Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Sure Called That One...

Zherdev signs a three year deal worth 7 million dollars.

Leafs are talking to Dallas involving Tellqvist. 4th round pick could go to the other way.

Devils should get their cap news today or tomorrow, and then they'll have only a few days to get under the cap. Could be a busy weekend in New Jersey.

Flyers pushing hard for Toskala, I'd be surprised if this didn't get done, but it will cost the Flyers. A big deal could go down, maybe to bring a defenseman to Philly in the deal as well.

Zherdev Closing In On Deal

According to a very good source, the blue jackets and Zherdev are closing in on a three year deal. That being said, even if the deal is reached this weekened, Zherdev may not make it back for Columbus' season opener as there are rumours circulating that he has an expired visa that needs renewed.

The Devils should be getting news about Mogilny and Malahkov's cap situations in the next 48 hours. The Devils will then only have a few days to finalize their roster and get under the cap. This is shaping up to be what could be a busy weekend.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006


I have been the only insider talking about it, and I have been talking about it for the last month! The Sens and Brian Leetch have had many discussions, and along with the Rangers have been one of the two teams showing serious interest in the veteran blueliner. The Rangers right now have offered Leetch a deal, but he may only fit in as their 7th defenseman. Ottawa is on the verge of offering Leetch a deal, and with Corvo's injury (fractured foot, will miss two months), Wade Redden needs someone to play with. Why not Brian Leetch? Keep an eye on this one, this may cause the Rangers to up their offer if they really want him.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My 2006/2007 Predictions

Here they are, my 2006/2007 predictions. Please stop by the forums and reply with your thoughts, as well as your own predictions


1. NY Rangers
2. Carolina
3. Buffalo
4. Ottawa
5. Philadelphia
6. Toronto
7. Montreal
8. Atlanta
9. New Jersey
10. Tampa Bay
11. NY Islanders
12. Boston
13. Pittsburgh
14. Washington
15. Florida


1. Calgary
2. San Jose
3. Nashville
4. Anaheim
5. Dallas
6. Detroit
7. Minnesota
8. Colorado
9. Phoenix
10. Vancouver
11. Edmonton
12. LA
13. Chicago
14. St. Louis
15. Columbus

Art Ross - Alex Tanguay
Calder - Gilbert Brule
Hart - Henrik Lundqvist
Jack Adams - Paul Maurice
Norris - Scott Niedermayer
Maurice Richard - Alexander Ovechkin
Vezina - Henrik Lundqvist

I'm going to pick Calgary for the cup this year, especially if they can find that center. I don't think anyone right now really realizes what Tanguay is going to bring to this team

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Morrow Inks Six Year Extension In Dallas

Morning Everyone

Malkin seperated his shoulder, but it was popped back in. He should be back for the start of the season, if not before, and worse case he may miss like a week or two of the season, but thats doubtful.

Recchi fractured a bone in his face (Ouch!) and is doubtful to return in time for the start of the season, thats what I'm hearing right now anyway.

Brenden Morrow re-signed in Dallas, a very nice SIX year extension worth 4.1 million per season. He was said to be after $5 mil a season if he were to become a UFA, but the Stars have prevented his UFA status for 7 years, and are very happy about it.

Though Maclean is saying he will not trade Zherdev, it's not out of the question. I know of at least six teams that have called about the Russian forward, Rangers and Sharks are two of them.

Dallas may be looking to deal Niinimaa, no word of if there will be any takers.

Doesn't look like Leetch will land in NYR, as I said yesterday, but it's still not 100% out of the question. One rumour I did hear was that the Devils could deal Paul Martin (possibly to Edmonton), and then sign Brian Leetch to replace him.

I'm hearing Bondra wants to play for the Leafs but they are not that interested. The Wings right now I believe are the front-runners to land him.

Atlanta, Washington and Calgary are all looking for Centres. The two biggest rumoured names out there are Gomez and Allison. As you may have heard, Code believes Marleau is on the trading block and could be headed to Edmonton but I have no information regarding such thing.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Domi To Retire

The former Maple Leafs enforcer has decided to retire. The official announcement will come later today...

It's been a very slow week for rumours and news, not much going on right now. Newsday picked up my Zherdev for Montoya rumour, but thats old news if your a Hockeyleaks' reader.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jack Johnson

One of the best prospects in the NHL could be on the move. The hot rumour going around right now is that the Hurricanes are unhappy with Johnson's decision to stay in college for another year. If the right deal can be put together, sources are saying the Hurricanes would be more than happy to deal Johnson away. So far I've heard three rumours :

#1 - Johnson to Pittsburgh in exchange for Jordan Staal

#2 - Johnson to NYR for Marc Staal

#3 - Johnson to Columbus for Zherdev plus...

