Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BIG things happening in Leaf Land

After taking a week to relax, do some boxing day shopping, and enjoy some great world junior games, I am back to normal and so is hockeyleaks. What better way to come back then with some huge leaf rumours, right?

Curtis Joseph will start Tuesday and Thursday for Toronto. This leads to speculation that Toskala could be dealt soon, and that is for good reason.

Late last week I was told from a good source that the Leafs and Blue Jackets were working on a deal that would send Pascal Leclaire to Toronto. These talks are still ongoing, and Brian Burke sees Leclaire as Toronto's possible goalie of the future. With the way Steve Mason has been playing, Leclaire is available.

As for Toskala, three teams are very interested in the goalie. Washington, Colorado and LA. Washington insists that any trade they make involves Theodore going the other way, but that would also mean the Leafs would get more value for Toskala, possibly a first round pick or a very good prospect. Colorado needs goaltending more than ever, while the Kings are currently up in the air with the debut of Jon Quick (the NHLs third star of last week).

Burke has always said he builds teams from the net out, so it makes much sense that his first move as General Manager would be to bring in a new backstop. While no deal is complete, I can say that he is actively discussing several possible deals involving goaltenders and will continue to do so.

Ron Wilson said this morning that he is giving Joseph two games to see if he can find his groove...I smell bullshit.

In other NHL news...

Mats Sundin has arrived in Vancouver. No word yet on when he will make his Canucks debut.

The Senators continue to shop for some help. The Jason Spezza rumours will not go away, while Jay Bowmeister to Ottawa rumours continue to fly.

The Wild continue to slip in the Western standings. The more desperate the Wild become, the cheaper Gaborik will be. Ignore the Gaborik to the Islanders rumours, it's not going to happen (see Eklund). Currently the team closest to landing the off-injured winger?: Pittsburgh.

The Flyers are trying to move Randy Jones.

The Montreal Canadians apparently have interest in Chicago's Martin Havlat, who is the healthiest he's been in a long time. Don't expect Chicago to make a deal until after their amazing win streak is over.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...

I've heard so many christmas lists done by journalists over the last week, from TSN to Sportsnets, from AM 640 XM Home Ice, everyone is doing it. I decided hey, why don't I try my own list, so here it goes. Here is what I think each team needs for Christmas.

Anaheim: Cap Space. Anaheim is likely more up-against the cap than any other NHL team. Yes, the Ducks would love to make a trade to bolster their team, but considering most of their salary goes to young players the Ducks don't want to move, the cap situation isn't likely to get any better.

Atlanta: Someone for Kovalchuk to play with. This guy is one of the best pure goal scorers in the league, but he's also Atlanta's only top player. Remember when Atlanta made the playoffs? It's not going to happen again until Atlanta brings in a guy who can compliment Ilya.

Boston: Patrice Bergeron. This guy has been great when in the lineup for Boston, but he looks to be out long-term once again due to a concussion. Get this guy a better helmet.

Buffalo: Daniel Briere, Chris Drury, Brian Campbell. Boy does Buffalo miss these three.

Calgary: A more consistant Kiprusoff. Ya, he leads the league in wins, but his numbers are awful.

Carolina: More team doctors. This team has dealt with injury after injury this season. Justin williams is back, and should help them get back into a playoff spot.

Chicago: Someone to take one of their goalies. Huet and Khabibulin are both playing great, but one has to be moved. The Hawks have talked about bringing in a top centre, like Spezza or Nylander, but can't do a thing until they can move one of their two over-priced goalies.

Colorado: No, I'm not going to be the millionth person to make a Joe Sakic, snowblower joke. Instead, I'm going to say this team needs Patrick Roy, because he's the only goalie that can save this team's season at this point.

Columbus: Steel Shoulder Pads. Brassard and Torres are both toast because of shoulder injuries. Better luck next year Columbus.

Dallas: Sean Avery. Just kidding...

Detroit: The cap to go up next year. No team, except maybe Montreal, will have a tougher off-season next year.

Edmonton: One goalie to step up. We've seen goalie after goalie get hot in Edmonton, only for them to burn up and die games later.

Florida: Roberto Luongo. Worst...Trade...Ever.

