Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cap Report + Waiver Action

Jeff Hamilton has been placed on waivers by the Carolina Hurricanes. $800,000 for a guy who put up 39 points last season, and still only 30, I have to think someone picks him up...

Maxim Kondratiev is on waivers as well, you may remember him as being a large part of the Brian Leetch to Toronto trade.

As I looked over Cap numbers this morning, I was shocked to see how well prepared some teams are for the trade deadline.

First of all, I was looking at cap numbers because of our good friend Eklund, who has posted a rumour of the Leafs shipping Raycroft, Antropov and McCabe to a Western Team. This coming on the same day where I was tipped off that San Jose has great interest in McCabe. I check the numbers, and am shocked to learn the Sharks have over 10 million in available cap room. Antropov would fit in great with the Sharks, while McCabe would be the big shot from the point San Jose has been looking at for years (you will remember last year how much they pursued Souray). As for Raycroft, he would add a little insurance in case Iron Man Evgeni went down.

Looking at the top ten in each conference, I found a few other teams very well prepared for the upcoming trade season.

Detroit - Over five million dollars available to go out and get a top line forward and a top four defenseman, which is the two things they are looking for. That shouldnt be hard to do, when you figure one of Franzen or Filpula will be part of the forward deal, each earning almost a million dollars per.

Columbus - Not sure if they are going to make a push for the playoffs, but if they decide to upgrade their roster, they will have 10 million to spend. They may also get even more cap space if Federov or Foote are traded like some rumours are speculating.

Colorado - I was surprised to see that they had four million to still spend, and they may very well spend it if they think they can go out and get someone that will give them that extra push. This team didnt spend large on Hannon and Smyth to not make the playoffs...Ray Emery is one name I'm hearing loudly this morning.

Minnesota - They also have four million to spend, and they will spend it. Their division is the tighest in hockey, and they have every intention of winning it. Look for them to add some more offense as the deadline approaches.

Phoenix - The currently hold the 8th and final spot in the west, and are very dangerous with 12 million to spend. They'd like to add both a top defenseman and a top forward, but are not willing to give up too much to do so. Toronto fans, this is another team where salaries could possibly be dumped. I'm hearing Kubina is very high on Phoenix's list of available d-men.

Rounding out the west, Calgary, Vancouver and Dallas all have between 2.5 - 4 million to spend, and I'd be shocked if all three didnt make a significant move between now and Feb 26th...Finally in the West, Nashville has 16 million to spend, and if they feel they can make a move to help them make the playoffs this season, they wont be afraid to pull the trigger

Atlanta - Despite having big stars like Kovalchuk, Hossa and Kozlov, the Thrashers have almost seven million to spend! I see Atlanta going out and spending to make their team better, improving all three positions. They will look to add depth at forward and in goal, while a top defenseman is something the Thrashers really feel they need to get to the next level.

Boston - With between 4 and 5 million to spend, Boston will also be looking to make some moves to make sure they don't lose their spot in the post-season (currently seventh). The team will likely focus on their offense, and add one or two solid forwards between now and the deadline.

Buffalo - With almost six million to spend, the Sabres will be lookig to improve their club. Don't look for a quick fix, however, as Buffalo will be looking for players that still have several years remaining on their contracts. Jokinen is one player they want badly.

Carolina - Four million to spend, and they are likely to spend it. They really want to improve their blueline, and I'd be shocked if they didnt get a blueliner from LA. Stuart or Preissing, if not both.

Florida - 5 million to spend, talk around the league is very mixed when it comes to the Panthers. Martin is close to losing his job, and many believe that if he's still around by the deadlie, he will wheel and deal and do his best to save his job by making the playoffs. They need help up front, though with all these Jokinen rumours it's hard to really tell what direction the Panthers will go in.

Montreal - One of the hottest teams in hockey, and they still have over four million to spend. They are searching for a top centre, and have been for as long as I can remember. Jokinen is one player they'd love to have, while Federov is another name that won't go away.

New Jersey - With just over three million to spend, I look for them to improve their offense. With that said, I don't expect New Jersey to give up much youth at all, and I feel New Jersey will have a quiet trade season...

