Sunday, April 29, 2007

Best Ice?

Forum member RJD today posted a story where MSG was voted by the league's players and officials as having the best ice...I wonder how many of them are changing their votes after today's game?

What a game this has been, you have to give the Rangers credit, they are playing great today. Give equal credit to Ryan Miller, he's really kept the Sabres in this. If your not watching this game, switch it on right now. 1-1 in the first overtime. It's broadcast on NBC, which means 99% of you are getting todays game.

A few days ago I talked about deadline deals and how Avery was the best so far. I made a mistake, and usually I am corrected by several emails when I make a mistake, but nobody caught this one. Avery was the 2nd best deadline deal, but the best by far is Buffalo's move to get Zubrus. The Sabres are not as dominant offensively without this guy.

In my hockeypool I have with some friends and co-workers I picked five sabres: Connolly, Briere, Drury, Afiniganov and Vanek. I had Campbell over Connolly but I changed it, and I knew I shouldn't have took Maxim, he's once again vanished come playoff time. That being said, Zubrus would have been a great choice on my part. If Buffalo loses Drury and/or Briere, I suggest they make sure to keep Zubrus, he's playing amazing in Buffalo and is a for-sure keeper.

6 points in 7 games coming into today's came, he's been a great pick-up for Buffalo.

Finally, Scott Gomez leads the playoffs in scoring on a offensively challenged New Jersey Devils team. In my opinion, he's the best UFA available come July 1st.

Enjoy this game, Double Overtime's up next.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I want to send a quick thank you to all of my readers today. A few days ago I posted two emails I had sent to me, one was a very positive email and one wasn't so positive. In the past few days I have recieved about twenty-five emails praising the site and I really appreciate it. I've said it many times that I started this blog as a way for people I personally knew to be kept in the loop, and to see the level it's grown is amazing. The Blog is almost at two million hits, had 10.1 million hits in 2006, and 2007 is looking even better as we're already at almost 6 million hits in just the first four months. You guys are what makes me want to improve this site, and I promise you that as we move on things will always improve.

I said before I am planning a UFA preview to be released before the playoffs end, here are a few players and where I see them going.

Drury - I've always heard he's #1 on Philly's list, but things may have changed. Drury wants to go West apparently, I know Calgary will make a strong pitch for him. There have also been some rumblings that Colorado may have interest in him, but who knows if Drury would go back to the franchise that drafted him.

Scott Gomez - While New Jersey would love to keep him, but he'd love to go to a more offensive minded team. Latest has the Islanders very interested, especially if they lose Ryan Smyth (I'm hearing Calgary and Vancouver will be fighting over him, Toronto will make a pitch as will the Rangers). I'd expect Gomez to stay in the East.

Ruslan Fedetenko - Red Wings REALLY want this guy, and I dont see him staying in Tampa.

JS Giguere - He's leaving the Ducks it appears, unless something changes. Detroit would love to have him if they can find a way to afford him. Babcock will make Holland persue this to the end.

Dom Hasek - Tampa Bay is the latest I'm hearing. He's the best goalie they can get for a half-decent price. If Detroit replaces him, I expect Dom to return to the East.

Niklas Backstrom - Minnesota would love to hang on to this guy, and I expect him to stay and Fernandez to go. If he leaves, Tampa, Florida and Detroit are the three teams to watch.

Curtis Joseph - Would love to return to Toronto. If they don't want him, Phoenix is likely, Edmonton isn't out of the question either.

Sheldon Souray - Likely to leave Montreal. Anaheim, San Jose and LA are the three teams to watch for this one, though sources say Philly may make an offer too good to refuse.

Peter Forsberg - Big question mark here, some rumours say he'll retire from the NHL and play in sweden. Others say he'll play half a year in Sweden and then come back to the NHL in December-January. Three teams to look at : Colorado, Philly, Atlanta. I don't expect Nashville to get him back

Enjoy your weekend, I expect some great hockey games! If you attend any of the playoff games, feel free to email me your story! I will post them on the blog.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


At Hockeyleaks we get thousands of readers a day, many of which get the blog emailed to them. I also recieve a lot of emails, most of which are very positive thanking me for the work I do on the site. I want to share two emails I got yesterday, one positive and one negative. I will leave the names off both incase they don't want their names published.

