Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fernandez To Boston

For Petr Kalus plus a future fourth-round pick in the NHL draft.

Ottawa News

Pollock should be named new head coach by tomorrow's noon free agent kick off...

Emery is likely heading to a new team. Even if a team doesn't steal him as a RFA, arbitration likely would mean the end for Ray in Ottawa. Fernandez may be the one to come in as a replacement.

More To Come, things are getting busy

One More Day, Rumours a plenty

One more day until it's christmas for the 30 nhl teams. The best UFA crop EVER hits the open market tomorrow, and teams are already armed with their cheque-books. Salaries are about to get back to where they used to be pre-lock out, but dont get me started on how the lockout was a waste of time, we'll save that for when we have less to talk about.

The Leafs, Sens, Canucks, Wings and Habs are all working the phones hard today, trying to free up some cap room for tomorrow.

The Leafs are looking to move Kubina, Raycroft and Kilger to give them some more room to persue big guys. Stajan maybe too, if they can get good return. I'm hearing they would love to add not one, but two wingers tomorrow. Bertuzzi is one of them it appears.

The Sens would love to move Gerber, Shaeffer and/or Corvo. They really want some extra cash to make a serious attempt at Gomez, who they feel would strongly consider calling Ottawa home.

Vancouver wants Kariya I've been told, and are still looking to move Morrison to free up the extra cash. Washington still seems the most likely, though they may wait to see if they can grab Nylander on the market tomorrow.

The Wings are letting go Robert Lang, which frees up a little room, but not enough. They want to bring Schneider back, if they can afford him. Bertuzzi is looking less likely to return, but they would love to add Ryan Smyth. Finding 7 million to offer him, however, is a problem for them.

Montreal was upset the cap didnt go to 52 mil like some expected it to. They now only have about 7 million to offer briere, which will not be enough it seems. They are working the phones, trying to get a few more million free'd up.

I cannot wait for tomorrow. I'll be in the forums starting just before 12, and I'll be in there as long as I possibly can. Come by and chat with me, as we break all the signings and trades (if there are any). Make your home for UFA Day 2007. It will be a busy Sunday tomorrow, no doubts about. For more rumours, check

More if something breaks today..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Waiver Wire

Phoenix has placed Kevyn Adams and Nick Boynton on waivers.

Vancouver has placed Marc Chouinard on waivers.

Some may be bought out if they clear.

Rumours section has been updated on for today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Pitkanen to Carolina for Wallin is close im hearing. I'm also hearing that the Oilers are somehow involved in this trade, maybe with Torres.

Leafs working on deals with Washington and Nashville. Kubina is involved. Eklund confirms this.

Rangers, Sharks, Flyers seem to be final three for Drury. From what I have heard he has told the Sabres that he wont be back. Colorado is in this as well, however.

Vancouver is looking to free up Cap Space. Morrison has been offered to Washington.

Montreal continues to look for a centre. Marleau and Briere are the two they want, but are committed to getting at least one top centre before July is done.

I have set up a rumour Q & A forum in the Hockey Rumours Discussion forum. Feel free to drop by and ask me a question about a player, team or rumour. I will do my best to answer all questions.

It's Almost Frenzy Time

Just a few more days and things will go nuts. I want to first mention that I will be in the forums all day long on Sunday holding a Q & A chat inside the forum. You will have to be a member of the forums to post and view the topic, so please sign up for the forums ASAP to be prepared. July 1st promises to be a crazy day.

The Leafs have Jason Blake, Ryan Smyth and Paul Kariya on their radar. Talk has them interested in lower-end UFA's as well, such as Todd White and Kyle Calder. While his name has not come up at all, I expect the Leafs to make a significant push for Nagy as well as the bigger name players. Landing a Nagy and a Kariya isnt out of the question.

Dallas Drake has cleared waivers and will be bought out by St. Louis.

Phoenix is making a push for Manny Fernandez as Boston is having trouble meeing Minnesota's asking price.

Chicago continues to be in the market for a center, and will offer Briere, Drury and Gomez large contracts. With that said, it is doubtful any of them will become Blackhawks.

Regehr could be finished in Calgary. With the aquiring of Aucoin, some believe Regehr will be on the move. Watch New Jersey on this one.

