Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flyers Have Interest In Leclair

Would provide good leadership and a little pinch of offense to a team who is really looking to improve in all areas. Leclairs stats obviously are misleading as he's been given next-to-no ice-time in Pittsburgh. Several teams will consider Leclair, and his stay in Pittsburgh should end in the next 72 hours...

Pavel Kubina has struggled since his return from injury, and thats probably because he has been paired with Wade Belak. Carlo Colaiacovo is ready to go after concussion/finger problems, and could join the Leafs as early as next week. He will likely suit up for the Marlies in the meantime. Also to note, Bryan McCabe will play tonight despite an ankle injury suffered on Tuesday.

Rumour has it that Tellqvist may get the start in Phoenix tonight, but that is not confirmed. As the kings struggle, a game against the kings may be a perfect start for Tellqvist.

Finally, rumour this morning was that the Blue Jackets were quietly looking around the league, seeing what they could get from Gilbert Brule. The team has been unhappy with his play so far this season, though I believe Hitchcock is the right guy to get this kid going.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nash Traded To Toronto!

Ok, so it's not Rick Nash, but it is a nash. The Leafs have traded goaltender Tellqvist to Phoenix in exchange for Tyson Nash and a 4th round draft pick. Rumours are circulating that a minor league player may be going to Phoenix as well, but that is not confirmed. That minor league player could be one of two players I'm hearing: Suglobov or Harrison. Harrison cleared waivers yesterday, and is currently in the AHL. Suglobov comes to mind as he is the likely odd man out with Nash coming in. Nash will add some more toughness to Toronto, while Tellqvist will hope to get another chance to prove his game in Phoenix.

The Blackhawks have had discussions with Tampa Bay about brining in Prospal. Tampa, however, doesn't seem eager to move him.

More later, when firm details on the Toronto/Phoenix trade become available

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New Article!

Here is a great new article by Rahul Deol. It's a great read


Bad luck…

It is something that the Edmonton Oilers have faced year in and year out since the
new millennium. It’s also something the Toronto based media seems to be important
enough to air after the latest Mats Sundin update. Here is a list of unfortunate
events that have occured over the past few years:


Edmonton Oilers are forced to trade Bill Guerin from the Edmonton Oilers to the
Boston Bruins due to salary issues


After serving 3 years as the Edmonton Oilers captain, as well as leading scorer
over the 4 years prior, Doug Weight is traded to the St. Louis Blues…for Jan
Hornacek, Jochen Hecht, and current Oiler Marty Reasoner. Fair deal? Only deal.


After winning the “most-popular Oiler” award in the 2001-2002 season, local hero
Mike Comrie holds out the following season, forcing GM Kevin Lowe to move him to the
Philadelphia Flyers.
And leaving the Oilers without a number one center once again. Heart and soul winger
Ryan Smyth fractures his left ankle in a game against Chicago and is out 3 months.
Winger Todd Marchant, with one year left on his contract, has a career year (60
points) and signs with Columbus in the off season


Despite being the second best defensive team in the NHL, the Oilers miss the playoff
by 2 points for the second time in 5 years….but it gets worse. Calgary comes one
game away from winning the Stanley Cup…(shutter)


No comment


The Oilers acquire All-Star defenseman Chris Pronger and defensive specialist
Michael Peca, but start the year 3-7. In the latter parts of the season, as usual,
the Oilers fight for the 8th and final playoff spot. On April 6th, Michael Peca
appears to score the go ahead goal again the Minnesota Wild, only not to be counted
and the Oil go on to lose in Overtime. Not to be outdone, a few night later in
Illinois winger Fernando Pisani scores the supposed game winner on Nik Khabibulin of
the Blackhawks, but after review, is disallowed…could things get any worse. Yes.

Some may say the Carolina Hurricanes won the cup, however, most would say the
Edmonton Oilers lost it.

O ya Chris Pronger and Michael Peca leave because its to cold….


Referee Mick McGough blatantly blows the play dead on the what was supposed to be
the game tying goal against the Dallas Stars in early November on a phantom “glove
pass”. There was no punishment issued from the NHL after the game, except to Oilers
coach Craig MacTavish for his comments.
NHL’s second leading goal scorer, however early in the season, Ryan Smyth is kneed
by Colorado Avalanche defenseman John-Liles late in the third period of an Oiler
win. Liles was not suspended, however a week later is fined by abysmal $2,500 for
his actions.

Injuries and hardships occur across the league all the time, it just seems to be
swept under an NHL welcome mat. If the NHL lacks fans, their not helping the cause
by…excuse my language…bush league calls and decisions us fans have been seeing the
past little while. NHL and surrounding media give your head a shake.

- Rahul Deol

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hitchcock Signs With Blue Jackets...

