Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Disaster That Is The NHLPA


The NHL players are getting organized in their efforts to oust NHLPA executive director Ted Saskin.

The Toronto Sun is reporting a petition is being circulated by NHL players demanding the resignation of Saskin.

"Fourteen teams do not support Ted and want him to resign," Chris Chelios told The Toronto Sun yesterday. "It's just a matter of time before we get the necessary signatures.

"The PA is operating in a climate of secrecy. We cannot get the answers to any of our questions. Players don't have access to information. One thing a union has to be is transparent."

This issue has been floating around for the past couple of weeks, and goes much deeper than this. I had a phone talk with Eklund about this major problem, and I've talked to several mainstream media people about this. This issue is a very big issue, and could cause a lot of problems. Worst Case Scenario : The current CBA could even be considered void due to things caused by Saskin/Daley. I doubt it would get to that point, but I can tell you that if this situation was where it is today, say...6 months ago, the media would be all over this. You can thank the NHL wanting to "market the playoff race" for this situation being kept hush-hush

Monday, March 27, 2006


- Lidstrom is likely to re-sign a very large contract with Detroit before this season is over

- Same goes with Wade Redden.

- The Leafs have apparently already told Lindros that he will be back next season if he'll take somewhere between 500 000 - 1 million. Pat Quinn is likely to "step down", and Paul Maurice is the front runner to replace him. Early whispers from sources close to Leaf management say that they are going to go hard after Curtis Joseph and Patrick Elias in the offseason.

- Ottawa is likely to let Chara go, and will replace him with someone like Mitchell or Kubina. Leafs are also said to be after Kubina.

- If Vancouver misses the playoffs, Marc Crawford will be fired. If Vancouver does make the playoffs, but goes out before the Conference Finals, Todd Bertuzzi is likely to be dealt


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Belfour Done For Season / Big Night Tonight

Ed Belfour has been placed on the long term IR, meaning his season is over. Leaf fans have no problem with this, as Telly has been playing much better than Belfour since he's taken over. a

A few HUGE games tonight in the NHL. We'll start with our game of the night : Toronto @ Montreal. Toronto sits three points back of Montreal for 9th, and four points back of Atlanta for 8th. Montreal and Toronto both have a game in hand on Atlanta. What does this mean? Well a Toronto win, and an Atlanta loss, would put Toronto one point back of Montreal, and two points back on Atlanta. Toronto would also have a game in hand on Atlanta, needing an overtime loss or a win to move into the 8th and final playoff spot. Toronto and Montreal also play again on Saturday.

Two other games to watch tonight, the first being New Jersey @ Atlanta. New Jersey is struggling and sits just three points up on 9th place Montreal, while Atlanta sits just two points behind New Jersey for 7th in the East. An Atlanta win would put distance between them and the looser between Toronto and Montreal, as well as shoot them into a tie with New Jersey for 6th place. A New Jersey (and a Tampa Bay loss) would put distance between them and Atlanta, and the loser between Toronto and Montreal, as well as put them ahead of Tampa bay for the 6th spot in the East. Tampa plays host to Washington tonight.

Finally, Vancouver visits Edmonton, in a game that means a lot. Vancouver took the first of three in a row betweeen these two just two nights ago. These teams currently sit in 7th (Vancouver) and 8th (Edmonton). A Vancouver win would put them tied with Anaheim for 6th, while an Edmonton win would give them 7th spot in the East, pushing Vancouver down to 7th. If Edmonton looses tonight, and San Jose wins, then Edmonton would be pushed into 9th place, with San Jose taking 8th. That being said, San Jose is playing a very hot Detroit team tonight. The thing to remember : San Jose has two games in hand on Edmonton, and three games in hand on Vancouver. My Prediction : San Jose boots one of these teams out within the next week.

P.J. Axellson has signed a new three year deal in Boston. A lot of GM's were not so happy with this news, as a lot of them were hoping to sign him this summer. Thats all for now. for all questions and comments.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Playoff Race

Tonight's Game Of The Night : Colorado @ Anaheim. This is a huge game for both teams, who both could still easily fall out of the playoff race completely. A Colorado win would put them at 84 points, which would tie them with Calgary for 3rd in the West. An Anaheim win would put them in a tie with Colorado for 5th in the West. No other games will impact much in the west tonight, as Dallas is way ahead of the playoff race, and Minnesota is too far behind to make an impact.

Four of the top 5 teams in the East are in action, as Buffalo plays host to Carolina, and the Rangers play host to Philly. A Philly win would put them in a tie with the Rangers for 3rd in the East. That being said, the Rangers have a game in hand. Washington visits Florida, where the Panthers need a win to get closer to the 8th playoff spot in the East. Florida sits 7 points behind Atlanta for the final playoff spot, and still has to pull ahead of NYI, Toronto and Montreal before they can worry about Atlanta. Atlanta and Florida will play each other two more times before the season ends.

