Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5.25 hours

I've been in chat since 8, come on in and hang out with us, lots of rumours being discussed.

Wellwood has asked to be traded from Toronto, Kubina and McCabe are being shopped around right now. Hal Gill to Ottawa, Pittsburgh or Detroit.

Lapointe has been dealt by Chicago, but something is holding up the announcement. 99% chance he will be gone by 3 PM.

Hearing reports that Bryce Salvadore is about to be dealt to New Jersey

Forums and Chat all day, join us!

12.5 hours....

12.5 hours until the deadline...

Four transactions today (2 re-signings, a trade and a Foppa)

We start here at 8 am, we will go until around 4 pm.

Richards to Dallas is very active right now, Tampa loves Mike Smith.

Leafs shopping McCabe and Kubina actively right now. Hal Gill to Pittsburgh very likely, Ottawa wants Gill too...

Chicago could be the most active team of the day, shopping Ruutu, Lang, Havlat, Bourque, Khabibulin, Lapointe and Williams.

See you all at 8 am in the chat and forums...should be a fun day, can't wait!

Monday, February 25, 2008


The Sundin fallout is bigger than I ever expected.

Fletcher is shopping the hell out of McCabe, hoping to get as big as a return as he can. With Sundin staying, guys like Antropov, Ponikarovsky, Stajan, etc are more in play than ever. Fletcher still will be one of the busiest GMs come Tuesday.

I'd be shocked if both Jokinen and Richards were not dealt. Richards to Anaheim is very possible, though Anaheim would have to dump considerable salary somewhere for that to happen. Montreal and Minnesota lead Jokinen.

Rumours continue to circulate that Forsberg is coming back to Philly today or tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it...

Bruins have considerable interest in the human band-aid (aka Havlat)

Check the Rumour Mill for all the other rumours. I unfortunatly am unavailable pretty much all of today. Tomorrow, however, I'm yours from 8 am until 4 or 5 pm. Be here in the chat and forums, we'll be talking deals all day.

Christmas is tomorrow, who's excited?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sundin WIll Not Waive NTC

I'm actually shocked right now...

The price of Hossa, Richards and Jokinen just skyrocketed...

It's not a good time to be a Leafs fan right now...

Predictions Time...Chat Tonight

First of all, chat tonight at 9 PM EST. It will be the final chat before Tuesday, as I am out most of monday unfortunatly. I will update the site in the next half hour, so for all the latest rumours check the rumour mill within that time span. Hockeyleaks.com's trade deadline coverage will start at 8 am on Monday, in the chat, on the forums, and full site updates. Make sure to be here!

Here are my predictions on where I think people will go. These come from a mix of things I've heard, as well as some personal opinion and knowledge. I'll probably get them all wrong, as so much will change from here until Tuesday. If one team misses out on a player, everything changes, meaning there is really no way of knowing who will go where until it happens. With that said, here is how I think things would go down at this very second.

Mats Sundin - Anaheim
Marian Hossa - San Jose
Brad Richards - Vancouver
Olli Jokinen - Montreal
Brian Campbell - San jose
Dan Boyle - Re-signs in Tampa
Vaclav Prospal - Detroit
Bryan McCabe - NYR
Peter Forsberg - Philly
J.M Liles - Carolina
Patrick Marleau - Atlanta
Alex Tanguay - Ottawa
Brad Stuart - Detroit
Barrett Jackman - Calgary
Rob Blake - Colorado
Ruslan Fedotenko - Detroit
Miroslav Satan - Dallas

So there we go, things can and will change by Tuesday, but that is how I see things shaping out. A lot of talk still about Sundin and whether or not he will waive. A lot of people are unsure, but I am pretty confident he wil waive his NTC and go somewhere else to better the teams future. Then again, I'm a Leaf fan and thats what I want, so we'll see what happens.

More as the day progresses, see you in chat tonight

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sundin, McCabe Skip Practice

The team is blaming the flu, but it should be worth noting that reports have McCabe only leaving practice after meeting with Cliff Fletcher...something to keep an eye on.

Sundin apparently has given Fletcher a list of teams he'd be interested in playing for. Rumoured list is Anaheim, Detroit, Montreal, San Jose, and Vancouver. Some sources also include Calgary and Ottawa. Apparently Detroit has really stepped up their efforts in the last 24 hours.

The Sharks are really going after Brian Campbell. Matt Carle would likely be part of any deal San Jose makes, whether it be for a forward or defenseman.