Three year deal for Hitch, who should do wonders for this young Blue Jacket team. I think Hitchcock could really get Federov going. Ken should make his debut this friday, in Philly. How crazy is that going to be? Blue Jackets destroy Flyers in Hitchcock's debut...I can see the headlines now...

JFJ has been given another year with the Leafs. His handling of the Tucker and Sundin contracts should determine how much longer after that he gets.

While Gerber is a tough sell, don't think for a second Phoenix wouldn't have interest. Gerber for Joseph, straight up? That could be an interesting deal, with Joseph obviously becoming Emery's back up.

Forsberg to Colorado is still being talked about, despite denials from all sides

Petr Prucha is on the market, and the Rangers are dangling him around the league, hoping to get a defenseman in return. While Seabrook has been the defenseman coming up in most rumours, such a trade is unlikely. Calgary has inquired about Prucha, as have Toronto, Boston, Colorado and St. Louis.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hitchcock Feeling Blue

With Gary Agnew being named the "interm" head coach of the Blue Jackets, speculation is flying that Ken Hitchcock could be the next full time head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Hitch has a great relationship with Adam Foote, and many inside the Columbus Blue Jacket's organization feel that Hitchcock would be able to get the most out of Columbus' young talent. While I can confirm that the Blue Jackets have not asked for permission from the Flyers to speak with Hitch, that request is likely only days away.

The Sens lost another one last night, and currently sit in a tie for 24th in the entire NHL with just 13 points. I'll quickly point out the Leafs currently fifth in the league with 25 points...but enough of that. A shakeup is needed in Ottawa, but the question is, what? Their goaltending troubles are un-fixable at this time as Gerber is untradeable. Redden is hurt and the entire team is underachieving. The Sens cannot afford to bring in any player to fix this team unless one of their top players are dealt. Is it time for Alfredsson to be traded? A lot of questions in Ottawa right now, not so many answers.

Colorado, another underachieving team, is working hard to make something happen. While one source has them looking at Forsberg, I've also heard they've had serious talks with Tampa Bay involving one of their top three forwards. Watch Colorado, they're really looking to make a deal

Monday, November 13, 2006

Back At It!

Back to work today, and there are several stories to talk about.

The Bruins have aquired Chistov from the Ducks in exchange for a third round draft pick. I think this will give Chistov a new start, and I think he will play well for the Bruins. That being said, the Bruins need a lot more help if they want to even think about turning things around. The starts with a goaltender, and talks between Boston and San Jose are really heating up. Nabokov is the most likely San Jose goalie to go the other way, while Glen Murray and Hannu Toivonen are what I'm hearing could go the other way.

Mark Messier has his own award now, and it will be given out monthly as well as at the end of the year. It will go to a player who shows leadership both on and off the ice. When is #99 going to get his own award?

The Flyers and Avalanche are apparently talking big deal, and there has been speculation over the last few hours that the Avs have inquired about getting Forsberg back. This is a situation I will monitor very closely.

Dan Boyle has been one of Tampa Bay's best defenders over the past few years, but Tampa may be looking to deal him to get some more cap room. Edmonton is one team said to be plenty interested.

Finally I've been told by several that payment information for the PPFL has not been recieved. I will get our fantasy department to send it out again tonight. If you HAVE received the information, please email me at so I know that at least some people recieved it. Have a good day everyone

Friday, November 10, 2006

New Article! + Rumours At The End

Thanks to our regular writer Adam Forsyth for his latest article. He will be a regular blogger when the new site finally launches. Thanks to everyone for the get well emails, im doing a lot better, though still have a ways to go. This not being able to eat as often as I'd like part is the worst!


Five Things That I've Noticed...

To start this rendition of "5 Things", I'd like to take a moment out to honour
this years crop of rookies. 2005-06 was a special year, in which we were
introduced to so many great first year players. With the lock-out of the
previous season, the NHL welcomed two full years of potential freshman stars.
The likes of Crosby, Ovechkin, Phaneuf, Lundqvist, Boyes and Svatos (among
others) jumped onto the NHL scene with the flair and pizzazz from a rookie
harvest that the league hasn't experienced since the early 80's.

This leads me to the first thing that I've noticed...Prior to the start of the
season, we knew that this years crop of Calder Trophy contenders was going to be
quite solid in it's own right. We knew about Malkin, and Wolski as being solid
players that would surely contribute in their first year. However, I'd like to
shine the spotlight on another Colorado Calder hopeful, in hopes of providing a
bit more exposure to what looks like a huge talent. His name, Paul Stastny.
Originally overlooked in his draft year, the Avs 2nd round pick in 2005 (44th
overall) is playing extremely well and has helped rejuvenate Milan Hejduk. His
smooth skating and slick playmaking skills has potted the rookie stud 13 points
in 15 games, placing him 3rd overall in the rookie race. From first view, it appears that the apple didn't fall too far from the tree, as the kid has displayed finess and creativity similar to that of his father Peter, and must have been included in the bloodlines. Stastny has bolted up the list of the NHL's top rookies for this year, and if the chemistry between his linemates continues, than he could lead the charge all the way to the Calder Trophy.