Make sure to check for all the latest news and rumours, and make sure to join the forums!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hockey Leaks 2007 Draft Coverage

Here is a summary of the first round of the draft. Picks will be updated periodically, so keep refreshing your page. Draft day trades will be announced on the bottom of this post as well as in TradeLeaks.

  1. CHI - RW Patrick Kane
  2. PHI - LW James Van Riemsdyk
  3. PHX - C Kyle Turris
  4. LAK - D Thomas Hickey
  5. WSH - D Karl Alzner
  6. EDM - C Sam Gagner
  7. CBJ - RW Jakub Voracek
  8. BOS - C Zack Hamill
  9. SJS (from STL) - C Logan Couture
  10. FLA - D Keaton Ellerby
  11. CAR - C Brandon Sutter
  12. MON - D Ryan McDonagh
  13. STL (from SJS/TOR) - C Lars Eller
  14. COL - D Kevin Shattenkirk
  15. EDM (from NYI) - D Alex Plante
  16. MIN (from ANA/TBL) - C Colton Gillies
  17. NYR - RW Alexei Cherepanov
  18. STL (from CAL) - D Ian Cole
  19. ANA (from MIN) - C Logan MacMillan
  20. PIT - C Angelo Esposito
  21. EDM (from PHX/DAL) - C Riley Nash
  22. MON (from SJS) - LW Max Pacioretty
  23. NAS - D Jonathan Blum
  24. CAL (from STL/ATL) - C Mikael Backlund
  25. VAN - C Patrick White
  26. STL (from SJS/NJD) - RW David Perron
  27. DET - D Brendan Smith
  28. SJS (from WAS/BUF) - D Nick Petrecki
  29. OTT - C Jim O'Brien
  30. PHX (from EDM/ANA) - D Nick Ross


1. SJS gets 1st round pick (conditional), 2nd round pick in 2008, 4th round pick in 2009
TOR gets G Vesa Toskala and LW Mark Bell

2. FLA gets G Tomas Vokoun
NAS gets 1st round pick in 2008, 2nd round pick in 2007, 2nd round pick (conditional)

3. SJS gets 1st round pick in 2007
STL gets 1st round pick in 2007 (from TOR), 2nd round pick in 2007, 2nd round pick in 2008

4. ANA gets 1st round pick in 2007, 2nd round pick in 2007
MIN gets 1st round pick in 2007

5. CAL gets 1st round pick in 2007 (from ATL), 3rd round pick in 2007
STL gets 1st round pick in 2007

6. EDM gets 1st round pick in 2007 (from DAL)
PHX gets 1st round pick in 2007 (from ANA), 2nd round pick in 2007

7. SJS gets 1st round pick in 2007 (from BUF)
WSH gets 2nd round pick in 2007, 2nd round pick in 2008

Hockey Leaks Draft Coverage Begins at 7:00 PM EST

It is I, your long lost blogger Yick. With CJ unable to cover draft day, I will take over and provide you with al the information about the first round of the draft as well as any trades that might take place.

Two trades have already taken place today: Vesa Toskala and Mark Bell going to Toronto in exchange for a conditional 1st-round pick, a 2nd-round pick next year, and a fourth round pick in 2009. Tomas Vokoun was also traded to Florida in exchange for a first round pick next year, a second round pick this year, and a second round pick either this year or next year.

Stick around, draft coverage begins in half an hour.

Leaf Trade Fall-Out

Fernandez to Boston is looking VERY likely at this hour. The Bruins wanted Toskala but will settle for Fernandez and his larger salary.

Dave Tallen says he will keep his first pick, but Tampa Bay is still trying to get it off of him.

Buffalo is trying hard to deal for Philly's second round pick. This is something to keep an eye on.

Some confusion, as many are emailing me saying "toskala is an RFA? Is that why the Leafs are working on an extention with him?"...nope, Toskala will be a 1.375 cap hit for this season. The Leafs will look to extend him for another 2-3 years. Like I've said in our forums (which will be draft central tonight, unfortunatly I will not be around until after 11), this is a great deal for Toronto, they are a much better team right now.

Raycroft is being quietly shopped right now, and the Leafs would still love to move a defenseman. I don't think Ferguson is done yet.

It's going to be an exciting day. For more rumours, check the Rumour Mill at, it was updated today and has some of the latest rumours I am hearing. Enjoy the draft and all the action that is about to happen.