The Flyers have claimed Thoreson on waivers...They are VERY in the Brad Richards sweepstakes, as are Calgary (if they can dump Tanguay) and Columbus. More teams will get in this after the Sundin situation is cleared up.

Rumours are swirling that Ottawa is working on a deal that would bring in Khabibulin. Thats definitely something to watch.

I have an event to attend tonight, and will not be around after 4 pm today. Check the forums for the latest updates.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

5 Days...

First of all, our good friend Eklund (not to be mistaken with Peklund) is reporting a possible deal between Boston and Atlanta. Boston would send Kessel, Shaeffer, a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick...I say no way. That package is enormous, and if Boston does it, they are crazy. Eklund also says Hossa could re-up for 5 years...still a bad deal by the bruins, as they are a fringe team and I don't understand why they would give up so much future for 8th place...

A montreal media outlet is saying the Habs have ordered equiptment for Hossa. This wouldn't be the first time the Habs jumped the gun and ordered equiptment for a player that never showed up. A few years ago they ordered equiptment for Khabibulin, when he was almost traded for Theodore. Habs are said to be offering Ryder and Streit, as well as a pick.

An online report suggests that Brian Burke has offered Ryan, Mikkelson and Edmonton's first round pick for Sundin, Stajan, and a 2nd round pick in 09. Fair deal for both teams, though you never know what you can believe. The deal apparently was started by XM radio. Sundin and McCabe were not at practice this morning, though it was optional.

Rangers could be close to getting Rucinsky back. I'm hearing they've offered Malik and a pick for Rucinsky and one of Salvador/Jackman. No idea what round pick we're talking, would have to be at least a second.

If you haven't read "peklund" yet, it's a must read. Today's blog is just as funny as the previous ones. here is the link


I will be around for most of the day, so more to come if anything happens. Check Hockeyleaks.com for all the latest, as well as the forums. Rumours usually will be posted in the forums before anywhere else.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Blog Ever...


Most entertaining read ever, I want this guy to work here...

Here Come The Flyers

First, the Red Wings have put Matt Ellis on waivers....

But the big news: Simon Gagner is out of the rest of the season. This is huge news, and the Flyers must replace him. Early indications are that the Flyers are prepared to jump into the Sundin and Hossa races. Tanguay and Nagy are also on the Flyers' radar.

The Flyers were throwing around Jeff Carter's name a lot this week in Naples, and I would expect we will only hear his name more now that Gagner is out. Philly joins an already large group (Detroit, Anaheim, San Jose, Calgary, Vancouver, Boston, Montreal, Dallas, and Minnesota) who are looking to add a big offensive forward. While many GMs are saying the offers are not where they want them to be just yet, you can expect them to increase to much higher levels before we get to Tuesday...

Stay Tuned...

Wednesday Rumours

Ok, so Hossa isn't a Red Wing...yet. The Wings are not front-runners for him either, that title belongs to San Jose, who are offering Patrick Marleau and a first for him. Marleau would look good beside Kovalchuk in my opinion. Boston is said to be offering a package involving Glen Murray, maybe Kessel. Detroit's package has to include one of their three young guys (Filppula, Hudler and Franzen). Ottawa is very much still after Hossa, as is Montreal.

The Tomas Kaberle deal the other day did involve Jeff Carter, I can confirm that. Fletcher is very high on Carter and still has hopes of bringing him in before Tuesday. In no way do I believe Sundin will end up in Montreal. Anaheim and Philly would be my two best guesses at this point. Stajan or Steen will likely be packaged with Sundin, while Antropov is always a possibility. I've been told if Raycroft can't be dealt / packaged by the deadline he will be waived...

Brad Stuart has rejected the Kings latest offer and is likely to be dealt. Still hearing Detroit leads, watch Boston as well.

Brian Campbell is going to be traded unless things change drastically. San Jose and Colorado are your teams to watch there.

Brad Richards is a name I'm hearing a lot today. Chicago would love to get this guy, as would Nashville. Colorado, San Jose and Phoenix are also among those interested. In no way does Richards stay in the East if dealt I've been told.

Tanguay to Montreal is being talked about a lot, but I'm hearing Tanguay will not waive his NTC to Montreal. Things could change, but right now I dont think it's likely at all. Tanguay to Boston or Florida makes a lot more sense.

Calgary is very interested in Barrett Jackman, as well as Dan Boyle.

More later...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hossa To Detroit?

Thanks to our friend Jordan for finding this:


According to this, Valtteri Filppula's facebook page has his status as "Valtteri Filppula's been traded to Atlanta"...

