Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One More Sleep...

I feel like I'm five again, just excited to go to sleep because I know when I wake up, the start of the NHL season will be upon us! I know I have my tickets for the Leafs' home opener tomorrow, and I hope some of you out there get a chance to catch a home opener as well, it's going to be a blast.

The Devils seem to be pretty much home free with Mogilny's contract not counting against the cap, however, I still see them moving a defenseman (either Martin or Rafalski) because things are still tight, and unless Gionta takes a huge discount price (I'm hearing whatevr deal he signs will be a long one, six years) the Devils will be so close to the cap it will be dangerous.

Rumours are flying that Marc Andre Fleury could be dealt to Pittsburgh for Jack Johnson and either Labarbera or Garon. At this point, Thibault has looked much better than Fleury, and the Pens are starting to get frustrated.

For you Leaf fans, they will submit their final roster at 3 pm today. Suglobov will make the team, and Battaglia and Harrison are both likely to stick around, at least until Kubina is un-suspended and Antropov is back from injury. They will also keep all three goalies up, with hopes of trading one in the next two weeks. I've heard Vancouver offered Cooke for Tellqvist and a pick, but the Leafs just don't have the cap room.

Thanks to all who have entered the power play fantasy league, if you still want in, I have extended the deadline until 12 am tonight, just incase a few of you forgot yesterday!!

Also thanks for all the offers of web help! I have talked to several of you, and I am hopeful we can have a new hockeyleaks.com website up very soon! Hockey's back, and I can't wait!