Friday, December 08, 2006

Leetch, Bondra and Site Update

Brian Leetch is still a UFA, and now it's being rumoured that he will return after the all-star break. The Bruins were said to be interested, but they're defense is playing great, and Leetch doesn't really fit in with what Boston has going. The Rangers are very interested still, and Toronto is another team who may look into bringing Leetch back, whenever that may be. I'd say Rangers are most likely, while I still wouldn't count Ottawa out of it yet either.

Rumour tonight has Bondra talking to the Canucks. While I cannot confirm these talks, I've heard this from two sources, plus a hockeyleaks reader. I'll keep my ears and eyes open.

Finally, I am strongly considering moving the site back to the old design for the time being. I just feel that I'll be able to update it more often and provide better information, more often. Right now I only use the blog to update you with rumours, simply because the other site is a pain in the behind to update, and things are hard to locate. Expect to see changes within the next week.

If you signed up for the powerplay fantasy league, please email me at and I will send payment information. The person in charge of the league sent it out once, and it didn't work. Since then he's been lazy and hasnt done it know what they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Also email me at that address if your interested in helping with the new website will be in basic HTML. Enjoy your Friday night everyone.