LA: Roberto Luongo. or any real goalie for that matter.

Minnesota: Gaborik. Ya, they have him, but he's played what, three games?

Montreal: See Detroit.

Nashville: To Move To Hamilton.

NJ: Martin Brodeur. Ya, "the replacements" have been good, but it's only a matter of time before things get rough in New Jersey.

NYI: Someone to take Rick Diepetro. 15 years? What were they thinking.

NYR: Mats Sundin. Missed him by that much....

Ottawa: A bomb. They need to blow things up and start all over.

Philly: To take more penalties. I'm serious. Carter, Richards and Gagne each have four short-handed goals.

Phoenix: Some defense. They really miss Ballard.

Pittsburgh: Ryan Whitney, who they get back tonight.

San Jose: Nothing. I honestly believe this team has everything they need.

St. Louis: To trade with Toronto more. Steen and Colaiacovo have been two of their best players since the trade. Also, less golf-cart accidents would be helpful.

Tampa Bay: Who knows, that organization is a mess. So I guess, new owners?

Toronto: To go back in time. Kaberle for Carter and a 1st? You force that to happen, any way possible. Same goes for Sundin to Montreal for Higgins, Grabovski and a 1st.

Vancouver: Mats Sundin. Ya, I know they got him, but did they get mid-season form Sundin, or the Sundin who didn't score in the Leafs final 18 games a few seasons ago?

Washington: Goaltending...aka someone to take Theodore off their hands.

Check Hockeyleaks.com and the Rumour Mill for all the latest. Happy Holidays everyone.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saturday, Feb. 21

That is the day Mats Sundin returns to Toronto. What a night that should be...if you can get tickets for this game, go...it will be a night to remember.

A lot of speculation floating around right now. One rumour says Mats was a Ranger until about two hours ago, when a trade they were working on with a Western team (I've heard Dallas and Columbus) fell through. They notified Mats that they would not be able to move the salary required until after the trade-freeze, and Mats told them thanks, but I'll go to Vancouver.

Vancouver now has something they've really been lacking...a leader. I'm already hearing that Luongo may give Mats the C, as it's better represented on Sundin than on Luongo, who just don't have enough push on the ice as the goaltender.

All along I've felt Vancouver was the best fit for Mats. They lack #1 centre, but have a great support staff, a solid defense, and the best goalie in the league (if healthy). Mats makes the Canucks a complete team.

In New York, Mats simply would have been one of the guys, with big names like Gomez and Drury already leading the way. In Vancouver, Mats is the guy, just like he's used to being.

A lot of pressure, but I'm one hockey journalist who believes Mats will live up to every second of it. Good luck in Vancouver Mats...even as a Leaf fan that feels betrayed by your lack of waiving-of-trade-clauses, I'm still rooting for you

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gaborik, and two annoying Swedes...

Mr. Gaborik will be back in game action tomorrow night for the Minnesota Wild. That makes this website owner (who picked him with his second round pick in a keeper pool) very happy. Let the Gaborik trade rumours begin.

Sundin is looking more and more like a New York Ranger by Friday. Sundin apparently is very close to making his decision, and when looking at Vancouver's travel schedule compared to New York's, it just makes sense for Mats to go to the Big Apple. It's going to be interesting to see how NYR fits Mats under the cap...

and finally, Forsberg once again is planning a trade-deadline return to the Colorado Avalanche. He wants to participate in the 2009 Playoffs, and with Colorado...Colorado will only get there if Raycroft and Budaj are no-longer their top goalies...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rumours, Rumours, Rumours

Hockeyleaks has been always best known for their rumours. Over the last six months, we've kind of gone away from that, focussing on opinion and news. Well my friends, I am happy to say that the rumours return starting today. My life has been very busy and I haven't had the time to research the latest rumours. I could have made ones up, or given out half-assed rumours (see Eklund), but that's just not who I am. I only post rumours that I am confident in, and while 99% of discussed deals do not go down, I can guarentee you that at least 80% of the rumours you read here have been discussed by NHL personel. The other 20% is the hearsay that is thrown around to throw us all off, and nobody can avoid that.