The second thing that I've noticed, is that a "Mighty" team has taken the power
of a strong Western Conference. While the Anaheim Ducks have indeed lost their
Mighty moniker, they haven't lost the fact that they are a powerhouse team.
Shooting their way up to the top of many critics charts and power rankings, as
they are arguably the best in the West. The Ducks seem to be doing everything
right, all the while limiting the wrong and continue to play a solid two-way
game. Still without a regulation loss, (sitting 11-0-4) the Ducks appear to be
the real deal. How are they doing it? Well, they are currently the 4th highest
scoring team, and don't have a player in the top 40 of the NHL for points. How
so? Well, it comes down to balance, and a total team effort with everyone chipping
in. Their prowess relates to how they keep the puck out of their net as well
though, as the "Quack Pack" are currently tied for 4th in least goals allowed. I
suppose that having one of their rosters two Norris Trophy worthy and past winning
defensemen on the ice at one point over the course of an entire 60 minute game has
to help in so many ways! (as both Niedermayer and Pronger are averaging close to 30
minutes of ice time each night) Furthermore, the steady goalkeeping that Anaheim
has been given thus far from Bryzgalov and Giguere has been nothing short of crucial
to their torrent start. While Giguere is getting the bulk of the starts in
Duckville, when Bryzgalov has been getting his spot starts, he has put up some incredible numbers. Statistics that should make everyone in sunny California look forward to another extended run in the playoffs. Perhaps even deeper than last years Western Conference Final run.

Quickly, it's really nice to see a rebirth in Alexei Yashin. After signing that
first Islanders long-term fiasco of a contract (10 year/$100 million deal) their
captain finally seems to be giving back something on Long Island. Peaking at 44
goals and 94 points in 1998-99, Yashin hasn't come close to anything in that
range since being set for life. However this year under the tutelage of Ted
Nolan, Alexei appears to be on his way to averaging a point a game for the first
time since his first year in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, this rebirth will
not dictate a playoff spot for the Islanders, as they are still one of the teams
on the fringe, and will probably remain there for Garth Snow's term as their
"deer in headlights" General Manager.

Something that I've noticed off the ice, and somewhat aside from the usual
hockey tidbits, is the news of the recent sale and misfortune of Darren
McCarty's personal belongings. As it's been reported in various news
publications, McCarty's possessions have been the subject of a public auction,
as the banks have seized his goods, which may have included his 3 Stanley Cup
rings and mini trophies. The list of goods up for auction weren't wholly
detailed, but were rumoured to include such personal memorabilia, as well as
cars, motorcycles and high grade televisions. After the gritty Calgary Flame
claimed bankruptcy earlier this year, it was reported that he had debts totaling
approximately $6.2 million while listing assets at $1.9 million, it was reported that he lost all control of what he could do, the banks stepped in and pretty much took whatever had a value. McCarty had no choice, or say as to what was his or what was to be placed up to the public. It was unfortunate to read this about someone who less than 10 years ago in 1997 was riding a career high, celebrating a Stanley Cup victory after tallying the Cup clinching goal for a Red Wings franchise (that hadn't won a title since 1954) had hit such a financial rock bottom. Considering the fact that he as a player has been battling demons his entire career, with reported substance abuse problems, alcoholism, tie in with an unfortunate divorce and his tough time in dealing with the loss of his father to Cancer, it's sure to say that McCarty has already had his turn with hard luck. Hopefully, we'll see the fan favourite turn things around and realize that there is so much more to live life for than a substance, or a possession. Perhaps there are even some good people out there, who decided to purchase such personal items in hopes of returning them to the rugged forward one day, instead of keeping them for their own enjoyment. D-Mac has such a likable personality, and brings so much energy to the rink on a nightly basis, that I'm sure that he will be able to recover. Best of luck with him on the next chapter of his career, and furthermore, in his life.