Screenshot can be seen on our forums. I'm not in any way saying this is actually his facebook page, but I've done a lot of research on this page and just by looking at his friends and the privacy on his page, it does seem legit.

I have been hearing Hossa to Detroit all day, this makes so much sense.

Stay tuned for all the latest

Modry To Flyers

For A Third Round Pick...done deal

Late Night Talk

Sorry about this being so late, I got stuck at my real job very late tonight (1:30 am to be exact). Back to my favourite job...

Kaberle was almost a Flyer this afternoon. I've been told Coburn, a pick and a player from the current roster would be coming in return. Kaberle is refusing to waive his NTC, it will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds. I'm hearing Kubina and McCabe are being shopped more than ever because of this.

Is Lecavalier available? All sides are denying it, but I've heard he is very much available for the right price. If he is available, Montreal, Philly, Dallas and Calgary are the teams I'm hearing right now. How about Vinny to Toronto?

Speaking of Tampa, Chicago is really trying to land Brad Richards.

Forsberg not returning has the price of Sundin and Hossa going up. Anaheim leads Sundin, Detroit and Philly right behind, while you can't count out Calgary and Vancouver. Dallas leads the Hossa race, Detroit is very much in that as well. Montreal is also starting to creep back into it.

There was a rumour that the Rangers were close to aquiring Liles today. Talks will continue tomorrow...

Overall, I think we may see a deal by Wednesday. I'm hearing talks are very active at these GM meetings...

Team To Watch Tomorrow: Montreal and Colorado

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bochenski On Waivers...Dominos?

The Ducks have placed Bochenski on waivers. I don't understand why this kid is thrown around so much. Leafs have to pick this kid up, he's going to be a star one day. As a Leaf fan, I want him.

Ducks making cap room? Sundin? Hossa? The Ducks are up to something, stay tuned...

Unfortunatly I am away until late tonight, no computer access...if something happens check the forums for all the latest...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Team To Watch: San Jose Sharks

With the deadline just nine days away, and the GMs meetings starting tomorrow, the team I am most interested in watching (other than the Leafs) is the San Jose Sharks. No contender has more cap room to spend than the sharks, who have between 10 and 12 million dollars in cap space.

The Sharks most pressing need is an offensive defenseman. They want a guy who can lead their powerplay and a guy with a decent shot from the point. There are several guys available who can provide this.

Bryan McCabe is one guy the Sharks are looking at. He has a big shot, and has been a key part of the Toronto powerplay for years. His contract is quite large, but the Sharks are one of the few teams in the league who can afford it. With that said, McCabe has a NTC and is unlikely to waive it for San Jose.

Tomas Kaberle, the other big Leaf defenseman, is also on the Sharks radar. He's cheap at just over 4 million per, and has a few years left on his contract, meaning he will make the Sharks better in the long term as well as now. Kaberle is unlikely to waive his NTC either, and I'm not totally sold that the Leafs want to move him anyways. The sharks would need to put together one hell of a package to lure the Czech to California.

Dan Boyle is available, and the Sharks are keeping a close eye on him. He's been overshadowed by the big three in Tampa for years, but the Sharks feel he would improve their club greatly. Boyle has had two big injuries this year which is scaring some teams away, but not the Sharks. If Boyle is to be dealt, the sharks will be right there.

Brian Campbell is iffy, as the Sabres continue to try and sign him. If Campbell is dealt, the Sharks will be all over him. In fact, I've heard they are very interested in bringing him in, and locking him up long term.

Finally, Rob Blake. The veteran D-man would fit in great with the Sharks, however, rumour has the Sharks not interested in trading prospects to a division rival. I don't see the Sharks getting Blake...

Up front, the Sharks would like to add a little bit more offense. Mats Sundin has been mentioned a lot, as has Marian Hossa. Overall, the Sharks main target is an offensive defenseman, but if they can improve their scoring up front, they wont be afraid to make that deal.

Patrick Marleau could be on his way out if the Sharks can find a replacement (Hossa, Sundin). His large contract and offensive struggles, however, will make him a tough sell. The Sharks are unlikely to deal Logan Couture, who is their top ranked prospect. They made sure last draft that they got him, it's unlikely they will make him part of any deal. Prospects Setoguchi and Petrecki are being shopped around, as is current Shark Matt Carle. Ty Wishart is another prospect who a lot of teams have interest in, though the Sharks are in no hurry to deal him.