"Hey Corey, nice work predicting the series', it's been clear all along that you know your stuff. Thanks for all your hard work all year wrong, I can't wait until free agency starts, when will we start hearing rumours about who's going where come July 1st? Thanks a lot and keep up the hard work"

- Thanks for the email and the kind words. To answer your question, SOON. I've already started work on a preview that will go up before the 2nd round of the playoffs. Now, to email #2.

"Hey buddy give it up. I know afew people that went 8-0 and 4-4. Your not a hero. So stop giving me these stupid emails, GET A JOB.......and then predict 6-6 on lotto 649 then you can email me after that. Nobody cares on your playoff emails, half your rumors were so off this year, my buddies just said stop emailing them to. So buddy get a life. YOUR NO SUPERSTAR GOOF.. "

- first of all, my blog yesterday was more of a joke, as comparing myself to a monkey would usually be a degrading thing to do. I've never claimed to be a superstar or even to know what i'm talking about. I get rumours from many different sources and I pass them on, thats what I do. If you don't like what I have to say, simply don't read the blog, the website, and definitely don't subscibe to my emails (which this reader does). Also, I cannot remove you from my mailing list, you signed up for it, and it's your job to remove yourself. Google Groups is the place to do that, so feel free to do it. For the record, I have a job, and I have a very busy life. Like I said, if you don't like whats on here, then don't read it, it's not hard...

I love recieving emails from you guys, positive or negative, and for free agency season and beyond into next season I will be making a mailbag section a permanent section of Feel free to email me at with questions or comments at any time, I respond to all emails.

Round two begins today, should be some great games. Enjoy the games!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Maggie The Monkey Slips Up...

Lets quickly go over the prediction standings from around the sporting world, shall we?

Corey Johnson 8-0
Darren Dregger 8-0
Bob McKenzie 7-1
Jeremy Roenick 6-2
Maggie The Monkey 4-4

So currently I'm tied with Darren Dregger and a perfect 8-0, but I am going to guess Dregger didn't get 4 perfectly right like I did...maybe he got three, but four is just beyond his reach. So it's time to take a look at the second round as I make my push for 12-0.

(1) Buffalo vs. (6) NYR
- This series is going to be great (as they all will be), and its really hard to choose a clear cut winner. Buffalo has been on top of the east all season long, while the Rangers just swept Atlanta and may be playing there best hockey. That being said, Buffalo's offense is too complete to argue with, the Rangers defense scares me. Sabres in 6.

(2) New Jersey vs. (4) Ottawa
- Of all the series, this was the hardest for me to pick a winner. I never like betting against Brodeur because he's such an amazing athlete. New Jersey can slow their game down to a point where their opponents are ready to just give up, but Ottawa has an offense that may be able to break through Jersey's trap. Ottawa in 7, but this one is almost too close to call.

(1) Detroit vs. (5) San Jose
- Hasek's gone so long without a groin injury, is it just a matter of time? Saying Detroit will be Calgary is one thing, but in my opinion San Jose is the team to beat in this playoffs. They are the complete package from goal to offense, and they are, at this point, my pick to win the cup. They'll knock off Detroit in 6 games.

(2) Anaheim vs. (3) Vancouver
- Vancouver has the best goalie in the Playoffs, but Anaheim has two goaltenders that are pretty good themselves. Anaheim has the best defense in the playoffs, so position wise these teams are it comes down to offense...due to the fact that Vancouver has none, I'm taking the Ducks in 5...sorry Nucks fans...

