Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fantasy Anyone?

I'm thinking of setting up an official Hockeyleaks Yahoo league with a live draft, if you want in email me at They fill up fast usually so email me soon.

Looking at the PPFL standings today, I see a lot of people who will be hurt by Souray's injury. Daniel Laframboise's team 1 is currently winning with 62 points, but it's still early! Bob Adamski, the two time PPFL champ, had a strong night last night and he's always one to watch! Both my teams sit 12 points back with 52 points, and to think, I didnt pick a player twice, thats consistant!

The site has been updated, and a reminder that rumours are now updated daily so make sure to check them out. A lot of great games tonight, should be a lot of fun to watch. Make sure to check the betting zone for my best bets. If you were playing $5 a day on daily double, through six days you'd be up $25, as I'm 5-1! Tonight will be tough though, as it's Detroit over San Jose, and I always find it hard to bet against the Sharks, but here it goes, i've done it!

Thats all for now, more later if something breaks, and make sure to check out and it's forums for all the latest.