NYI - The Islanders are very interesting, as they have over seven million to spend. Currently sitting 8th, I don't expect them to make any short team fix deals, only deals that help them now and longterm. The Islanders don't want to make the same mistake they made last season (ie Smyth).

NYR - The Rangers have 2.5 to spend, and they'll spend every penny. Defense is likely where they will focus. Rob Blake to NYR is still very hot.

Ottawa - At three million to spend, the Sens badly need offensive depth. With that said, rumours of Redden and Emery being moved won't go away. The Sens could be one of the most interesting deadline teams, something we're not used to seeing (ie Tyler Arnason)

Philly - They have no cap space, so any move would have to be done very creatively.

Pittsburgh - As far as cap room in the east goes for contenders, look no further than the Pittsburgh Penguins. 10 million to spend, and you'd have to think they won't be afraid to spend it. The Penguins are playing great hockey, and have to be serious contenders at this point. Look for them to add some defense prior to the deadline, as well as a little more offensive depth.

Washington - If the Caps can ever climb into the third spot in the East, they could be very dangerous. With 14 million to spend, if Washington finds themselves securely in the playoffs by the 26th of the February, they could become very active on buying market. They told Ovechkin they'd start spending when they signed him to his 13 year deal, nobody expected it to be this soon, however.

With 27 days left before the deadline, the action could start anytime. For teams like Toronto, Philly, and Anaheim, the time is now to start making moves, and freeing up cap room for the stretch run.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Selanne is a duck, signed, sealed, delivered....

one year deal, no terms out yet. The Ducks get more dangerous by the second

Less Than A Month

The Deadline is FAST approaching, how exciting is that! The NHL is the greatest league in the world, and the trade deadline is one of my favourite days of the year. Christmas, New Years, even my birthday are not always exciting as NHL Trade Deadline day. I love hosting deadline here, I always gather a few friends around me, and we work our butts off to bring you the best coverage on the internet. This is our third year, and for those who have been with us from the beginning i can promise you this will be our best year yet. Our tracker is always the fastest, while our chat room (which will be returning soon) is always a great place to be!

Fletcher is ready to start analyzing his team, and things could start to happen this week. As I said in the mail bag ('s newest feature, check it out), I believe Raycroft will be the first to go. After him, it's anyones guess.

This week will be large, as not only is Sundin meeting with the Leafs about a move, but Buffalo will be talking to Campbell, and Atlanta will be talking to Hossa. This is the first real week of the deadline, as teams will have to start thinking and making decisions.

Is anyone out there a web designer? We would love to give a post-deadline face lift, and we're looking for help.

Also, you may have noticed me promoting Versus last week, with a banner on the main page and a video on the blog. I did this for two reasons: a) I think it's important to promote Versus, as American ratings are very important to the NHL's health, and b) they promised me a thank you package including hats, jerseys, mugs and more. If I get this package, you can expect some of you to recieve some of the goods through continues to grow, the more things I will be able to provide you with.

Please check out the mail bag, and please email me your questions for next week's installment. The mail bag will be published every Monday.

Thats all for now, check for the latest news, rumours, and everything else NHL related. The forums are also a great place to chat, so if your not a member please sign up and join in the fun. The forums will soon have exclusive contests so don't miss out!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

All-Star Game Starts Now

The game is about to begin, make sure to tune in! CBC in Canada, Versus in the USA.

Hopefully the game is more exciting than the breakaway challenge was last night.

I'm predicting an East victory...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 All-Star Video From Versus!

Video is provided to us from our good friends at Versus.

Personally, I am very excited about this weekends all-star festivities. For the first time ever, we will see the shootout competition, which I am absolutely excited for. Basketball fans know how much fun the Slam Dunk Competition is to watch, and the NHL's version of it should do much better and be much more exciting.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the upcoming All-Star weekend, so drop me and email and I will post some of the best responses. Make sure to check out the versus video, it's a good way to get you excited for what should be a great weekend.