Leafs Aquire Toskala, Bell

The Maple Leafs have aquired Vesa Toskala and Mark Bell from the San Jose Sharks for a first round pick in 2007, a second round pick in 2007 and a fourth round pick in 09.

Expect a blog in 25 mins or so with thoughts, and rumours

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Aucoin To Calgary, Richards To Chicago Soon?

The flames have aquired Adrian Aucoin from the Chicago Blackhawks. No word yet on who is going the other way, check for all the latest. This is a salary dump by the Blackhawks, who have their eye on bringing in Brad Richards from Tampa Bay. This is close, very close.

JS Giguere is the first of the big-names to re-sign with his club. 6 a year, four year deal. For those who can't do the math...four years, 24 million total.

The Leafs have re-signed Carlo Colaiacovo to a new three year deal worth just under 1.3 million per season. I am hearing Kubina or McCabe are dealt this weekend or prior to July 1st. Stajan is also being dangled this weekend, while Dallas is pressing hard to get Steen from Toronto. The Leafs continue to look for another goalie.

Four teams have inquired about Wade Redden, Edmonton and Detroit are two of them. The Sens will only deal Redden if they can't get him signed long-term.

The Phoenix Coyotes are trying to get Fernandez out of Minnesota, and have offered Nick Boynton. Toronto, Tampa Bay and Boston are in these talks as well. Boston is also talking to San Jose about Toskala, and is offering a package that includes one of their two current goalies, likely Hannu.

Expect the next few days to be crazy. The Oilers are really pressing to make a deal, as they have three first rounders. A lot of action is expected tomorrow and Saturday. I unfortunatly have to work tomorrow night during the draft, but I am hopeful someone will be here covering the draft.

Also, remember we have items up for auction that we are selling to raise money for the site. Please go here and bid on some of these, it will help us a lot!

More Information Later, as it comes in.

Please Help Us!

As we head into a busy off-season, things are about to get very busy around here. We want to make improvements, but they wont be cheap. To help raise money I am selling many very rare hockey cards from this past season, including many rookie cards, including malkin. All money raised by selling these cards will go into a new site, that will hopefully launch in time for next season. Please check out the auctions here:

If you win an auction, please let me know you are a hockeyleaks reader and I will give you a discount on shipping! Thank you

Lots of rumours coming tonight, I'm working on some good ones.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

News and Notes

First off, thank you all for coming back to, our numbers have skyrocketed once again since sunday, when the rumours were brought back and the UFA preview went up. I often get emails during the playoffs or after the trade deadline that say "Eklund is still doing UFA previews, and trade rumours, why are you not?"...the truth is, things don't happen like that. If I were to post rumours in April or May, they would be guesses. While sure, a few teams may have an idea of who they would be interested in come July 1st, there is too much time between. This is the first week we can really start to put rumours out and them actually mean something. This is the week things start to happen, it's exciting for all of us, and we hope you stick around here to find out what happens.

Mats Sundin has signed a one year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs, it is worth 5.5 million. The caption of the team wants to go on one-year deals from now on, so that if he is forced to retire, his team is not on the hook. 5.5 million is alslo 800,000 less than his cap hit would have been this year if he had had his option picked up. Great move by the team and Sundin, lets just hope JFJ finds Sundin some offense to work with.

Pierre Turgeon has apparently called it a career. While nothing is official yet, we should here something official by the end of the day.

Finally, the draft is just over a week away, but I will be unable to cover it. I will be at work, and cannot get the day off. Fear not though, this problem will be fixed, and someone will be here covering the draft and all it's happenings. If only they had stuck with the Saturday/Sunday schedule...Friday Night Draft? We'll see what thats like.

Email me at for all questions, comments or ideas. We're always looking for new writers, and we're still looking for some re-design help. I respond to all emails, so feel free to drop me a line. Have a good tuesday

Monday, June 11, 2007

Trade Winds Are Blowing...

As we approach the draft, several teams are looking to free up cap room to either make a bigger trade, or sign a big name free agent (and if you've checked out our top 35 list, there are a lot of tem). With this activity, the rumours are starting to swirl.