Tomorrow's blog will be a must read as far as the playoffs are concerned, as there are several huge games tomorrow, especially in the East

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kings Make Coaching Change

The LA Kings have fired coach Andy Murray. The Kings have fallen to 8th in the West, with San Jose likely to pass them in the next week, as San Jose has three games in hand, and are only one point back. The Kings have hired new John Torchetti as interim head coach. This move doesn't surprise me. My prediction? Marc Crawford is next.

The battle in the East has gotten closer tonight, as Toronto and Atlanta both got victories, while Montreal lost in regulation. This puts Atlanta into 8th place, one point up on Montreal, and four points up on Toronto. Toronto sits three points back of Montreal, and play the Habs both Thursday and Saturday. Toronto and Montreal have both played one less game than Atlanta. The Islanders and Panthers are still in the playoff hunt in the East as well. New Jersey is falling fast as well, and sit only three points ahead of 9th place Montreal.

With things slowed down on the trade front, I will make sure to blog as much as I can about the playoff race. I will also have a game of the night for most tonight. Tonight's game of the night is Vancouver @ Edmonton. Edmonton is currently tied for 8th in the West, while Vancouver is tied for 9th. An Edmonton win would put them into 6th in the West, while a Vancouver win would push Edmonton/LA out of the playoffs, and put them in a tie with Anaheim for 6th. Don't forget, San Jose will make the playoffs, and currently sit 10th. Colorado just lost Tanguay for 2-4 weeks, and is still using Budaj as their #1 goalie. This will cause them to slip in the standings, and they're not guarenteed a playoff spot. They sit just four points ahead of 9th place Vancouver and San Jose.

Currently Vancouver leads Edmonton 2-1 in the 2nd period. for all the latest, make sure to read all our columns, as they've really taken off, and we have new articles each day by at least one or two of our writers! Everyone has been great. for all emails!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hockeyleaks News and Notes

This morning I woke up and decided, "Hockeyleaks needs a change". At first, I thought about re-designing the entire site, but frankly, I don't have design skills, and I would make the site very ugly. So I did what I do best, and thats change the site slightly. Now, when you go to, you will notice that where the fantasy standings were before, is now a linked list of all our columnists, making it easier for you to read all of our articles (which I suggest you do, we have some very talented people at Hockeyleaks). Also added today is the much anticipated "Free Agent Tracker 06'". A big thank you to Cdog for this page, as he worked very hard to make sure it was perfect! On this page, you will see a complete list of every teams group II and group III free agents. This is sure to be one of the most popular pages as we head into the offseason, which in case you didn't know, is my favourite (and busiest!) time of year.

So thats what I've added today, tomorrow, you will find brand new Power Rankings! Also, here at hockeyleaks we are always looking to add to our staff. Currently, I would really like to add a whole slew of new forum moderators, one per NHL team forum! If you would like to mod one of the team forums, please email me and we can work something out. I am also looking for a new fantasy writer, who would be in charge of writing a fantasy column (example would be a Hot and Cold list) every week or two. Finally, we're always looking for more columnists, so please, if you are interested in any of those three positions please contact me at

Some NHL notes? Well, the rumour mill is still updated daily, so check that out for all your latest NHL rumours, including off season rumours, and what didn't happen at the deadline. Also, Ed Belfour will miss at least the next week with a back problem, Tellqvist will likely play tonight and Saturday, with Aubin maybe playing on Sunday against Pittsburgh. there now!

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Crystal Ball

Here are my predictions on who will finish where at the end of the season


1. Ottawa
2. Carolina
3. Philadelphia
4. New York Rangers
5. Buffalo Sabres
6. New Jersey Devils
7. Montreal Canadiens
8. Toronto Maple Leafs
9. Atlanta Thrashers
10. Tampa Bay Lightning
11. Florida Panthers
12. New York Islanders
13. Boston Bruins
14. Washington Capitals
15. Pittsburgh Penguins


1. Detroit Red Wings
2. Dallas Stars
3. Calgary Flames
4. Nashville Predators
5. Colorado Avalanche
6. Vancouver Canucks
7. Anaheim Mighty Ducks
8. San Jose Sharks
9. LA Kings
10. Edmonton Oilers
11. Minnesota Wild
12. Phoenix Coyotes
13. Columbus Blue Jackets
14. St. Louis Blues
15. Chicago Blackhawks

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Trades That Almost Happened

Well now that things have a calmed down a little, here are a few deals that I am hearing ALMOST happened on Thursday.

- St. Louis to Chicago for Khabibulin. Chicago apparently wanted Brad Richards instead

-Tucker to Edmonton. I've heard two stories. Leafs were offered Torres and either Cogliano or Syvret, but JFJ would not move Tucker. The other story I heard was Toronto wanted Torres for Tucker, and Lowe wouldn't give up Torres.

- Bertuzzi to Montreal. Apparently it was much closer than anyone thought

- Rechhi to Flyers. Pittsburgh wanted a solid prospect from Philly, and they wouldn't budge.