The GMs are all meeting today, and who knows what could happen. Stay tuned to this blog as well as for the latest

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Carter Fools Us All

Philly, Toronto, Vancouver, LA, Detroit...these were the teams that Carter was suppose to be signing with. In the end, Columbus got him for $2.5 million. In the end it seems that money was what Carter wanted, and in the end it's what he got.

The Flyers are looking for a center at this point, and may try and prevent Calgary from getting Allison. Clarke's already pissed the league off this much, why stop now? If I'm Clarke, I use Primeau's money and offer Gionta or Martin a deal. That would make things really interesting...

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Quick Update!

Reminder that Hockeyleaks' Second Yahoo League's draft goes at 6:15 EST today (I think, make sure to double check that).

Rangers are talking to the Blue Jackets about Zherdev. Columbus wants either a very high end defensive prospect or Montoya, plus a draft pick...I don't see this one getting done.

Flyers are now the front-runners to land Anson Carter. Canucks may look at dealing Cooke to free up some more cap room, but with Kesler's 1.9 million dollar deal, it looks as though Carter is going elsewhere. Toronto, St. Louis and Detroit are all in this as well.

Look for Dunham to win the back-up duties in the NYI's training camp.

Dvorak is in St.Louis for a physical today, could sign as early as tonight.

Ruutu is talking to Chicago about a one year and a two year deal. They hope to get a deal worked out ASAP.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blog #3 Today...

Sorry for so many updates, things just keep on happening and I want to keep you all updated.

St. Louis is close to signing Dvorak, that should be announced by Wednesday. They are also talking to Anson Carter...

The Edmonton Oilers have signed restricted free agent forward Joffrey Lupul to a three-year deal worth $6.935 million. Smart move to get this RFA off the market before Philly offers him an offer sheet...just kidding, but like I said, the offer sheets may start coming in, Clarke has pulled a no-no in the GM world, and other GM's will now be very tempted to do the same...

The Offer Sheet Situation

First, DiPietro signs that massive deal, and now this has happened. The Flyers have done something nobody has done in a long time, and thats attempt an offer sheet. The Flyers have signed restricted free agent Ryan Kesler (Vancouver property) to an offer sheet. A lot of confusion as to what this means, so let me clear this up :

The deal is worth 1.9 million dollars for one year. Vancouver now has seven days to decide whether they will match this offer or not. If Vancouver walks away from Kesler, the Flyers will owe Vancouver a 2nd round draft pick. At this point I have every belief that Kesler will remain in Vancouver.

This is the first offer sheet I believe since Carolina attempted to steal Federov several years ago. Now that one GM has made this move, a few others may be tempted to look around at the other RFA's available. Some that come to mind : Zherdev, Martin, Gionta and Stajan. This is something to watch, as all the insiders I talked to early this summer felt that if one offer sheet was made, more would soon follow. Obviously it's a little different now as there are only a handful of RFA's left, but guys like Gionta, Zherdev and Martin are all top notch guys that could be stolen, especially in New Jersey's case, because they have to stay within cap regulations (10% over the cap), and if an offer is too high, New Jersey would have no choice but to let the player go.


15-year, $67.5 million contract. Garth Snow's first big move as a GM is the longest deal in NHL history? DiPietro hasn't done anything amazing since coming to the NHL, and doesn't deserve a 15 year deal. In the salary cap world, you dont know what will happen. Say in ten years the cap drops significantly, the Isles are screwed because Dipietro still has five more years left!! I don't even know what Wang was thinking with allowing this one, but if I am Neil Smith, I'm happy I'm no longer around. The Isles also signed free agent center Viktor Kozlov today to a one year deal.

Carolina may be after a defenseman now, as Kaberle may miss the first six months of the season. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Brian Leetch's name come up as far as Carolina is concerned.

Detroit is apparently closing in on that scoring winger they've been after. Carter and Zherdev appear to be at the top of their list.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Gagne Signed

The Flyers have signed forward Simon Gagne to a five year deal worth $5.25 million per season. Do not count out the Flyers still adding one more winger, such as Carter or Daze, but with Gagne getting the big deal, it seems unlikely that the Flyers will have much left to add anything else.

Vancouver may be close to dealing Cooke in hopes of bringing in another top line winger. Stay Tuned...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Giant Update!!

