Monday, February 06, 2006


In case you didn't check the forums, due to a death in my family updates will be happening at irregular times until Wednesday, when things will be back to normal. Remember to check the rumour mill several times a day as it is updated as things come in. Here is today's rumour mill rumours :

- Montreal would love to get their hands on Brad Richards. That beings said, Theodore is not going to end up in Tampa Bay. Doesn't mean a trade can't happen, it just makes things more difficult

- Samsonov is still likely to be traded, even though Boston is making a late season charge. I heard Toronto may be one team that gets him, while LA and Phoenix are two other teams that will really make a push

- Nashville is looking for a physical defenseman. Witt, Carney, Salei are all options

- Atlanta GM has guarenteed that the Thrashers will make the playoffs. Look for him to make a deal to make sure this happens

In addition to that, I am hearing strong rumours that Anaheim is expected to make a deal before the Olympic break. I am looking into this...

Site News : The columns section is getting a face lift, and should be fully redone by the weekend, or early next week. We have a few new writers coming in, so keep checking the columns section to see if anything new has been added! Also, new forums are in the works! Not sure how long it will take us to install them or figure out how to use them, but server-based forums are on the way, so that is exciting! Anyways, have a great night!