In other news, Scott Mellanby has retired. His last NHL memory will be getting swept by the New York Rangers. I'll always remember Mellanby as a Florida Panther, he should have stayed there...his golf game would be much better. This means Atlanta needs a new captain. I vote Tkachuk...oh wait he's leaving. Waddell's job could be in trouble, I mean when you trade a large chunk of your future for a guy who doesn't prevent you from getting swept in the first round, you don't look so good. I don't like the Coburn for Zhitnik trade either...look how good Coburn is doing on a bad team like Philly? Thats why Holmgren got his extension.

Rental players are amazing arn't they? Atlanta gets Tkachuk...gone in 4. Nashville gets Forsberg...gone in 5. Islanders get Ryan Smyth and Richard Zednik...gone in 5. Pittsburgh gets Roberts...gone in 5. Calgary gets Brad Stuart...gone in 6. The only team who would have done well to get a rental would have been Tampa Bay, wow do they need a goalie...

Some rental players are still in the playoffs. Oleg Saprykin, Bill Guerin, Todd Bertuzzi, Brent Sopel, Sean Avery....the first four players on that lit have a combined 5 points, so they really have done nothing. However, Sean Avery has five points in four games, making him the best rental player at the moment...this is a guy every team should want come July 1st...he's got a big mouth, but he's also got big talent.

Andy has a brand new article at so check it out. If your looking for somewhere to have your articles put up, is here for you. Just email me at, we're always looking to add to our team. I'd love to find a new webdesigner as well, so if you want to help make better please email me as well.

Thanks and enjoy this beautiful Tuesday!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

McLennan Suspended / Playoff Picks Review

First off if your not watching the Tampa Bay / New Jersey game turn that on, it's been a great game. New Jersey can finish Tampa off with a win today, NJ currently leads 3-2.

Jamie McLennan has been suspended for his brutal slash against the Detroit Red Wings. McLennan played a total of 18 seconds and I feel five games wasn't enough. Watch the video of him slashing yourself in the videos section. Make sure to reply to it and let me know what you think of it, too harsh? too light?

Lets take a look at how my picks are doing...

Buffalo over the Islanders in 5 - Perfectly correct

New Jersey over the Bolts in 6 - that could happen if New Jersey wins today (NJ leads 3-2)

Rangers over Atlanta in 7 - Rangers won much more quickly than I thought, but I picked the winner

Ottawa over Pittsburgh in 7 - It only took the Sens five games, can we blame crosby's broken foot for that?

Detroit over Calgary in 7 - Detroit currently leads series 3-2

Anaheim over Minnesota in 6 - Anaheim did it in 5

Vancouver over Dallas in 7 - the series has gone to seven, but will Vancouver take it? they're at home so I'll say yes.

San Jose over Nashville in 6 - San Jose did it in 5.

So I'm currently 5-0 with two perfects. I can still go 8-0 with 5 perfects. TSN hired a monkey, so I want to put myself out there. Anyone out there need a playoff expert, i'm available for cheap :).

Come join me in the forums, we always have great discussions going on there. I am also once again looking for someone to help out with web design. Our last designer has disapeared so we're conce again looking for someone to help us improve I'm not looking for something amazing, just something thats an improvement over our current design. Also not looking for it to be done quickly, maybe done by mid-June? If your interested please email me at I'd appreciate it, thanks.

Enjoy the hockey today, there are going to be two great games completed by the end of the day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Coyotes News + Playoff Predictions

The Coyotes have fired Mike Barnett and Cliff Fletcher. Details to come, check the are my playoff predictions, please leave yours in the forums

Buffalo vs. NYI
- Buffalo should take this one, and quite easily. Rumour has DiPietro coming back for Game Three but thats yet to be seen. Sabres in 5.

New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay
- Tampa won the season series, but you can never bet against Brodeur, especially when Tampa's goaltending is always a giant question mark. New Jersey in 6.

Atlanta vs. NYR
- Atlanta makes their first playoff appearance, while the Rangers have struggled in every playoff series they've been in during the last ten years. It's a toss up, but I'll go with the Rangers in 7.

Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh
- Crosby may have won the scoring title, but I have to give Ottawa the advantage going into this one. Two un-proven goalies will also make this interesting. Ottawa in 7.