Talk is that Boston's Zhamnov will retire from the NHL thanks to an ankle injury. I made a few calls and it is clear that Zhamnov's salary will not count against the salary cap. Boston won't really miss him, as he didn't play or do much last season. Savard doesn't have that big of shoes to fill, but do not expect Savard to put up the numbers he did last season, he'll miss Ilya.

Speaking of Ilya, who will center him and Hossa? Jason Allison is still possible, as are Kozlov and Perrault. Gomez should be made available in the next seven days, and look for the Flames to be all over him. If they lose out on Gomez, look for them to quickly grab Allison.

Brian Leetch, it's between Ottawa and the Rangers. I'm going to give the Rangers a slight advantage in this one.

The Flyers are still trying to get Gagne signed, but they are looking at bringing in another winger regardless. Anson Carter is one possibility, while I've heard Eric Daze's name as well...Daze is one name to watch, as he'll come cheap, and could be a huge impact player.

With Ryan Miller signed, Biron is officially available. Don't look for him to go before the pre-season, but the first team to have goaltending troubles, and he's on his way out. Buffalo wants to solve this problem, and wants draft picks in return. Once Biron is gone, Buffalo seems likely to pick up Boucher.

Back to Carter, I'm hearing it's between the Flyers, Canucks, and Detroit. Rumours of LA and Montreal going after Carter are not accurate, while the Leafs at this point cannot afford Anson, even at a reduced price.

Leafs still need to deal a goalie, and that could come during training camp (which starts this week don't forget). When one goalie wins the back-up role, JFJ will talk with the other goalie and discuss options. Those options will be the player either shares time with Pogge in the AHL or is put on the market and is traded when someone calls about them. With this goaltending market, Aubin and Telly would both take some time to move, as neither is that valuable of a commodity.

What about Zherdev? Four teams that I know of have made calls about him, one being Toronto, another being Detroit, and another being Vancouver. I haven't been able to find the fourth team, but I will keep digging. At this point Columbus has no intention of dealing Zherdev, and will just wait it out.

Speaking of waiting it out, the Flyers will not. If they dont get Gagne signed, then they stand to lose him for nothing next summer. They'll deal him to the West in November if something can't be agreed upon.

Get ready to see some training camp invites over the next few days. Scott Young, Viktor Kozlov, Mike Leclerc, Brian Marchment and Jan Hrdina could all be in that boat. Guys like Leetch, Bondra, Carter and Allison will all just wait it out until they sign deals, and won't attend any camp without a deal.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Attention Hockey Fans!

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One rumour : Bondra is talking with four teams at this point. Pittsburgh, Washington, Toronto, and Colorado. This number could change, and as far as Pittsburgh and Toronto go, he's a backup should they fail to land Carter. Detroit could enter the Bondra rush for the same reasons.

Will Someone Remind New Jersey Of The Salary Cap?

Word this morning has Jim Down close to a one year deal with the New Jersey. For those who have been sleeping, the Devils are already over the 44 million dollar salary cap, and still have to sign Gionta, Martin and Hale. The Devils have to make a move eventually, whether it's moving Gomez, Gionta, Mogilny, or even Brodeur (couldn't happen, could it?). You have to figure with regular season kicking off in less than a month, this move has to happen sooner rather than later. If I'm a team in the Atlantic Division, I make an offer sheet for Gionta or Martin. I'll tell you this, the Devils would not have an easy time matching it.

Gagne still isn't signed, which could mean bad things for the Flyers. If Forsberg doesn't return to post-surgery form, what offensive talent are the Flyers left with? Primaeu s still a giant question mark, and this team's defense and goaltending is also questionable. If I'm the Flyers, I give Gagne exactly what he wants, simply because if Gagne isn't wearing Flyer orange this season, the Flyers are in a world of trouble.

Finally, why are Carter and Allison still available. They are both at least top six players on 95% of the teams in this league. Allison played at almost a point a game last season, and is a great pick up for any team needing someone to lead their powerplay. As for Carter, did we forget he was once traded for Jagr? Maybe last season wasn't his fluke season, maybe it was the poor season he had before that? Nah, couldn't be....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Young Stars Ink Contracts

Well it finally happened, Malkin signed a three year deal with the Pens. Malkin and Crosby may just be the best 1,2 center combination in the league, and both are still so young! Scary thoughts when you look into Pittsburgh's future. You have to wonder if Pittsburgh really needs Jordan Staal. The talk is Staal to Carolina for Jack Johnson, and it's a really hot topic right now.

Svatos also signed in Colorado this season, which is great news for the Avs. Svatos is one of the most exciting young players in the league, and will look good along side other young stars such as Wolski and Liles. One year deal for Svatos though, the Avs would have loved to lock him up more long-term.