Overall, I expect the Sharks to be very active in the trading market. They have a lot of young players and prospects to deal, and a lot of cap room to work with. The Sharks should look a lot more dangerous after 3 pm on February 26th.

Tomorrow's Team: Montreal Canadiens

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Team To Watch: Calgary Flames

For the last several years, the Flames have gone into the deadline looking to add a quality centre to support wingers Iginla and Tanguay. Guys like Langkow and Lombardi have been tested in the centre position, but have never done the job the organization has desperatly hoped for. This year is likely the year the centre position is finally addressed.

It's also worth noting that the Flames have 44 million commited to just 12 players for next season. Iginla, Kiprusoff, Regehr and Phaneuf all begin new contracts next year, which means cap room for 08-09 will be tight.

Peter Forsberg was target number one, however, recently it was announced that he has no interest in playing for the Calgary Flames.

Target #2 is said to be Mats Sundin. He has no contract beyond next year, which is a good thing for the cap concerned Flames. Sundin is a great playmaker, and would instantly make Iginla a better player. Sundin would make Calgary a better offensive team, something the Flames really need to achieve.

Targer #3 is Olli Jokinen, though he's also the most unlikely. He's signed long term and for quite a bit, something the Flames are looking to avoid. Jokinen's long term contract also mean he'd be quite expensive. Jokinen is not-likely to Calgary.

Alex Tanguay is set to make over five million next season, making him a prime candidate to be dealt by the deadline. Montreal has been heavily mentioned, however, reports have Tanguay not interested in waiving his NTC for the Habs. The Senators are said to have interest, as are Pittsburgh, Buffalo and New Jersey. I'd say the chances of Tanguay being dealt are good, though many believe the Flames could wait until the draft or offseason.

Darcy Tucker and Michael Ryder are two guys who could be brought in to replace Tanguay.

The Flames always seem to pick up a defensemen near the deadline, and this year shouldn't be any different. The Flames are looking to improve their back-end, and have several options. One source has them interest in Brad Stuart once again, while Dan Boyle out of Tampa is another player they are considered. Others the Flames have interest in include Brian Campbell, Bryce Salvador and Barrett Jackman.

With Calgary's cap problems, they will be relying on a lot of young talent next year. They will try to avoid dealing too much of it this upcoming deadline. Dustin Boyd is said to be very available, while Mikael Backlund is not. Toronto has interest in both, and are pushing hard to get Backlund, though its unlikely. Leland Irving could be dealt to a team seeking a strong goaltending prospect, while Lombardi is also a possibility to be dealt.

In the end, expect the Flames to make 2-4 deals before the Feb. 26 deadline. A center is a must, while they would love to get add some grit up front as well. If they can dump some future contract (see Tanguay), they will. I expect another d-man to be brought in to solidify one of the strongest back ends in the league.

Tomorrow's Team: San Jose Sharks

Friday, February 15, 2008

Team To Watch: Detroit Red Wings

Note: first I apologize, the Stars DO NOT have a first round pick this year, they traded it to LA last year.

The Detroit Red Wings go into the deadline as the league's best team. They are set in goal with Hasek and Osgood, not to mention their future star in Jimmy Howard. Even as the league's best team, the wings are expected to be major buyers at the deadline.

We start on the blueline, where Detroit is all but sure to improve by Feb. 26. Brad Stuart is most likely to end up in Motown, while other big names such as Rob Blake (not likely as he doesn't want to go East) and Dan Boyle are also very high on Detroit's list.

Up front, the Red Wings would love to add one more offensive piece to their puzzle. Mats Sundin is one name that has been mentioned, while Tucker and Antropov are two other Leafs the Wings are said to have interest in. Marian Hossa would look good in Red, while Tampa's Prospal and NYI's Satan are other possible Red Wing by Feb. 26.

A guy like Sundin or Hossa will be expensive. Most believe Hudler, Filppula or Franzen will be involved in any big deal the wings make. Kindl is another prospect a lot of teams are asking about. For a guy like Prospal or Tucker, reports have Detroit offering prosects Quincy and Abdelkader.

Detroit is expected to add one forward and one d-man by the deadline, and all signs point to them doing at least that. The Wings are poised to lift the cup this spring, and feel they need to make a few moves to get there.

Tomorrow's Team: Calgary Flames

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Team To Watch: Dallas Stars

I'm going to be doing a series of these, with a new team each day.

Today we look at the Dallas Stars, who continue their search for a scoring winger to play with Modano. This search has been ongoing for years with very little success.