And finally, the last thing that I have noticed is that the Boston Bruins are
really a team in disarray. With the off-season head office restructuring, along
with the stellar free agent signings of Zdeno Chara and Marc Savard, things were
really looking up. Tie that in with the exciting break-out seasons from
Bergeron and Boyes, add to that the fact that they potentially have a pair of
first year aces, in Phil Kessel and Yan Stastny, this team at least seemed to be
headed in a positive direction. What may have been forgotten in Beantown, is
their current goaltending situation. This situation just got a bit more sticky
with the team recently sending Hannu Toivonen to the minors, and has been
consistently sending chills up the spines of frustrated Bruins faithful. Unfortunately, it appears that dishing Andrew Raycroft after a horrendous sophomore jinx season to Toronto has proved to be costly to the present, as neither Tim Thomas, or Toivonen stepped up and played as if they deserve to remain on an NHL roster. So, the B's sent down Toivonen and called up Brian Finley from the farm, in hopes of what I believe is to complete a trade in the near future to bring in some help and allow their loyal fans to relieve the head and heartaches that the "Killer T's" have provided thus far. With the possibility of Tuuka Rask (the 'tender they received back from Toronto in the Raycroft deal) being their number one still a few years away, the Bruins need to make a deal to help the now. Fortunately there are several quality 'keepers on the block, I'm sure that they will be able to upgrade with several attractive players to deal. Will it be Glen Murray, who since the B's dealt Thornton has been "the next one to go"? Are they interested in dealing any of the components that they feel provide them with some hope for the future? One way or the other, the Bruins need to regain some hope, in knowing that they have a chance in an extremely tough Northeast Division. If not, there will be several more long seasons to go through for fans of the formerly consistent franchise, who has long forgotten about the glory years.

So, we'll see. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm wrong, but those are just some of the
things that I've noticed.

Adam Forsyth


Some rumours for you. Edmonton and LA are talking trade involving one of LA's blueliners. I'm hearing it could be Visnovsky, and what an upgrade he would be LA. LA is really trying to pry Shremp out of Edmonton, hoping to make this deal a big one. Eric Brewer is another name who has been linked to Edmonton, while I am unsure of what St. Louis would be asking for in return.

Boston is looking for goaltending help. Nabokov is the name popping up the most, while Toskala could be a possibility as well. The Sharks may be interested in Glen Murray, but rumours say Brad Boyes may be a more likely name to head to San Jose. I also have heard a Murray/Toivonen package was also a possibility.

The Flyers and Sharks are also talking deal, with Toskala the main piece to that puzzle. The Sharks really want one of Carter or Richards in this deal, and the Flyers are not budging. I don't see this happening unless more players can be added into the deal. At this point, the Flyers have very little value to offer anyone...

Finally several sites last night reported that Tampa Bay and a Western Canadian Hockey Team were working on a deal. I looked into it, and got a few different replies. One source told me they heard Calgary inquired about Vinny's availability, and the Bolts told him he wasn't available, end of talks. That being said, another source said that it's the Canucks talking to the Lightning, but didn't have any information on possible names involved. I'll keep my eyes and ears open

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I must first say sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days, I've been in hospital and seeing doctors like crazy after I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes late Monday night. Most people get the disease when they're younger, but this just proves anything can happen I guess. Lets catch up a bit on the NHL, and feel free to send me sympathy gifts ;)

Sundin is out 3-4 weeks. The Leafs have depth and should be fine without him. Playing over .500 until he's back is not out of the question. Steen and Stajan must step up.

Sami Kapanen is likely on his way out of Philly. Toronto is one team said to be very interested as they continue to look for a scoring winger. Sami only makes 1.5 million dollars. One of toronto's young defenseman, either White or Bell, could be part of a package.

Morrison to Vancouver can still get done, despite what some are saying. The Canucks are looking for more offensive help, however, before they swing this deal with Ottawa.

Martin Biron could be on his way to Phoenix, but I don't have any players going the other way right now. This is one rumour to really keep an eye on.

Expect much fuller update tomorrow, have a good night

Monday, November 06, 2006

GM Meetings Could Spark Deals

The GMs are meeting in Toronto this week, and there are a lot of trades to get done. If any of them happen, thats another story, but there are a lot of deals currently being discussed.

Forsberg is on the block, don't believe that he is not. While it would take a lot to get him, for the right package he's available. The Flyers and Bruins would both love to add goaltenders, but the price for goalies is very high right now.

Craig Conroy's name has come up a lot over the past week, with Calgary a very likely destination. Atlanta is in this one as well.

Phiadelphia is currently the league's worst team with seven points, I expect them to play hard tonight against the Leafs, who have been very strong as of late.

The game of the night tonight, as far as I'm concerned, is Pittsburgh at Anaheim. Two teams full of young talent, should be a great game to watch.

Martin St.Louis has been playing very good, and his trade value is going back up. If Tampa can deal him, they will, as they really are looking to free up some cap space.

Will Ottawa deal Alfredsson? At this point it seems that the Sens are looking to add a centre for him to play with, but trading the talented winger is not out of the question. Calgary is one team that has come up, while LA and Colorado are two others I've heard.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Eklund Drops Big Rumour

According to Eklund at, the following rumour is floating around involving Calgary and Philly.

"Gagne, Umberger and Claude Giroux for Iginla, Tim Ramholt and Dustin Boyd"

Obviously I don't see that happeneing but it's worth checking out.

As far as I know payment information was sent out for the PPFL, make sure to pay for your teams ASAP, or else you will be taken out of the league. You have a few weeks, i'll announce a date soon.

To check the standings go to

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