Monday, May 31, 2010

The Stanley Cup

Sorry I'm a few days behind, but what a start to the Stanley Cup finals. 11 goals? Nobody was expecting that. Both the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers have a strong core of forwards up front, and if game one showed us anything, it's that this series will be a close one. Both teams also have relatively unknown goaltenders, so it will be interesting to see who steps up and who falters.

As for my prediction, it's very hard for me to say anything else but the Blackhawks will win the cup. This team has waited longer than anyone else for their "next" cup victory and this young group of kids, not to mention Hossa, deserves it. Hawks in 6.

Finally, I know things have been slower than usual but do not fear, many updates are coming.

I am pleased to announce that following the conclusion of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals, Hockeyleaks 5.0 will be launched. New Design, New Columnists, New Media Player featuring podcasts, interviews, etc. and much more will launch along with the site. I've been working with the designer who created the original layout back in 2005 and both of us are very excited for the future.

If you are interested in writing a weekly column for, please send me an email at

We will be your best source for all the latest news and rumours heading towards the draft and July 1, 2010.