In the offseason the Stars tried very hard for Jason Blake and Slava Kozlov, only to lose out on both. The Stars hoped to get their winger last deadline in Nagy, but that didn't work out. All signs point to the Stars once again bringing in a winger in hopes of bolstering their offense.

So who are they looking at. Marian Hossa is target number one. If Hossa is dealt, expect Dallas to be right in the thick of talks. Hossa would look great beside Modano.

Target number two is Martin St. Louis. Tampa seems content to keep their big three, but if one is to be dealt, sources say St. Louis would be that guy. Dallas would love to bring St. Louis in, as he still has term left on his contract, meaning he'd be more than just a rental.

Who else are the Stars looking at. Prospal is another Tampa player the Stars have serious interest in, and it looks increasingly possible the skiled winger will be traded. What is interesting about Prospal is that he only seems to have success with the Bolts. He left a few seasons ago, struggled, only to return to Tampa and re-find this game. With that said, Prospal would be a good fit for the Stars.

Michael Ryder is having a really tough year, but could thrive in Dallas. He is a UFA July 1st, meaning there is very little risk in bringing him in. If he works out, great, if he doesnt', he's gone in a few months.

Darcy Tucker is another name that Dallas has interest in. He can score, and he provides grit, two things the Stars could really use. Tucker, however, has a NTC and is unlikely to waive it to go to Dallas. Three years at 3 million per left on his deal.

Miroslav Satan is another soon to be UFA that Dallas has significant interest in. While he just got hurt, he should be back around the deadline, just in time to get back into game shape heading into the playoffs. The Islanders are out of it, and will likely be moving him. I know the Stars had interest in Satan last time he was a UFA, I expect them to make a serious bid for him this deadline.

None of the above players will come cheap. Dallas still has their first round pick for this season, so it appears that will come into play. Dallas has a stockpile of defensive prospects including Niskanen and Fistric that could also come to play if the right player was available. Finally, Marty Turco's name will come into play anytime you talk about Tampa Bay. St. Louis would be expensive, but Turco for St. Louis has been a rumour for months now, and many around the league believe there is a lot to it.

So keep your eye on the Dallas Stars, as they are deep in the hunt for a sniper to be along side Mike Modano.

Tomorrow's Team: Detroit Red Wings

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slow Day....

Very little to discuss, not much going on anywhere....at least we have something to look forward to. It's been a long time sine I've been this excited for a trade deadline, I am sure this will be a deadline to really remember. I remember last year's and how slow it was, I doubt that will happen again this year. A lot of teams are competing, and I think we are in store for some great deals this time around.

Hossa for Marleau is something I've been hearing a lot about. The Thrashers would finally get the centre they've been searching for since they lost Savard, while San Jose would get that secondary scoring that they really need. San Jose is also searching for a d-man. Boyle, Kaberle, Kubina and Blake are all on their radar. They already struck out in their attempt to land Redden.

I noticed Eklund had Huselius to Toronto for Sundin today...why the Leafs would have any interest in the pending UFA I have no idea. If I'm Huselius, there is no way I sign long-term with the Leafs, therefore, this deal isn't happening. Sundin to Calgary is still possible, but it's going to be for prospects and picks if it happens, not one of Calgarys better roster players...

Habs and Yanic Perrault could be pairing up very soon. I'm hearing a deal could be close. This would be about the 20th deal these teams have made over the past couple of seasons...

Chat last night was a lot of fun, we will do it again soon. Check the blog and Hockeyleaks.com for times and dates for future chats, as well as all the latest. and join the forums, they are a great place to talk hockey.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

JFJ Hired: We Must CHAT about this tonight

Hello friends, what a snowy tuesday it is here in Toronto...

First, JFJ has been hired...by TSN! He will be on the panel on trade deadline day, and what a watch that should be! What better way to spend trade deadline day by watching JFJ watch his team get dismantled by somebody else...should be exciting...the only other better way to spend Deadline Day is in the hockeyleaks chat room, which is back!

How about we chat tonight, 10:30 PM EST. Can't get in any sooner, I apologize, but I alway enjoy our late night chats.

Forsberg is down to Philly and Colorado as far as I know.

Toronto has serious interest in Matt Carle from San Jose. Rumours suggest the Sharks are trying really hard to pry Kaberle from the Blue and White. Rumours going around Toronto are suggesting that Fletcher honestly believes he can trade off several contracts, and still make the playoffs. This is always a fun time of year in Toronto.

