Thursday, August 24, 2006


Another reader just informed me that the previously posted rumour has no Detroit players involved, so I almost want to say disregard the rumour, but I have heard similar things so I am going to say to keep it in the back of your head.

Habs/Wings/Flyers Deal?

This was sent to me from a reader

"I have a very close bond with a member inside of the Montreal Canadiens organization and they have informed me of a blockbuster deal that is going to occour on Monday August 28th,2006. The deal involves 3 teams: Montreal,Philadelphia, Detroit. To Montreal will be headed Simon Gagne . To Detroit will be headed R.J Umberger, Nikos Dimitrakos and Mike Ribeiro. To Philadelphia will be headed Sheldon Souray and Josh Langfeld as well as Montreal's 2nd round pick in the 2008 entry draft. Mike Ribeiro is going to replace J.P Dumont as the Detroit Red Wings have dropped out of the runing for him lately. Detroit has also shown interest in Dimitrakos previously."

This was just sent in, anyone could have sent, but I felt like I should post it so you all can speculate :)

I'm Still Alive...

Sorry for the lack of updates. As some of you know I am moving to Toronto a week today so I have been busy, not to mention I have been forced to get up very early each day this week, so I have been sleeping more than usual during the afternoon. The one day I was available, I had an eye doctors appointment, and his drops blinded me for several hours, so it's been that kind of week for me. Here is the latest...

We'll start with Dumont. It came out yesterday that Dumont was not going to Montreal, but I have sources telling me the opposite still. Montreal is still very likely to land Dumont, while Colorado, Detroit and Philadelphia are also in this mix as well.

Brian Leetch, from a good source, is talking to the Oilers but it is doubtfull he will land with a western team. St. Louis is another team he's been rumoured to sign with, but I can tell you that isn't going to happen either. The Rangers are still talking to him, as are the Ottawa Senators.

Jason Allison is talking deeply with Washington, while Carolina is another team that does have interest as well.

Nothing new on the never-ending Anson Carter Saga...

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Monday, August 21, 2006


The big question is "why is this taking so long?". With names such as Carter, Leetch, Dumont, Isbister, and Tanabe still out there, you have to wonder why these plyers are waiting so long. I can confirm all five players have offers, yet they are all waiting for better ones. The longer they wait, the shorter the term they will get, and the lower the offer.

I am still hearing the Sens are very hard after Leetch, but the Oilers and Blues are both very much in this as well.

Carter is still between Toronto and Detroit, with Detroit most likely. Toronto and Chicago's talks have stopped, meaning if Antropob is to be dealt, it will have to be elsewhere.

Dumont is still hoping to sign in Montreal, but the Habs don't seem like they will bring him without shedding some cap room, which has turned out to be harder than first thought. Dumont looks likely to head back to Buffalo.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Allison, Bondra, Leetch

Jason Allison is still out there, and can be very valuable on the powerplay. While Phoenix and Calgary are still looking at him as their backup plan (they'd rather have Gomez or Briere), teams such as Washington, LA, Atlanta and Chicago have looked into bringing the point-per-game center to their team. Allison will score somewhere between $1-2 million on a one year deal.

Peter Bondra is still expected back to Washington, but other teams are still in this as well. Atlanta is not likely to bring him back, but still could. Toronto and Detroit could also fall back on him should they lose out on Carter. Montreal is another option, but right now they are more interested in bringing in Dumont.

Brian Leetch is quite the interesting story. If healthy he can still lead a powerplay, and from what I've heard, he's not ready to hang them up yet. Boston will likely pass, while the Rangers don't seem to have as much interest as they once had. Both Colorado and Detroit apparently have some interest in the West, as does LA. In the East, I've heard Ottawa has made quite the push for the veteran in the past 48 hours.

Habs Talk

The Habs are after Dumont, and I'm hearing right now it's between Habs and one other team (may be Colorado but I cannot confirm this right now). A lot of people have been telling me, "Dumont cannot sign with Buffalo", but he can, and still may, however he is a little bitter over his arbitration hearing and would rather go home to Montreal. The Habs would have to make a deal, and one involving Bonk would be most likely. A rumour going around has Bonk going to Washington, but I am hearing Chicago and Florida are the two teams to watch right now.

The Leafs are still trying to move Antropov, but they may have to throw in a defensive prospect in order for someone to take him. The Leafs are still talking to Carter, as are the Wings and Pens.

Speaking of the Pens, they were deep in talks with Perrault, however at this point, with Malkin likely to sign in Pittsburgh, it is unclear if Perrault is still in their plans.

