Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Much Needed Update has been updated. It's been forever, but I got a new laptop and it's taken me awhile to transfer all the files and software I needed over. It's done and updates should be a regular thing. With 8-10 games left per team, it's time to make one last stab at final here we go!


1. Boston
2. Washington
3. NJ
4. Philadelphia
5. Pittsburgh
6. NYR
7. Carolina
8. Montreal
9. Florida
10. Ottawa
11. Toronto
12. Buffalo
13. Atlanta
14. Tampa Bay
15. NYI


1. San Jose
2. Detroit
3. Calgary
4. Vancovuer
5. Chicago
6. Columbus
7. Edmonton
8. Minnesota
9. Anaheim
10. St. Louis
11. Nashville
12. Dallas
13. LA
14. Phoenix
15. Colorado

What are your predictions?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wrap Up!

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came to the site today! We had over 350 people in the chat at one point, it was great talking to everyone. beat Hockeybuzz on every single transaction today, and we're free! The longer I do this, the more fun it gets for me and I think the better we get as a whole. This was fun, I cannot wait until July 1st when we will do this all again, bigger and better.

My Thoughts? I am disappointed we didn't see names like Bouwmeester, Pronger, or Kaberle moved, but in the end it was still a very entertaining day.

The Winners?

My winner of the day is Phoenix. They didn't give up anything they couldn't afford to lose, but get a ton of draft picks and young talent that will keep this team competitive for years to come. The Coyotes were almost playoff-bound this year and I think they'll be back in the playoffs next season. Great deay for Phoenix.

Calgary also did a great job. They wanted a D-man and a center, and they got A-Level players in both categories without giving up too much. Great day for Sutter and the Flames.

I will say Edmonton had a great day as well, as getting O'Sullivan and Kotalik for Erik Cole I believe is an awesome trade for a guy that was going to leave anyways.

The Losers?

Montreal couldn't afford to stand pat, and they did. This is a team I think will be a first round exit, let's see if they can prove me wrong.

Philly. This team was in on big name players, and instead got Kyle McLaren (over-paid, over-valued) and Carcillo. Carcillo gives them great, but honestly, I would have preferred the 2nd and Upshall. From what I've read, Flyers fans agree.

What this means?

The East is going to be a lot of fun these last 20 games. I don't think Buffalo did enough to stay in the playoffs, and I think the Rangers needed to do more. Boston could really have used to make a move, and this could hurt them in the playoffs. I think Detroit needed a goalie. I'm pleased with San Jose adding grit.

I'm going to take a few hours to digest this all, and then make my season-ending predictions based on today's moves. Check for that around 10 pm tonight.

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate all of your support, can't wait to do it again! Trade Deadline Coverage

We have been in chat for the last two hours. Make sure to stay on, the chat and the forums for all the latest. Features we have:

Breaking news as it happens
A sportsnet vs. tsn scoreboard
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and much more...

I will be in chat and on the site from 8 am - 5 pm, excluding 1:30-2:30 where I have an un-missable commitment. That said, staff members Yick and TJ will be in chat and on the site updating and getting the latest from myself and other sources.

Today should be fun, let's do this!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Prediction Fun

For those who haven't noticed, the site has been back to fully working since about 11 am this morning...

now, bold predictions. These are not rumours or hearsay, these are just my guesses to what Wednesday could look like. For the latest rumours check the rumour mill and the blueprint...

now for the fun


To Boston: Thomas Kaberle
To Toronto: Phil Kessel and a 1st

I am hearing the Bruins feel Colborne has potential to be the next Thornton. This is a team who has lost a Thornton already, and won't lose another. Kessel has been hot/cold this year (I blame his mono) but the fact is he's been replaced by Wheeler as the teams best young player. The Bruins choose Kaberle over Pronger and JayBo simply because he's the easiest to fit under the cap.

To Montreal: Chris Pronger
To Anaheim: Higgins, Subban and a 1st

Chris Pronger is a perfect fit for Montreal, plus he will replace Komi who isn't likely to re-sign with Montreal. As far as Anaheim goes, they get younger and in the long-term, better.

To Calgary: Ryan Smyth
To Colorado: Leland Irving, 1st round draft pick

Despite the rumours, Ryan Smyth would move on if he had to, and Calgary would be right at the top of his list...right beside Vancouver. Irving would give Colorado a hope for the future in net.