- McAmmond to Edmonton. They submitted the trade a few minutes late. IT was done and agreed to, just never got league approval.


I'm still looking for more. The Free Agent 2006 page is ready to go, but I'm waiting a few days to put it up, let the dust settle for a few more days! And I did an hour special on this week's Blueline Radio Show, so check it out here

make sure to check out their website, it's great I really appreciate the partnership we have with them. They give us a lot of publicity through their show, and I really enjoy being on the show. I'll be on again as soon as the playoffs get a little closer, so there is something to look forward to! Also, our Columns section is about to get a serious makeover, so if your interested in writing for us, this is the time to email me!! Have a good Sunday everyone

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Theodore To Colorado

It's been rumoured all year, and now it's done.

Trade Deadline '06

Today so far

Roloson to Edmonton for a first round pick as well as a conditional pick if Rolo is resigned

Czercawski claimed off Waivers by Boston. Turner Stevenson and Mike Morrison are currently on waivers. Expect Morrison to be claimed

Sharks get Niemenen from the Rangers (could Tkachuk be on his way to NYR?) for a third round pick

Leafs get Luke Richardson for a 5th round pick and a conditional 4th round pick.

Lots more to come over the next 24 hours, expect things to come in like crazy now, as Roloson was the only one of these moves expected, the big players like Pittsburgh, Washington, Phoenix and Chicago haven't even got started yet. For all the latest trade info please go to

Hockeyleaks' full trade deadline coverage starts at 10 AM EST tomorrow, where I'll be in live chat throughout parts of the day, as well as breaking all the latest trades and rumours on the forums and chat. The day will wrap up tomorrow night with an exclusive radio broadcast between myself and Millian from Blueline Radio to discuss all of the days action. It could be a busy day, I hope to see all of you here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

4 Days And Counting + Chat Information

Well, there is only four days left before the big deadline looms. Have I mentioned that we will have the best online trade deadline coverage? We'll have guys set up all over North America, giving us the latest trade rumours, as well as the trades as they happen. Hockeyleaks' coverage will start at 10 AM Est, and will go right through until 4 or 5 EST. I hope to set up a wrap up radio show with Blueline to finish the day off. I will be on the forums and chat for most of the day, and the site will be updated as things happen. I've almost finish the Deadline page, it will be your source too all the days deals, and my thoughts on them.

Rumours? Sure, why not! Savard to Calgary for Leopold is still very much in the workds. McCabe to Carolina talks are coming back as well, and with Cole's injury, I heard a rumour that Tucker, Antropov and O'Neil have also entered those talks. Speaking of the Leafs, Belfour and Sundin may not be Leafs by Friday. Both are unhappy in Toronto, and may welcome a chance at a cup this season. Toronto is also looking at Morris, Mara, Gautier and Comrie from Phoenix. If Belfour was moved, could Joseph be added to that list?

Jim Dowd is a popular name today. The Devils and Lightning apparently would both love to land the forward from Chicago. Calder and Cullimore could be Habs soon, while the Leafs are still pressing for Arnason.

Curtis Joseph may end up staying in Phoenix, while I'm hearing today that the Oilers were never interested in the first place. Roloson is likely the first goalie to be moved, we could see that Monday or Tuesday. Vancouver is looking at him, while also trying to get one of Kuba and Mitchell as well. Weinrich and Jackman out of St. Louis are two other targets of Vancouver.

Bertuzzi rumours won't go away. The Flyers and Habs are the two teams I've heard, as well as the Ducks. Anaheim rumours have been quiet, but I expect them to make a move or two by the end of Thursday.

Chat tonight at 10:30 PM EST, be there! And if you would like to get your add on, or would like to be one of our affiliates please give me an email! Finally, don't forget to register for our new forums for all the latest information. I can't wait until Thursday...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Flames/Thrashers Nearing Deal?

A good source is telling me that the Flames and Thrashers are closing in on a deal that would send Leopold to Atlanta for Marc Savard. There would be other players and picks involved, and there is still plenty of time for this deal to fall through, but apparently Atlanta is the front-runner to land Leopold.

I just bought a pay-version of the chat room, so now we have a better chat. It's still not AMAZING, but I now have a lot more control over the chat, which will hopefully make it more enjoyable. I am hoping to be in the chat room at 12 am EST/ 9 PM PST tonight, so try and be there, I will be answering any questions you have, as well as updating you on the latest rumours I have! Enjoy your night, and I'll see you in the chat!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Minor Trade...

To Anaheim: Jani Hurme
To Atlanta: Joel Stepp

One week til the madness really begins!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chat tonight at 10:30 EST

Chat tonight at 10:30 EST to discuss the latest moves and rumours. You may notice there are no links to the chat on the main page, so here is the link!

Make sure you are there, I will be answering questions, and talking to you about the latest. Leopold or Mara to Toronto? Giguere to Montreal? Doan to the Flyers? Check the chat tonight to find out whats going on!