Finally, great move by Phoenix yesterday. Owen Nolan has had a lot of time to sit and rest, and should return as a serious force for the Coyotes. He'll be able to hide on the 2nd line, and should play well for the Coyotes. The Coyotes are still looking for that number one center, Gomez is still at the top of their list. Calgary will have something to say about that though....stay tuned

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hometown Signings?

As we get closer to training camp, it appears that the two biggest UFA's available will end up in their hometowns. Carter continues to talk with the Leafs, and though he wants a two year / $5 million deal, that number could drop. Toronto is currently trying to make a move or two to free up the required cap room. Detroit and Pittsburgh are also in Carter sweepstakes.

As for JP Dumont, he could end up in Montreal after all. According to, Mike Komisarek could end up in New York (Islanders), which would free up enough cap room to bring in Dumont, who really wants to join the Habs. That being said, I don't see Komisarek being dealt, unless the Habs are getting a really good prospect in return.

Thanks to all that have shown interest in writing for It looks like this will be a very place come October once the season starts. I will also be writing for Hockey Nations starting soon, and who knows where else. Time to spread the hockeyleaks name, as we get ready for an amazing season of NHL hockey

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Where Is Malkin?

Canada? United States? Russia? At this point it is unclear, but it does look more likely that he will join Pittsburgh this year. If only Russia would just sign the transfer agreement, then all of this trouble could have been avoided. The fact that Malkin is just 20 years old, yet he has fled his country because his own country will not allow him to play in the NHL. This player is still very much a kid, and it's really sad that a country could be so harsh to force him to "disappear"

Anson Carter to Toronto rumours are heating up, while if Carter is signed it is being highly speculated that Antropov will be dealt to Chicago for a mid-round draft pick. The Leafs also have a slight interest in Dumont, but it is believed he will return to Buffalo on a multi-year deal. LA also has interest in Dumont.

With most teams happy between the pipes, a lot of goaltending problems will not get solved. Biron, Giguere and Nabokov/Toskala may all start the season with the club they are currently a part of. Columbus is one team to watch, as some are saying that they may no longer be as comfortable with Leclaire as they once were. Biron apparently would be the goalie they target.

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Speaking of Columbus, according to several sources there has been some progress in the Zherdev talks. I am hearing Columbus will not deal the promising winger, and if nothing can be reached they will simply try again next year.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


According to someone very close to the Oilers, Sykora to Edmonton is very close to being done. I am still skeptical, and I do not believe it, but this source seems to be legit so I will go along with him. He says this deal could be done as soon as tomorrow, and may just be pending a physical.

TJ Code( is reporting that Briere may be traded after all. I am hearing similar rumblings, with the Flame and Coyotes still pressing very hard to get one of Briere or Gomez.

Dumont could end up back in Buffalo, but I am hearing Ottawa may be the front runner at this point. Columbus is also talking to Dumont fairly seriously. for all questions/comments. Also, we are looking for writers and people to help with a season preview. Contact me if your interested.

Happy Wednesday

First I just want to say that's main page is back to being updated several times a day with the latest news, stories and rumours so make sure to check that out. The rest of the site (power rankings, fantasy, etc) should all be updated by the weekend.

As told you yesterday, the Sabres walked away from JP Dumont. He now may be the best UFA available, and has recieved several calls over the past 24 hours. Teams I've heard : San Jose, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Carolina, Colorado, Detroit and LA. Dumont will get anywhere from 1.5-2.5 million per year, and he'd like a two or three year deal. Dumont could also end up back in Buffalo, some say a three year deal worth 6.5 million.

Eric Desjardins will retire this week. He is currently a UFA.

Legace signed with the Blues yesterday. St. Louis was trying to work out a deal to get Biron and Dumont from Buffalo, but once Dumont was walked away from, the deal fell apart and St. Louis felt it was easier to sign Legace. Great signing for the Blues, I think they are so far winning the best offseason award. Legace got a one year deal for 1.4 million dollars, which is a steal.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bure Back To NHL?

According to a Vancouver radio station, Val Bure has been invited by Dave Nonis to try out for the team during training camp. No work on a response from Bure at this point, and I don't see him accepting it.

Malkin's agent JP Barry is telling reporters that his clien has not signed a new deal with a Russian club, and that Malkin would still like to play in Pittsburgh this season. We'll see how this plays out

JP Dumont is on the block, and is looking to be packaged with Biron. The frontrunner at this point is LA, while St. Louis is very much in this as well.

Time for Corey to go to bed, more in the morning

Monday, August 07, 2006

Malkin Staying In Russia / Nagy Gets 3 Million

A weekend away is always nice, but it is also always nice to be home. Malkin must be thinking the same thing, as he has decided to stay in Russia another year. This is a huge blow for the Penguins, who were really hoping the forward would play in Pittsburgh this year. I guess we'll have to wait until next year to see Crosby and Malkin light up the league together...

