Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hockeyleaks' 07-08 Predictions!

The season kicks off today, which means it's prediction time. Here we go. It's always fun to make predictions, as anything could happen, and things will change a lot over the season. Here are my picks for standings, awards, and playoffs.

Eastern Conference.

1. Pittsburgh
2. Ottawa
3. Atlanta
4. NY Rangers
5. Toronto
6. Philadelphia
7. Buffalo
8. Tampa Ba
9. Florida
10. New Jersey
11. Montreal
12. Washington
13. Boston
14. NYI
15. Carolina.

Western Conference

1. Detroit
2. San Jose
3. Colorado
4. Anaheim
5. Minnesota
6. Chicago
7. Calgary
8. St. Louis
9. Vancouver
10. Dallas
11. LA
12. Edmonton
13. Nashville
14. Columbus
15. Phoenix

Presidents Trophy: Detroit
Art Ross Trophy: Sidney Crosby
Calder Trophy: Jonathan Toews
Hart Trophy: Joe Sakic
Jack Adams Trophy: Denis Savard
Norris Trophy: Nik Lidstrom
Maurice Richard Trophy: Dany Heatley
Vezina Trophy: Mikka Kiprusoff

There are my predictions, I'd love to debate them on the forums, so go there and read the blog section, then reply.

Hockey's back, I love it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PPFL Special!

Before I get to the news of the day, I am offering one final PPFL sign up special. If you send paypal payment to for $11, you will get four teams. This offer is only valid today and tomorrow. Do not miss your chance to enter the most competitive hockey pool on the internet.

Ray Emery will make his pre-season debut. This is good news for Sens fans, as there was some question on whether he would be able to start the season healthy.

Yesterday the Rangers placed Kasparaitis on waivers, it is not likely that any team will claim him.

And speaking of defensemen, Tampa Bay is really working hard to get one.

Corey Locke and Yan Danis both could be lost by Montreal, as both have to clear waivers 0n their way to the minors. Both are young and seem promising, you'd have to think someone would have interest in both players.

Glen Metropolit is all but assured a spot on the Bruins.

More Later, the season is just around the corner...

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Love Hockey

How great is it to see NHL hockey all over canadian television these past few days? Sportscenter has been all about about the training camps, the signings, the injuries, and I coudn't be happier. There is nothing in the world like the NHL, and this is one of the three times of the year I look foward too (the other two being deadline month and free agent month).

Lets get to the latest news:

Mike Fisher will be a Senator for the next five years, but at what cost? Well, it's 4.2 a season, which I think is a little much. The Senators will have a hard time finding money to re-sign both Redden and Heatley for next season. Should be interesting.

The Sharks first made headlines by bringing in Roenick, and now they're at it again. Sandis Ozolinsh will be attending the Sharks training camp, and I'm hoping he makes it. I hope he can re-find his career, and put his off and on ice problems behind him.

On the injury front, Schneider will delay his ducks debut by a month, thanks to a broken bone in his ankle. I can hear the sighs of the relief by all Red Wings Fans...

If Vancouvers offense wasnt hurting enough, Sami Salo is now out indefinitely with a wrist injury that will keep him out at least a month. Vancouver could be in for a long summer if they can't find a way to score goals, which I predict will be a serious problem for them.

The Senators are talking to Jeff O'Neill, and I'm actully surprised he hasnt found a home. For all the talk on him, he's put up a fair amountof goals over his past two seasons as a leaf.

Adam Forsyths season preview will hit tomorrow, so make sure to check that out. Adam has been out best writer since his arrival, and is always a pleasure to read.

We're at 20 teams for the PPFL, make sure to send in your team. for details.

Leaf fans tune into the Leafs forum tomorrow night at nine for Leafs chat: game edition. I'll be around talking during the game, hope you can be there.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carter To Oilers (E5)

Ok so I'm not eklund, so i won't pretend to be, but Anson Carter will be attending the Oilers' training camp, and since the Oilers are a little lower on talent than usual, I'd be shocked if he didn't make this team.

The Ducks are already missing Scotty, as Schneider is already out of the lineup with an ankle injury. I talked to many Red Wings fans who were happy to see him go, and you have to wonder if Burke may have slipped up by picking up the aging defenseman.

One training camp invite that has been missed by most is David Tanabe in St. Louis. Tanabe reminds me of Jeff Jillson. A couple good seasons, and now you never hear about him.

Finally, for those who missed it, the Ducks beat the Kings last night 3-2.

Expect a season preview from me in the next week / week and a half. is also looking to add writers to our staff. We're looking for someone to write power rankings and someone to write a weekly fantasy report. We're also looking to re-tool our columnist section, so if your interested email me at

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mark Bell Suspended By NHL

Bell will miss the Leafs' first fifteen games thanks to a hefty suspension thrown down by Gary Bettman. Am I the only one who thinks this is too harsh? Yes, what he did was not great, but it happened awhile ago, and Bell has worked hard to fix his life since the incident. Bell could have plead not guilty, faught this, delayed the problem, and avoided suspension, but instead he fessed up, took the blame, and accepted his legal punishment. The NHL has now added to his punishment by forcing him to miss over a sixth of the season. As a Leaf fan, the only good news from this is that we may now see a guy like Tlusty or Williams start with the team, which both deserve to anyways. Hopefully if one does make the initial team, they play well enough that they stick.

Speaking of Toronto, Leafs TV will be televising the jersey unvailing today at 3 pm. At the press conference they will also talk about how Leafs TV is now available to everyone who subscribes to the VIP package (which I'm happy about, saves me $3 a month!). Thats good news for Leafs fan.

I get a lot of emails asking where Alyn McCauley is going. Well, he had knee surgery and will miss some time, up to six months. He's hoping to sign a new contract once he's fully recovered.

Ecshe is still hoping someone might have interest in him. He's currently working out with the Penguins, but don't expect them to sign him.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Training Camp Kick Offs + New Q&A

First, make sure to check out and read our new Q&A with Logan Couture!

Training camps across the league continue to kick off throughout the week, and as they kick off, we finally get to see the remaining jerseys that had yet to be revealed. Toronto's comes out tomorrow, I know a lot of fans are excited for that.

Updates will be very regular now that we finally have some things to talk about.

Please sign up for the PPFL, we already have almost 20 teams registered. Check out the Fantasy section of for the details.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Roenick Inks With Sharks

JR is not retiring after all. The vet has signed a one year deal with San Jose for $500,000.

Montreal has new jerseys, check the forums for the link to view them. They are pretty much the same, very slight changes.

Don't forget to check for all the latest, and make sure to re-join the forums if you haven't. Finally, check the fantasy section and make sure you sign up for the Power Play Fantasy League ASAP.