Detroit vs. Calgary
- Calgary can never be overlooked, but I just don't see Detroit losing this. It will be closer than most expect. Detroit in 7.

Anaheim vs. Minnesota
- I want the Wild to win, but I see Giggy coming up huge for the Ducks. Pronger was brought in for a reason and we'll see that in these playoffs. Anaheim in 6.

Vancouver vs. Dallas
- The goalies will be the focus of this series. Luongo makes his first playoff appearance, while Turco has struggled in all of his playoff appearances. I want to pick Dallas, but for some reason I'm taking Vancouver in 7.

Nashville vs. San Jose
- This is a hard series to predict, as both teams are very strong. Nashville looked like they would win the West all season long, and they almost did. I see Thornton having a big series, and I see San Jose taking this in 6.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

News and Notes

The Habs (specifically Bob Gainey) have called a press conference for 4 pm. Speculation is that Gainey will step down as GM of the Habs, citing personal reasons. That being said, this may just be a season ending PC and may have no news what so ever. In other Habs news, they've signed rookie goalie Carey Price to a three year entry contract.

Draft Lottery goes at noon today, Flyers are the likely pick to win the 1st overall pick, stay tuned to's forums for the results.

I will preview the playoffs in a blog tonight, so watch out for that...

also, in case you missed it yesterday: Sakic re-upped in Colorado for another season while Ottawa signed Volchenkov to a new three year deal.

Finally, congrats to Bob Adamski, who won the Hockeyleaks Power Play Fantasy League for a second year in a row! Can he three-peat? Signups for next years league will start in August.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Article On Tonight

Rahim Jaffer, one of's newest writers, sent me this article just now. I felt it would be better suited on the blog, since it's about tonight's Eastern battles. Here you go, enjoy

All everyone has been talking about as of late is who will make theplayoffs between the 3 teams left in the East; Toronto, NYI, orMontreal. Keep in mind when reading this article, that I am a Leaffan. Tonight the biggest game of the season for both Montreal andToronto goes down, and as a Leaf fan, I know the worst feeling wouldbe beating Montreal, and then seeing the Islanders make the playoffs.My key factors for a Montreal victory are the powerplay, thecreativity and speed of the youth, and goaltending. If the Canadiensare going to win this game, they have to capitilize on theiropportunities; especially on the powerplay. Look for Sheldon Souray tohave a big game anchoring the powerplay and more specifically thepoint. If you recall the last time the Leafs and Canadiens faced off,it was a young unknown in Andrei Kostitsyn who was the hero of thegame. If the youth of the Canadiens can keep the pace up, and usetheir pace to control the speed of the game, they should have noproblem beating the Leafs. Lastly, a lot tonight rides on theshoulders of Cristobal Huet. It's really difficult to tell whether hewill show rust today, but whatever happens tonight, the goaltendingwill be a huge part of it. Carbonneau had a hard choice to make, andthe one thing we know is that if the Canadiens lose, you know he willbe blamed for putting the wrong goalie in net. THe key factors for aToronto victory are the "SKY" line, Andrew Raycroft, and neutral zoneturnovers. The SKY line has been producing as of late decently, butagainst NYI they were invisible. They have amazing power and muscle tocycle the puck well down low, but against the Islanders, NY kept thepuck in the Toronto zone for long periods of time and the line couldnot capitilize on opportunities. I believe I saw one very goodsequence, where the line showed their cycling abilities, but that isnot enough to win a hockey game that large in importance. Mats Sundinhad a sequence on the powerplay where he shot the puck 3 times fromthe same area; twice Wade Dubielewicz made the easy stop; the otherwas blocked. This was the first time I thought Sundin had the thoughtof Darryl Sittler's record in the back of his head. Tonight is wherehe has to come out with his heart on his sleeve, and this is the timefor him to show how much he loves the city of Toronto. We love youMats, but you have to start producing! When the Maple Leafs signedAndrew Raycroft, they expected him to be a consistent goalie. We can'tcriticize him too much when we spent $7.5 million on the tandem ofKubina/Gill and they really haven't been able to completely shut downthe opposing team's star players on any single night. Gill has beengreat on the PK, and Kubina has brought some physical play andoffense, but the point is Raycroft is still being pressured to makesaves he can't. But this is one night where Raycroft is expected toshow his gratitude to the Leafs for taking a chance on him. Tonight,he must stand tall and play passionate hockey; which we haven't seenhim do in a long time. Lastly, the Leafs have to minimize neutral zoneturnovers. We all know the Canadiens play at a faster pace than theLeafs, but if they minimize turnovers, goals won't be scored. The NewYork Islanders have won the first of their two games, and in myopinion, they will get the last laugh, being the team that makes theplayoffs of the three. They look a little bit tired, but New Jerseywill being resting some players, and I'm not sure this game is at allvital to their success in the playoffs. So my predictions are Torontosqueezes by Montreal in regulation (which they must), but the New YorkIslanders beat the New Jersey Devils and make the playoffs.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Three Days Left...