Jokinen Trade Watch : Year Three

As Hockeyleaks heads into our third deadline, Olli Jokinen will once again be on our trade watch. Every year I've heard strong rumours of the Fin being traded, and this year is no different.

I heard Buffalo had a strong interest last week, though Floria's asking price was too high for the Sabres at this point. Enter Minnesota, who apparently is more than willing to pay the price. These are the first two teams to show serious interest in the forward, but they won't be the last two. If Jokinen is in fact on the market, up to ten teams will have serious interest in him. He's attractive because he's not just a rental, but a player you can build around for the next several years. A team like Phoenix or Nashville would love to get this guy.

I've been told that Cliff Fletcher is going to use the home and home with Washington as a real judging factor. He'll then sit back over the all-star break, and could start making moves as of next week. I know he said two weeks, but do not be surprised if he starts swinging deals earlier. I think we're all expecting to see Raycroft hit waivers at one point or the other...though with that said, I've heard that the Leafs may package him with another player to get him out of the organization and out of their hands.

So far, so good for Forsberg. Philly still leads the way, with Colorado and Detroit still very in this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catching Up On Today's Big Stories

I'll save the Leafs till last...

We'll start in Pittsburgh where we learned Crosby will miss the next 6-8 weeks with a high ankle sprain. This is a huge blow to the Penguins, who are still right in the mix for fighting for their playoff lives. Penguins management will surely be looking to swing a deal to help their depth going forward.

Staying with the Penguins, Malkin is off to the all-star game, replacing the injured Crosby. I think Malkin is a good choice, as he's playing the best hockey of his young career right now.

In Phoenix, Ilya Bryzgalov signed a three year, 12.75 million dollar extension. Phoenix has secured their most important piece right now, and will be a good team for at least the next four seasons.

How about Niklas Backstrom, my choice right now for rookie of the year. Kane got off to a great start, but has really slowed down in 2008. Backstrom is on absolute fire, and doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon. Ovechkin, Semin and Backstrom are going to make Washington very strong for many years.

Finally, John Ferguson Jr. was fired as the GM of the Maple Leafs today. Cliff Fletcher will finish the season as GM, and will be replaced in the offseason by an experienced hockey guy, my guess being Jim Rutherford. Paul Maurice will remain coach of the Leafs for the remainder of the season, and will be assessed by the next General Manager, who is likely to bring in his own coach (or if it's Rutherford, Maurice could be his choice).

Fletchers job will be to come in and attempt to clean up the mess left by John Ferguson Jr. Early impressions are varied. Some believe the only move Fletcher will make will be the one involving Sundin that most of us in the industry believe is coming. I, on the other hand, feel that Fletcher is ready to make several moves, freeing up roster space and salary cap room for the man who replaces him. Kubina, Tucker, Sundin, Raycroft, Blake, Ponikarovsky, and more are available and will be moved if they can be. Antropov and Kaberle are left off that list for the reason that I believe they are important pieces for the Leafs moving forward. I believe the Leafs will do what the Flyers did last year, and that is sell off for prospects and picks, and use the summer to add neccessary pieces to build a contender. Stock up on young players, bring Sundin back, and sign two or three good players and the Leafs are now a solid contender who have tons of potential as well as potential to grow. The Leafs have players like Kaberle, Toskala and Steen already in place, it's time to get even younger in Toronto.

I want to hear your thoughts, so please email me at with your reaction to today's announcement. I'd also love to hear your ideas on what the Leafs should do.

Check and the forums for all the latest.

Confirmed: Ferguson Fired

I can confirm the Cliff Fletcher will be taking over as the Maple Leafs interm GM as of today. Sources say Paul Maurice will remain as coach for the time being. Reports have a press conference being held at 1 pm.

I will report on the PC as well as add my thoughts later today. With all this action, site updates will be delayed until mid-day.

Toronto, Today Is The Day

The board met yesterday, the decision comes today.

While nothing is for certain, all signs point to John Ferguson Jr. being fired today.

I'm hearing Cliff Fletcher comes in a role which would allow him to hire the next GM, and would give him total power to make trades/roster moves, something JFJ never had...