Jason Allison remains available, and I'm hearing it's down to four teams: Philly, Calgary, Atlanta and Washington.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Carter, Nashville and Hockey Pools

Anson Carter is heading towards a one year deal, but where still is unknown. Toronto and Detroit are still at the head of the pack, while Pittsburgh and LA are still lurking in the shadows. Carter will be lucky to get $2 million at this point. I would say Detroit has the best shot, with Toronto a little behind them. Toronto still hasn't signed Matt Stajan, and I'm hearing he could be dealt if something is not reached soon.

Toronto apparently has held talks with Nashville about Martin Erat. Stajan would be a piece to go the other way. JFJ understands the need to add another winger, he's just having a lot of trouble finding the money to do so. Also, I talked to a good source yesterday saying that the Leafs have met with Sundin about a contract extension, with both parties understanding that if Sundin is to stay in Toronto, he will have to take a paycut. The Leafs are also waiting until after this season before giving Darcy Tucker a raise. They want to make sure last seasons play wasn't a one-season thing.

Back to Nashville, with the recent addition of Dumont, there is talk they are shopping both Erat and Upshall. They're looking for young talent in return, possibly centers, as that is their weakest area on the depth chart.

Seems like Dvorak to Vancouver rumours were just rumours, but the Dvorak to NYR rumours are really picking up steam. Dvorak would be replacing Rucinsky and Sykora, who both left as UFA's this summer.

Brian Leetch may be the biggest UFA left on the market, and I am still hearing Ottawa is in the lead to land him. The Rangers have dropped back a bit in this one, while I've heard Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Buffalo have all inquired about the veteran defenseman. He should sign somewhere soon.

Anyone still puzzled by New Jersey's lack of moves? Gionto/Gomex/Martin all still have to be dealt with. Calgary is very hot after Gomez, while the Oilers have expressed interest in Martin. I wouldn't want to be New Jersey at this point, they're running out of time.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Power Play Fantasy League Details!!!

Here are the details for the Hockeyleaks Powerplay Fantasy League

Players You Must Pick : 6 Forwards 4 Defenseman

Pricing : $5 US, $6 CDN per team.

There is no limit on amount of teams you can have.

Instructions : Please send your player choices to Once we receive your players and enter them into our system, we will send you payment information. You will be able to pay through cheque, money order or paypal. Unfortunately Paypal payments will add an extra .50 cents to your total cost as Paypal charges us fees, and will affect overall prize amount.

Prizing : At this point prizing has not yet been decided upon.

Last year the winner received $20 US, NHL stamps, and three or four autographed nhl cards. The prizes were not as good last year as we had several people not pay, so we were limited to the prizing available. This year we hope to have enough people to have a larger cash prize, as well as being able to put some of the money into an office pools account which would give you full access to stats and standings each and every day. Any questions please contact us at

Thanks for the interest, and here's to a good year!

Ryan Campney

Friday, September 01, 2006

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues

Some spots left in league one (draft this wednesday!)

ID : 8889
password : Malkin

all spots left in league two

ID : 27453
password : crosby

to join league one or two, please go to

stay tuned for PPFL league details in the next few days

I'm Back!

I am very sorry for my lack of updates this past week, but I am now moved into my new place, and everything SHOULD be back to normal. We are strongly thinking of another site redesign with some new forums, so that is some exciting news. Also, the Power Play Fantasy League will launch very soon, so if you want in please email us at It should be a blast, look for details right here on the blog soon. Now for some rumours...

I am hearing Ryan Miller could sign as early as this weekend. Details are hard to come by, but I am hearing a three or four year deal worth somewhere between four and five million per season. Thats quite a bit for me to believe, as Miller has proven himself in just one season. With no takers for Biron, the Sabres are no longer in as much in a pressure situation to sign Miller. This makes me believe you may see Miller only end up with a three year deal worth three or three and a half per. Time will tell I guess..

Carter's people continue to talk with the Red Wings, and things are progressing. LA, Toronto and Vancouver are all in this too, and cannot be counted out.

Still no deal between the Leafs and Matt Stajan, which has led to a lot of speculation that he will be dealt. There was even a rumour that he would be packaged with picks/prospects to bring in Zherdev, but that was later denied. As far as I've heard the Leafs plan on having him signed ASAP, but if they could get something quality in return, they would move him.

Brian Leetch and Ottawa continue to talk. I am hearing right now Ottawa and the Rangers are the only two teams left in the mix