To Montreal: Milan Hejduk
To Colorado: 2nd round pick, Matt D'Agostini

This is Montreals 100th season, they will add both a top d-man and a suitable forward. Hejduk has had good success with Tanguay, and would be a great fit in Montreal.

To Columbus: Nik Antropov, Mike Van Ryn
To Toronto: 1st Round Pick, 2nd round pick, 6th round pick

The Leafs want Columbus' first round pick, but will have to spice up their Antropov deal to get it. Columbus would love a puck moving d-man or two, Van Ryn would be a good pick up for them.

To Chicago: Olli Jokinen
To Phoenix: Duncan Keith, 3rd round pick

Chicago gets the center they badly need, while Phoenix gets some much needed defense.

To Vancouver: Alexei Ponikarovsky, Ian White
To Toronto: 2nd round pick, Alex Burrows

Vancouver gets another scoring winger in Ponikarovsky, who is locked up beyond this season, plus a puck-moving d-man who will be an RFA. The Leafs get a 2nd round pick, which they badly want, plus Burrows, who Burke is high on. Burrows is a UFA, but Burke would like a head start on signing him now.

To Buffalo: Daniel Briere
To Philly: 1st round pick, Nathan Gerbe

Philly will free up cap space they've lacked for several years, while Buffalo will get a player they wish they never let go.

To Philly: Ed Jovanovki
To Phoenix: Ryan Parent, 1st round pick

Phoenix sheds cash, while Phoenix grabs that big d-man they are so hot for.

To Vancouver: Jay Bouwmeester
To Florida: Michael Grabner, Matthias Ohlund, 1st round pick

Vancouver gets the best d-man on the market, while Florida gets a d-man to keep them competitive, as well as building blocks for the future.


so there you have it, feel free to comment on these "deals" in the forums!

We're Back!

After about 14 hours of troubleshooting, re-writing php scripts and a lot of hair being pulled out, is back!

and I dare say better than ever, as we have upgraded our forums to be more stable as well as containing for features.

Stay tuned to over the next few days as rumours will be updated several times a day and we will break the deals as they happen!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Site Down

After attempting to upgrade to a newer version of our forum, the whole site has crashed!

I am in the process of deleting/re-installing the forum, and hopefully when that is done the site will fix it-self.

Stay tuned to the blog for all the latest.

End in sight for Guerin deal

Just got word from a very respected source that Bill Guerin is all but a Philadelphia Flyer. While I cannot confirm this, the source says the Flyers lack the cap room to complete this deal, especially with the activation of Briere over the last 24 hours. It will be interesting to see how the Flyers make this happen. Flyers are still MAJOR players for a puck moving d-man as well. Kaberle, Pronger and Bouwmeester are all on their radar.

Things are really heating are rumours from this mornings rumour mill.


- Kaberle may in fact be the most-wanted player at this years deadline. He is cheaper than Bouwmeester and Pronger, with a longer remaining contract term than both. Recent rumours for Kaberle include:

Kaberle to Boston for Colborne, a 1st and a 3rd, Kaberle to Boston for Kessel and a 1st, Kaberle to Montreal for Higgins and Subban, Kaberle to Philly for Upshall, Van Riemsdyk and a 1st.

- The Dallas Stars are apparently shopping Brad Richards and Mike Ribeiro

- The Blue Jackets continue to pursue Antropov, but are unwilling to give their 1st rounder up unless the Leafs include a player such as Ian White.

- Minnesota is looking likely to deal Backstrom at the deadline. Washington is apparently the front runner.

- The Bruins, Flyers, Leafs and Sens are all interested in Pronger today, with the first two teams trying to get creative and fit the big d-man under the cap. Kaberle is a smarter solution for them

- Jamal Mayers has asked for a trade fromt Toronto if one can be arranged.

- Blue Jackets like Kuba.

- The LA Kings are trying to get Ryan Smyth out of Colorado.

- The Leafs are likely to deal Moore as his contract demands are quite high. One rumour suggests Moore and Blake could be offered as a package.

- The Flyers would like to deal Briere, but nobody with cap space has shown interest at this point.

- The Rangers would move Scott Gomez if they get the chance.


Chat tonight at 10 PM EST