More To Follow

Sunday, January 20, 2008

These Are Crazy Times

There are crazy rumours flying around right now.

First, the Ottawa Sun reports that Dallas could deal Marty Turco to Tampa for Martin St. Louis. This is very interesting, as Mike Smith has played very well for Dallas this season, while St. Louis is really starting to pick up. Tampa Bay is already looking at next season, and they know that they need a goalie to compete.

JFJ is still said to be gone by the end of the week, with Cliff Fletcher likely to replace him. Sundin apparently wants to go to Vancouver if he had his choice, however, the Leafs asking price would likely include Edler, a player Vancouver does not want to give up. Look for Kesler to be part of the that deal. Calgary and Anaheim are two teams also strongly interested in Mats.

The Tanguay for Ryder rumours are still very strong, and Ive heard from several sources that both are expected to be moved by the deadline. It's interesting that these two teams are looking to trade two of their biggest stars despite the success both teams are having.

The Kings are shopping Blake, Modry, Stuart and Nagy. We all know how much defenseman are worth in the NHL, meaning the Kings are in great position. The Kings are one of the best teams in the NHL five years from now.

And finally, I'm getting a little sick of the way a division winner gets automatic top three. Currently we have Carolina and Atlanta battling it out for third, while the loser gets 10th. Whoever finishes 9th this year is not going to be happy.

Please send me your emails with questions about trades, the NHL or the site in general. I really want to get a mail bag feature started. Also, if anyone is interested in writing weekly power rankings, we're still looking for someone.

Enjoy your Sunday, and the early NHL games...oh ya, there's some good football on two...enjoy your super sunday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leafs Talking To Phoenix

Sportsnet is saying that the Leafs have asked for permission to speak with Fletcher. This makes me think that the Cliff Fletcher to Toronto talk is still on, despite the quietness of it today. Stay tuned, this still has plenty of time to get interesting

Its That Time Of Year

First of all, I want to say thank you to all our Hockeyleaks readers. December was a tough month for us here, and we had dipped to around 5000 hits per day. I've worked really hard the last two weeks to keep the site updated and keep you all informed, and today I can say we're back up to over 30 000 hits per day, which makes me happy. Those numbers will only go up as the trade deadline approaches.

The more people I talk to today, the more I strongly believe that Marian Hossa will not be a Thrasher after the Feb. 26 deadline. Yes, the Thrashers are currently in the playoffs, but they also know how valuable Hossa is. Hossa does not plan on staying with the Thrashers beyond this season, and the Thrashers know this. Detroit is very interested in him, and is way ahead of the rest right now. Pittsburgh and San Jose also both have moderate interest at this point.

A source in Buffalo tells me that the Sabres have strong interest in bringing back JP Dumont back, longterm. This is a guy they really never wanted to lose, and now that they have the cap room, they are very interested in bringing him back.

All quiet on the Leafs' front today, what a difference a win makes. The fans chanted "fire ferguson" last night, despite the fact that the Leafs led for most of the game. The fans want change, the media wants change, and this isn't a situation that is going to go away after one win. With that said, no news on Fletcher is bad news, as today is a firm deadline on him coming in as interm GM from what I understand.

Cory Wilkins and Adam Forsyth both have great new articles up on, please check them out. We are really trying to have more articles for you guys to read, so if you are interested in writing for us, drop me an email at Also, the fantasy section has been updated so check that out. It will be updated every Wednesday from now on. I'm still looking for a weekly power rankings writer...if interested please email me!

Thats all for now, more later if something breaks. For the latest check the forums

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Latest On The Leafs...again

I feel like a broken record talking about Toronto, but they really are the big story right now. Here is the latest...

Cliff Fletcher has been approached about taking over the GM duties on an interm basis. Fletcher has not commented on this, but talk around the league has him not wanting the job on an interm basis. The Leafs are searching for an interm GM, not a replacement.

The Leafs are looking at four people in the offseason: Brian Burke, Jim Rutherford, Scotty Bowman and Ken Holland. Three of the four will be difficult and could cost the Leafs a lot of cash (not important) and possibly draft picks. Bowman is the odd man out, who wouldn't cost the Leafs like the others would, but also wouldn't bring in the same experience (remember bowman has most of his success as a coach, while the others have built Cup Champs as GMs).

