Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nightmare In Philadelphia

Some predicted to the Flyers to miss the playoffs, but i don't think anyone thought they could be this bad. After 8 games the Flyers find themselves in dead last in the entire NHL, putting together a record of 1-6-1. Three of their starting players have already been placed on waivers, two of which were sent down the AHL. I'm hearing Hitchcock will be very lucky to make it through the Weekend, while Clarke could be on his way out soon as well. If Hitchcock does indeed get fired, who replaces him? Wouldn't it be funny watching a Pat Quinn coached Flyer team? We all know how close Clarke and Quinn are...The Flyers now don't play again until Thursday. We'll see how many changes take place over the next five days.

On the other end, how about those Sabres? They go into Boston tonight looking for their 8th straight win. This season already has a lot of stories, both good and bad. Great starts for teams like Anaheim and Buffalo were expected, but to have teams like Toronto, Chicago and Minnesota playing so well and proving doubters wrong, this is fun. Also, Ottawa currently sits 14th in the East and tied for 29th in the NHL. You have to wonder what is going on in Ottawa, and how they will turn this around. It could be another rough night for Ottawa tonight as they face New Jersey, who has been stellar early on this season.

I got a lot of emails this morning in response to Eklund's "Glen Murray for Nabokov" rumour, and I will say that this has been floating around for several days now. At this point I'd say it's speculation, and with Nabokov playing so well right now, I'd be surprised if San Jose would move him this early. Like I said a few days ago, as soon as one starting NHL goalie goes down with injury, the price of Nabokov, Giguere and Biron sky rockets. I think all three of these teams will wait until they can really cash in

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