J.P Dumont may be on the trading block. I expect the Sabres to accept the award, and then look to deal him. Dumont and Biron could become a package in hopes of landing some defensive help. Ryan Miller's contract talks are expected to begin today.

Sean Brown and Cory Cross will play in Germany next season...I'm not sure how the Red Wings will survive without big bad Cross on their blueline....

Brian Leetch is close to signing with a team, however, at this point we are unsure which team that is. Recent speculation has said that he will not sign with the Rangers, but I am hearing that it is still very possible.

Ladislav Nagy has recieved a 3 million dollar award, which is very low in my opinion. The Coyotes will obviously accept this award. With Nagy and Comrie both getting three million each, the Coyotes may look for ways to spend a little more cash. They are still very much after Gomez.

Jason Allison is still speaking with Calgary, who are really hoping that they do not have to use Tanguay at center. They are still speaking with the Devils about Gomez, but the asking price is high. I heard one story that had the Devils asking for Phaneuf, which is way too high a price for Gomez.

One Leaf rumour i've heard in the last twenty four hours is the Leafs sending Stajan, Harrison, Kronwall and a 3rd round pick to Columbus for Zherdev. Doubtful, but worth posting. The Leafs have also talked to Eric Daze, who may come very cheap if given another chance.

Peter Bondra is still in talks with Washington, I'm puzzled on why this deal has not been done yet. The Caps have made an offer, Bondra is just sitting on it. for the latest, make sure to check out the new poll!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Surprise : Comrie Avoids Arbitration

The one arbitration case I didn't think anyone getting around, has been solved. Mike Comrie avoided arbitration today, signing a one year deal with the Coyotes worth $3 million. The Coyotes, however, had to go to Arbitration with Nagy, and he should cost them quite a bit of money. Maybe it's me, but I think Nagy is the biggest player who went to arbitration. Bigger than Max(even though he avoided it), bigger than Gomez, and bigger than Briere. I'm a big Nagy fan, so maybe i'm biased, but Nagy should get at least $5 million...that being said I don't think he will. I'm going to guess he gets 4.

Sabres are going to keep both Danny and Max, which means Biron is just days away from being dealt. Miller needs a new deal first, but the Sabres are already spending more than they want to. They would really love to get a blueliner back for Biron, but they are having trouble finding one on a team that needs a goalie.

Vancouver is now shopping for a backup, but it will not be Biron or Legace, who both would not approve of playing behind Luongo. Boucher is one name I'm hearing, though Buffalo has interest in him too.

I'm exhausted, which means im off to a cottage for the weekend, I'll be back Sunday night. for the latest

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rumours! News! Updates!

Ok lets take a look at whats going on around the league

Rucinsky signed a deal with St. Louis yesterday, which shocked a lot of people I've talked to. The Rangers were said to be the favourites, but money turned out to be the difference. Rucinsky will get 4.75 million over two years which works out to be a little less than 2.5 million per season. The Blues continue to improve, and should compete for a playoff spot should they get another goalie.

The Rangers will now apparently enter the Anson Carter sweepstakes, joining Vancouver, Toronto, Detroit and LA. Sykora could end up in all of these cities as well. Even though I previously reported that Sykora would not end up in Edmonton, one source keeps telling me they are in serious talks. I guess we have to consider all possibilities.

From what I've heard, the Toronto/Detroit trade rumours are false. If you are had not heard, some rumours have suggested Antropov and/or Stajan were about to be dealt to Detroit for an unnamed return.

Manny Legace is still in talks with both NYI and St. Louis, while rumours of Buffalo having interest are false. Buffalo will wait until Mair's arbitration is finished before resigning Miller, which must be done before trading Biron. I expect Biron to be somewhere else (and where is anyone's guess right now) before the start of training camp.

Hockeyleaks is still looking for a few people to help out around here, by posting news stories, etc. I just purchased a very expensive Wifi laptop to hopefully make things on my end better, allowing me to update more often, however, Cdog is currently in the process of moving from Vancouver to Calgary, while in a few weeks I will be moving from my small town in Ontario to the big city of Toronto. All the help we can get is appreciated. Also, the Power Play Fantasy League will return this year, and will be A LOT better than last years. Stay tuned to for the lastest on that

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Just want to say sorry for lack of updates, I just bought a brand new wifi enabled laptop, so I've been configuring it, which explains the lack of updates. Tomorrow things should be back to normal, and things will only get better from now on, as I will be able to update a lot more with this laptop.