There are some other names being thrown around as far as interm GMs go, such as Doug Armstrong, Glen Healey and Colin Campbell, but these three are unlikely. Doug Gilmour is a name i'd keep an eye on, as he may not be the best candidate, but he may put enough of a PR spin on this to get the Leafs through the regular season and into what could be the most important off-season the Leafs have had in a very long time.

Speaking of PR spins, Scott Bowman has been doing a lot of PR work this week. First, he comes on HNIC and says how he wanted the Leafs job and was turned down. Then he goes to Detroit and tells their papers that he's not leaving Detroit, which is telling Toronto that "they can't have me". Bowman wants the Leaf's job, he's doing all this publicity for a reason. If he's offered the GM job tomorrow, I think he takes it.

Fletcher, Bowman, Gilmour, Armstrong, Healey, Holland, Burke, Rutherford. The list is very long, hopefully we learn more sooner rather than later so we can all focus back on the trade front and not the front office. The trade deadline is 43 days away, things around the league are just about to heat up.

Joseph To Flames

Just got the word, the deal is done. As reported on's rumour mill this morning, Curtis Joseph was likely to the Flames today, and now I can confirm he has signed a one year deal with the Flames, no dollar amount confirmed yet.

More To Come Later

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leafs Talking To Columbus

The Latest Leaf Rumour involves the Leafs making a trade with Columbus. At this point I've heard Kubina to the Blue Jackets in a deal that would involve Adam Foote coming to Toronto. The deal is much bigger than just these two players, and is still in the very early stages, but it is being discussed. As for the Leafs tonight, it looks 99% sure that Toskala will be in net for the stuggling Leafs. A loss tonight would really get the ball moving in the Toronto front office.

Curtis Joseph is likely to San Jose, with Calgary in second. I'm hearing Carolina still is very much in this.

Chicago will pull off a trade to bring a veteran d-man on Monday according to a close source. I'm working on who this d-man is.

Enjoy your Saturday night, there is some good hockey tonight.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ferguson On His Way Out

I've been working on this for the last few hours, and according to two seperate sources I've talked to, John Ferguson Jr will be fired as the GM of the Maple Leafs. The question everyone is still trying to figure out is when. From what I have heard, the Leafs have every intention of letting go of Ferguson soon, but would like to have a replacement General Manager before they do so. MLSE understands how important this trade deadline is to the Maple Leafs, with Sundin and Kaberle being two very moveable pieces at this point. A few rumblings have Scotty Bowman being contacted, but at this time I can tell you that between now and the end of the month, it's almost a sure thing that the Leafs will have someone new filling the GM's job.

More information as it comes in

Here We Go Toronto

It has begun Toronto. After last nights terrible loss to the LA Kings, changes are finally happening in Toronto. First, the team has claimed forward Domiminic Moore off of waivers. Moore has 3 points in 30 games, so this move really doesn't make any sense to me...but we will see if there is something to follow this. Move #2 is the calling up of Jusin Pogge...does this mean Raycroft is on his way out, or are the Leafs simply going to give the kid a chance to show what he can do. I hardly believe they are going to play Pogge over Toskala, as Toskala is just back from injury and hasn't had a team in front of him since to show that he is a capable #1 goalie, something he was really showing before he got hurt against Montreal last month. Today is an interesting one in Toronto, it should be fun to watch. That being said, I wouldn't expect the Leafs to pull the trigger on a trade until they return home from California.

Curtis Joseph will play in the NHL this season, either for Calgary or San crazy is that? You would have thought his final two would involve Pittsburgh, LA or Tampa, not two teams that have All-Star goalies, but in fact, this is the case. That being said, good for Curtis, I hope he gets a good chance to win a cup this season.

Check out the Articles section for a good look at the OHL's tradedeadline by TJ Hurst.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ovechkin Update

The numbers I had earlier were wrong, actual contract is 13 years / 124 million. Thats just over 9.5 million per season. Ovechkin will not be leaving washington any time soon.