The Leafs would love to move one of their two high-priced defenseman. Freeing up the 5+ million that both Kubina and McCabe make would allow them to not only bring in one big name UFA, but maybe two. McCabe would likely only go to the Islanders, as he has a no movement restriction in his contract. Don't think for a second that the Islanders wouldn't want him, they do. The Leafs would want good return for him, maybe a first round draft pick plus a prospect. As for Kubina, he does not have a NTC, meaning he could be dealt anywhere. St. Louis tried hard to sign him last summer before he signed with Toronto, while a new rumour suggests the Leafs and Blue Jackets had talked about a trade involving Kubina and Zherdev. Toronto's blue line should be watched very closely, because they have a lot of guys signed to one way deals back there. Last count: 9 if you count Colaiacovo, who is just days away from being re-upped.

What about Ottawa? The Sens wont have that much wiggle room left once July 1st rolls around, and they would love to do some shopping this summer. While dealing Gerber would be optimal, it will also be tough. Wade Redden to Edmonton rumours are going crazy, Cogliano would be part of any deal. Watch this one.

Montreal could deal Saku Koivu as well, don't count this out.

Finally, keep an eye on the Lightning. They would really like to grab Giguere, but have no cap room to even sign a cheaper goalie such as Hasek or Belfour. One of the big three is on the move from what I hear. Vinny is the only one without a NTC, but how do you trade one of the league's top scorers, and the best of your big three? Martin St. Louis to Chicago for Khabibulin is in the whispers again, while Brad Richards to Montreal for Huet is also being swirled around.

The next 20 days could have a few interesting stories to unfold. When July 1st rolls around, there will be a few teams with a little more cap room to spend thanks to a pre-july trade.

Speaking of the cap, I'm hearing it will be between 50.4 and 52.8 million. We will find this out soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Free Agency 07 Starts Now!

The free agency section of is up now, please go check it up. Rumours are also updated, and you can expect new updates each and every day on both those sections. All buy-outs / RFA's not qualified will be added to the top UFA list, which currently sits at 35.

Also, the forums are back up so make sure to go back there. If you are not a member yet, please sign up as we have some great topics always going there.

Enjoy whats left of your weekend

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Site Update Coming / Web Designer Needed

I plan on spending part of tonight and hopefully tomorrow doing the free agent 07 page. I hope to have it ready for Monday, so look for that. The Daily Rumour Mill will also return on Monday, and the site will be updated daily starting Monday. The free agent 07 page will kick off with my top 25 free agents and where they are rumoured to be heading. Once July hits it will be updated as the deals happen. For those here on the trade deadline, we expect to have a similar set up for free agent day, with the up to the second tracker.

The forums are currently down and I dont' know why, hopefully that gets cleared up ASAP.

With the busy period coming up, we'd love to add more writers to the team, so please email me at if your interested.

Also, I'd love to get someone to re-design the site for us. I'd love someone to offer their help free of charge, but if you are a web-designer with reasonable rates please contact me as well. The site makes no money but I can pay you out of my own pocket if necessary. Proposals of what you'd like to do to the site are appreciated with your email. I want to take to the next level but I need help getting there!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Cup, The Buy Ouy, and The Re-Sign...

We start with the Stanley Cup, which could be given out tonight. Anaheim is 7-0 when they are at home and have a chance to finish off a series, i like those odds. Giguere will win MVP if/when the Ducks win. Sorry Sens fans, but the end is near. I'm going to predict a 4-2 Ducks win.

Yashin was bought out today, which leaves the Islanders with quite the cap hit. 2.2 million will be held against the cap for the next eight seasons! Thats a long time...For some reason I see Yashin going west, Colorado or Detroit...

The Leafs have re-signed Antropov to a 2 year deal worth around 4 million dollars. 2 million a year is too much, but the Leafs should be alright as the latest rumours have the cap going as high as 52 million next season. Big things will happen in Leaf land, we could see it prior to July 1st through trades, Draft day will be very exciting (Oilers are expected to make a few big draft day trades)...

Watch the game tonight, it will be a great one.

Monday, June 04, 2007

UFA Preview - Part 1

Here is an early look at what could be coming over the next 45 days. Things will change from now until July 1st, so stay tuned, things are about to pick up...


