atlanta will find a way to make the playoffs this year, and once in, they could be a serious threat to anyone they play.

Power Rankings return next week. A look at this week's big movers? Toronto and Philly are the top two teams in the East as far as moving up goes. Toronto is 8-2 in their last 10, including 6 straight wins, while the Flyers are now just a point behind the Sens for first in the East, going 8-0-2 in their last 10. Atlanta has gone 6-2-2 in their last ten, some thanks to the return of a good goaltender. As for the West, LA seems to be back in the groove, going 8-1-1 in their last ten, moving them into second in the West, just one point behind the Red Wings. The Wild have gone 7-3 in their last 10, hoping to battle their way into a playoff spot soon. They're currently 5 points behind Colorado for the 8th playoff spot.

Speaking of Colorado in 8th, it shows how times have changed. Teams that were previous top three teams, are currently fighting for their playoff lives. In the East, New Jersey sits 10th, while Boston sits in 13th. On the flip side, Buffalo has the third most points in the East with 56. Looking at the West, San Jose is in 12th, while St.Louis sits in 14th. On the flip side, LA sits 2nd, while Edmonton is in 6th. Vancouver cannot be happy in 7th, and I don't even remember ever seeing Colorado as low as 8th. If the Avs don't make the playoffs, things could get ugly in Colorado.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

In Repair

Well my computer is about half fixed. Everything works but Internet Explorer, so I've loaded firefox for the time being. I have thrown another harddrive in my computer, so I plan on formatting my old one soon, but first I have to transfer all my important data, so thats a few days away from being complete. For now, I'll continue to work with Firefox, so spare with us as we continue to try to get back to normal.

Alexander Mogilny remains on waivers at this moment, and I'm being told he may not get claimed, as teams would rather make a deal with the Devils where they could give the Devils a little salary back. Buffalo, Toronto, and Ottawa are the three teams I am hearing, while this morning I've heard Phoenix from several sources.

Canada plays Russia tonight, so everyone should check that game out, even if your not Canadian or Russian. If Canada wins, Justin Pogge (A Toronto Maple Leaf draft pick) should win the MVP of the tournament.

Things are about to get ugly in Montreal, and I'm hearing something big is about to go down. It doesn't look like a coaching change will happen, but a player trade is very likely. Nobody is safe in Montreal right now, not even Theodore...Pierre Lacroix knows this, and is trying hard to swing a deal to obtain the netminder. Milan Hejduk could go the other way.

The Leafs are shopping for a defenseman, and when they are 100% healthy, they will have a lot to work with. The Leafs are currently on a 6-game winning streak, and that has been without Lindros, Allison, Antropov, Colaiacovo (partially), and Steen (partially). Wilm, Pohl and Czercawski have all played well enough to prove they can be solid NHLers, which means Toronto has a lot of decisions to make in the next 14 days. Gonchar, Witt and B.Jackman are names I've heard over the last 48 hours.

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