Remember to check out our fantasy section at for the latest fantasy report.

Introducing Frank Pitkewicz

I want to announce that Frank Pitkewicz is our newest writer at Every Wednesday he will provide us with a weekly Fantasy Report, taking a look at who's hot and who's not in the NHL. I want to thank Frank for joining the team, I look forward to reading his reports each week. Remember, we are always looking for help with the site, so if your interested please email me at

TSN is saying the Ovechkin deal is not done, but RDS is, and a few sources I've talked to have told me the deal is complete. I'll let you know if anything changes....

Ovechkin Signs

6 years / 54 million dollars. Thats 9 million a season, great deal for both sides.

We have a new fantasy writer, I will introduce him and his first fantasy report later tonight.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Latest On Sundin and Federov

There is talk today that Colorado could be where Sundin ends up. Sundin has only played for two organizations during his career, and has always said he'd like to keep it that way. Returning to the organization to which he started is a huge option for the Swede. The Leafs have liked both Liles and Svatos for a long time, this could be their chance to land both, plus more.

The Red Wings also like Sundin, and both team like Forsberg, but if they fail to get either of them, Federov could be making his return to the Red and White. Federov has struggled since leaving Detroit, and Ken Holland is said to be willing to give the Russian a chance to rebound.

Check for the latest news and rumours.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Eklund On Crazy Pills?

his latest rumour...

Breaking Rumour...Ovechkin to the Preds. (e3)
Today @ 2:00 PM ET | Comments (24)

Just got inundated with this one...
Nashville would send 2 #1's, Dumont, Zidlicky and Suter (possibly Weber depending on who you talk to ) to Washington for Ovechkin and Kolzig?


Of all teams for Ovechkin to go to, Nashville is not one of them. If Eklund somehow gets this one right, I will put my foot in my mouth, but I think my mouth is pretty safe on this one...

Carolina Claims Samsonov

The Carolina Hurricanes have claimed winger Sergei Samsonov off re-entry waivers from the chicago blackhawks. This is a great move by Carolina, as they are in need of a boost. Samsonov comes free via waivers, and thanks to the re-entry factor, they are going to pay him less than a million dollars to play 38 games plus playoffs for them. Very little risk here, but there could be a lot of reward. Great move by the Hurricanes. I'm hearing he will play tonight against one of his former teams, Boston.

A lot of talk about where Rob Blake will go, as at this point it's a sure thing that he will be traded. Carolina is one team I'm hearing loudly, while the Rangers are another. It looks like he will end up in the East, and will only be a rental player, with everyone expecting him back in LA for 08-09.

Sergei Federov to Montreal is heating up again.

For more check and our forums

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Great Game Alert!

If your not watching Canada vs. Sweden, shame on you! 2-1 Canada leads in the third, 7:30 to go!

Hockeyleaks has been updated, rumours and main page! Still looking for a new fantasy writer, a power rankings writer, and anyone else who wants to help out!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Finally, back up and running

After a stressful week of ftp errors, we are back online and updated! Daily updates resume as of today, and it's about time.

With less than two months to the trade deadline, make sure to keep on your list of daily sites to make sure you are up to date with latest news and rumours from the NHL.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Goalies In The News

First i want to apologize for the site not being updated, the HTML is written I am just having serious ftp issues, i have contacted our host and hope to have things up and running ASAP.

The Canes have placed John Grahame on waivers, which I am strongly hearing is setting up for Curtis Joseph to come and back up Cam Ward.

In Toronto, Scott Clemmenson is back in net tonight, Raycroft once again will ride the pine. Raycroft should hit waivers this weekend.

I'm still looking for people to help with the site, so if your interested please email me at

Thanks, and check the site later for updates and rumours

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Samsonov On Re-Entry Waivers

Someone will claim him, there is no chance he will go unclaimed (well there always is, but I'm hearing strongly someone will pick him up).

Site updates hopefully will return today, time to bring back and better than ever. For this to fully happen, I'm looking for more writers, a new fantasy writer and someone to do a weekly power rankings for the site. If your interested please contact me at