Check Hockeyleaks.com for all the latest

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ball Is Rolling + So Many Rumours

What a steal by Ottawa today. Commodore and Stillman are on their way to the Senators for Joe Corvo and Patrick Eaves. The Sens get a very talented forward and a very physical defenseman (two things they really need) for an under-achieving forward and a defenseman who is getting paid too much. Stillman will give the Sens much needed secondary scoring. As for the Canes, it's har to say whether they've realized that they need to become sellers. They've been searching for a puck-moving d-man all season and they have one in Corvo, but wow did they spend for him, both money and trade wise. Maybe Eaves will re-find his game in Carolina, but I just don't see it.

Now, after a weekend away, I have lots to talk about...

So whats next? I remember last year I was in my car on my way to Toronto (same thing I was doing when this trade broke) when Forsberg was dealt to Nashville. It was a deal nobody expected, a lot like this one. That was the official start to the deadline, just like today is.

I've heard Sundin has waived his NTC for Detroit and Anaheim only. I find it hard to believe Vancouver is off that list, but then again, the Canucks are not in the playoffs currently, and Sundin wants to win. Why wouldn't Mats want to play in Calgary? He loves Canada, and who wouldn't want to play with Iginla, Phaneuf and Kiprusoff? If I'm Fletcher I talk Mats into going to the Flames, thats where all the good prospects are...

Darcy Tucker to Detroit rumours really heated up over the weekend. I've heard Tucker will only go to Montral or Detroit, as he wants to stay close to home. Doubt Otttawa is on his list...

Speaking of Detroit, them getting Brad Stuart seems VERY likely. I spoke to a source this morning who told me he'd be shocked if this deal didn't happen.

Rob Blake is not going to Detroit, or the East for that matter. No, apparently he wants to stay on the west coast. San Jose really wants him, but doesn't want to give up their prospects to get him, as they are afraid of them coming back to haunt them in that pacific division. Colorado and Minnesota are my two guesses right now. Look for San Jose to push for Dan Boyle.

Montreal has significant interest in Nagy, as does Pittsburgh. Speaking of the Habs, Ryder to Dallas is still VERY hot.

The New Jersey Devils are talking to Tampa Bay about Prospal. They also have interest in Dan Boyle.

The Islanders are getting a lot of calls about Mike Comrie. I heard Edmonton would like him back yesterday, while Detroit, Dallas and Phoenix are said to have made calls to the Islanders about him.

Finally, Colorado has a lot of interest in Wade Belak...Leafs would love to bring in one of Liles or Svatos...something to keep an eye on...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gone Till Sunday

Just a note saying that Hockeyleaks will not be updated from now until Sunday as I will be away, without my laptop. Look for a full report of the weekends happenings Sunday night

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

20 Days - It Starts Today

Ok, two MAJOR things have happened today that should get the ball rolling.

First, Forsberg has told several teams that he will not be playing for them this year. These teams include a few biggies, including Detroit, San Jose and Calgary. These teams now turn their attention to Mats Sundin.

Second, Calgary has signed Phaneuf to a six year extension worth 6.5 per. The Flames are going to be in serious cap trouble next season.

So, what makes sense for the flames? Tanguay has to be moved, as his salary is just too much for them to handle this year. The Flames can afford to bring in 2-3 soon-to-UFAs, and they likely will, but look for the Flames to increase their willingness to deal Tanguay. Ottawa could be a possible destination.

So what about Sundin? I think Detroit is in the lead for him, as they have the prospects and picks to bring him in. Sundin would love to play with Lidstrom and Zetterberg, and Detroit, right now, has the best shot at winning the cup this year. Vancouver right now wants Forsberg, and until they are told he isn't interested, that is where their attention will be. Detroit and Calgary are the two teams with the best shot at Sundin right now, Vancouver is a little behind. I've been told Sundin has no interest in going to San Jose.

LA has called up Cloutier (re-entry waivers) and sent down Aubin. Interesting move, both should easily clear waivers. I am still hearing LA and Ottawa are talking goalie trade. LA is a perfect partner for Ottawa, I really would be shocked if the two didnt complete some sort of deal.

The Leafs have placed Andy Wozneiwski on waivers, harldy the move Toronto fans were hoping for. This will pave the way for McCabe to return tomorrow night. I've been asked why Raycroft still hasn't been waived, and the answer is that Cliff is hopefull he can package him with a Sundin, Antropov, etc. to get him out of the organization and off the payroll completely.

More As It Happens...20 Days Folks, who's excited?