So check the rumour mill today, tomorrow, and every day after that, because the rumours are back!

The big rumour of the day? Sundin to NYR, Gomez to the Canucks. Check the rumour mill for exact details.

AND PLEASE, reply to each days rumours with your thoughts and comments. When I post rumours and nobody responds, it's discouraging! So let's step up and take back our place in the rumour world!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

McGratton Enters Substance Abuse Program

Former sen and current Coyote Brian McGratton has entered the NHL/NHLPA's substance abuse program. He will recieve full salary and benefits while he cooperates with the program.

Speaking of McGratton, his wild buddy Ray Emery is the leading vote-getter for the KHL All Star game, leading the league with a 1.96 GAA.

No Leaf game tonight, tonight is Saturday, right?

The Flyers destroyed the Pens 6-3 in afternoon action today. LA has a 1-0 lead over the Wild after 2 periods.

We're expecting to know whats up with Sundin on Tuesday or Wednesday. While Vancouver is the heavy favourite, the Rangers, Blackhawks and Habs are still in it. Sources also tell Hockeyleaks.com that Calgary is making a late stab at the Swedish centre.

Did anyone else wonder if Bill Watters stole the Blake for Avery story off of our forums? To see what else is going on at our forums, simply log on and join in the discussion.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sundin To Canucks (E5)

Ok I lied, he's not confirmed to be going anywhere, but today I am strongly hearing the Canucks are the current leaders. The Rangers would love to add this guy, and Sundin does like New York, but at this point it will be difficult for the Rangers to shed the cap space they need to bring him in. The Flyers, Sens and Habs remain in this, but are a reasonable distance back at this point.

Waddell has come out and said he won't be dealing Kovalchuk this season. While I actually believe he doesn't intend to, I am hearing a western conference team is preparing to make a big offer for him. That team? It could be Phoenix.

Sakic is out for three months, and the Avs are where they have been for the past few seasons: The Playoff Bubble. The Avs need to replace Joe, and need to solidify their goaltendingm, but here is the problem: They are low on assets. To get anything significant, a player like Wolski or Svatos will have to be moved, and that may be more dangerous than leaving the roster as-is.

Jon Sim is on waivers, nobody here expects anyone to claim him.

The Leafs apparently do have interest in Calgary's Cammalleri, a player who they tried to aquire last season when he was with the Kings. Obviously with Brian Burke's trade freeze, talks are on-going but nothing will happen until after Christmas.

Scremp is being showcased by the Oilers, they want to move this kid.

Huet's strong play is tempting the Hawks to move Khabibulin. Ottawa, Colorado and LA are the main players, but don;t count out Carolina, who has made contact with Chicago about the russian net-minder in the last week.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Sabres For Sale?

Rumours this morning have the Buffalo Sabres for sale. Anyone else see our buddy Jim buying this team and moving them a few towns over to Hamilton?

How about those Chicago Blackhawks? Currently sixth in the west, just two points behind fourth, with three games in hand on Vancouver and Anaheim. Home-ice advantage in the first round is realistic for this young team.

Speaking of homeice advantage, Calgary is in position to have it this year. Two reasons: Iginla and the rebounding Kirprusoff.

Sundin is expected to make a decision any day now (yes, we've all heard that before). Today's latest: Vancouver and Ottawa are the two front-runners, while the suddently struggling Rangers are also VERY in this.

Check Hockeyleaks.com for all the latest.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Most Disturbing Blog Ever


Who is letting this go on? "Danton's Corner"? Are you kidding me? Two of the biggest criminals in NHL history are now working together on a blog that I cannot help but read. What's next, a book? Actually, yes, they are both working on their seperate books...is anyone else excited to read about the "real" story of David Frost and the way he took advantage of young hockey players? Does Frost not remember that Danton is in jail because he hired someone to kill Frost?

I want to hear your thoughts on this blog, so please reply to this in the forums and let me know. Make sure you read Frost's attack on Toronto reporters, and how obnoxious this guy really is. Honestly, the fact that this blog is being read and is getting press is just wrong. The guy was wrongly aquitted, and now a week later he's milking it. He is planning on setting up a pay-to-view section of his blog...

Eklund, is that you?