Monday, December 11, 2006

Hockeyleaks Version 3.0?

Well it's actually the same as the original, well not quite....because the original hockeyleaks was just a blog, the we had a site, then we added Tradeleaks and The Rumour Mill...then we added injuries and chat...then we re-did Tradeleaks...

After all of that hard work, and amazing hit counts from our readers, we decided it was time to move on to a new layout, one that looked better. Unfortunatly, the content suffered from our new look, and things havent been as good for us or our readers since. For this reason, we have gone back to our roots, with the design that made us what we are today. It wasn't easy re-doing the site and putting it back to the way it was, but we've done it and couldn't be happier. So check out the site, and enjoy! Power Rankings will be up by the end of this week, I promise! We are also looking for a fantasy writer, as well as columnists, so let me know if your interested!! is where you can reach me :)