Thats all thats left, three days in what has been an incredible season. We've seen a great batch of rookies, we've seen the two teams that made it the furthest last year - miss the playoffs this year...and so much more. But we're not done, we still have some battles going on.

How about the Colorado Avalanche who looked to be down and out. While they still would need a lot of luck to make the playoffs, for them to still be alive at this point in the season is something to be proud of. This is a very solid young team, and I'm hearing they are getting ready to have quite the off-season (how about a Joe Sakic - Ryan Smyth pairing in Denver?). Colorado is on their way back up, even if they do fail to make the playoffs this year.

As for the Eastern Conference, here is how it works...

A Montreal regulation loss tomorrow night would eliminate them from the playoffs.
A New York Islander loss (regulation or overtime) in their next two games would eliminate them from the playoffs.
A Toronto loss or overtime win would eliminate them from the playoffs...

so in other words...

for Montreal to make the playoffs, they have to win tomorrow nights game or lose in overtime.
for Toronto to make the playoffs they must beat Montreal in regulation and NYI has to lose a game
for NYI to make the playoffs they must win both their games and Toronto must beat the Islanders in regulation...

and while it's unlikely, A Montreal win, two Islander wins, and a two regulation losses by Tampa Bay...and Tampa is out and NYI and Montreal are both in...confused yet? This could come right down to Sunday, when NYI faces off on the road against New Jersey.

Detroit Red Wings lost last night, but I'm sure they are still smiling today. They have re-signed Pavel Datsyuk to a new seven year deal worth somewhere between 6-7 million per season. So much for the Datsyuk to Washington rumours, looks like AO will have to find a new playing partner. would also love to congratulate Bryan Bickle, who played in his first NHL game last night and scored his first NHL goal. Bryan grew up in my area and I've been fortunate enough to watch him several times. He's a great player and a great person, and wishes him a very long and great NHL career.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where They Stand

First to note, the site has been updated today, my life has been VERY busy for the last week, things should return to normal now.

So we are in the final stretch, the Eastern Conference race is ever so tight. Here is where we sit.

Tampa Bay - 92 points - With two games remaining (Florida,Atlanta), Tampa Bay needs one point to clinch. For them to miss the playoffs they would have to go 0-2-0, and all the teams below them would have to pretty much win all there games. Tampa looks as good as gold

NYR - 92 points - Two games remaining (Montreal, Pittsburgh). Toronto would have to go 2-0 while Montreal would have to go 1-1. This is a very possible scenario still. That being said, a Ranger point in either of the final games clinches them a spot.

MTL - 90 points - 2-0 would get them in the playoffs. A win tomorrow night combined with a Toronto loss would also likely cement their playoff spot. It may come down to who wins Saturday in Toronto.

TOR - 89 points - 2-0 would assure them a playoff spot. If they lose tomorrow night they are done if Montreal gets a point in their game against the rangers.

NYI - 86 points - three games to go, anything less than going 3-0 with everyone else loosing pretty much every game and they are done...

this will be a fun ride...