Paul Kariya – Ever since joining the Nashville Predators, Paul Kariya has once again become one of the elite in the NHL. That being said, Kariya is getting older and the cup is on his mind. A return to Nashville is doubtful, as the lack of playoff success as well as the team’s lack of local attention are not things Kariya is happy with. A return to Anaheim seems most likely, while Vancouver would love to bring the skilled winger home.

J.S. Giguere – While he may be a playoff MVP, the Ducks may take a pass on the all-world goalie. With big contracts to their big defenseman already signed, it looks like Giguere may be a cap casualty for the Ducks. Detroit would love to have bring him in, and seem to be the early front-runner. The Kings are a long shot to bring in Giguere, while Tampa Bay could only dream about finding cap space to afford him.

Chris Drury – Drury has been one of the best players in the league for awhile now, and this season he once again took his game to another level. The Sabres will try hard to bring him back, but they will have steep competition. Philadelphia would love to bring him in to help re-build a contender, while Colorado would love to bring Drury back into their fold.

Peter Forsberg – From what I’ve heard, there are two options here: Philadelphia and Colorado. Sweden isn’t as likely as many of you have heard, at this point I am feeling Philly lands him.

Daniel Briere – Some feel he’s the best UFA on the market, but I believe it’s too close to call. Either way, Briere will attract a lot of attention from a lot of teams. As with Drury, the Sabres would love to hold on to him, but it will be tough. Once again, the Flyers are very interested in bringing in Danny, and are the early favorites to land him. Montreal also has a lot of interest, while Detroit and Toronto could get involved in this as well. Let the bidding begin.

Ladislav Nagy - Nagy started off slow in Dallas but eventually found form, is it enough for Dallas to hang on to him? The Stars will make an offer, but can they compete with eastern teams such as Toronto, Montreal and Pittsburgh? All three of these teams went hard after Nagy prior to the deadline, so it’s expected they’ll be back in the race for the winger. Colorado, Detroit and Chicago are teams in the west expected to make solid pitches.

Ryan Smyth – While Edmonton was thought to be out of the race, they are said to be back in it. Calgary and Vancouver are also very much in this, Toronto and Buffalo as well.

Sheldon Souray – The LA Kings have been the rumoured team for the past year, and nothing has changed. Anaheim would love to have him, but they may find better ways to spend their money. Don’t count out the Sharks either. As for Montreal, I don’t see them finding a way to fit him in.

Bill Guerin – Back to St. Louis for Bill it seems…

Jason Blake – Toronto and Anaheim are the early favourites in this race, while it is very unlikely Blake returns to the Island. Nashville and New Jersey are two other teams I would watch in this one, and Pittsburgh I’m hearing is starting to ask questions about what it would take to bring him in.

Scott Gomez – At this point, New Jersey appears to be a long-shot. Gomez may be the most under-rated UFA out there. His name has been kept quiet, and where he ends up is anyone’s guess. You can expect it’s with a team who is close to winning, as Gomez has been a winner his entire career. Early whispers have been Ottawa and Detroit.

Brendan Shanahan – I’d expect the Rangers to do what it takes to bring him back, but if not I believe he’ll enter the North-East division.

Teemu Selanne – If he didn’t stay in Anaheim, I’d be shocked.

Curtis Joseph – He’s publicly stated he’ll play for two teams: Toronto and Phoenix. Both teams have interest in the goalie, but will also see what else is available.

Dominik Hasek – While many feel Tampa and Detroit are big Dom’s only two options, I’ve heard otherwise. Phoenix has some interest, while Toronto has also been in Dom’s rumour world over the past few weeks. Tampa is my guess at this point.

Brad Stuart – Calgary may have a hard time keeping the defenseman. San Jose would love to get this guy back, while the Kings have heavy interest in him as well.

Eric Lindros – A return in Dallas is likely, though Calgary is another team said to be ready to make an offer to the large centre.

Todd Bertuzzi – The Wings are interested in keeping him, but with Bertuzzi, price is key. Big Bert publicly said last season that he’d love to play in Toronto, and that is very possible. Montreal, NYR and Boston are all rumoured at this point as well.

Gary Roberts – Toronto, Ottawa, Pittsburgh. These are the only teams you should expect to see in the Roberts hunt.

Tom Priessing – Ottawa will do what it takes to bring him back as he’s quickly become a large part of this team. Should July 1st come and Priessing still be a free agent, there will be countless teams in the bidding for the power-play quarterback.