Friday, March 30, 2007

92 Point Theory

The theory is, if you get 92 points in the east you will make the playoffs. So here is a look at what the teams in the race have to do in their remaining games to pull this off.

6th - NYR must go 2-2-1 in their final 5 games to make the playoffs
7th - TB must go 3-2 in their final 5 games to make the playoffs
8th - MTL must go 3-2 in their final 5 games to make the playoffs
9th - TOR must go 3-1-1 in their final 5 games to make the playoffs
10th - NYI must go 4-2(or 3-1-2) or in their final 6 games to make the playoffs
11th - CAR must go 3-0-2 in their final 5 games to make the playoffs

I will update you now daily with this race and what has happened as well as what needs to happen. Tonight is a crucial night in the east playoff race

TB @ CAR - Tampa Bay can pretty much take Carolina out of the playoff picture with a regulation win tonight. If your a fan of any team in the race, you want Carolina to win this one, as you want Tampa to stay right where they are. Carolina cannot lose in regulation if they wish to make the playoffs (unless they go 4-1 which seems unlikely), so giving them a win tonight wont hurt. A tampa regulation loss would give Toronto and Montreal games in hand, and with a win by either they'd pass Tampa Bay and be ahead of Carolina. I predict this a close battle, but I think Carolina will take it, they have two blowout losses to motivate them, and there season is on the line.

MTL @ OTT - A win tonight could put Montreal up into 6th spot, while a loss would still keep them in 8th. The Habs have won 5 straight but I like Ottawa in this game. Montreal is in for a rough weekend as they play Buffalo tomorrow night. Two wins this weekend would likely put them in the playoffs, while two losses and they will be really in a tough spot heading into the final three games of the season. If your a Habs fan, your hoping for a split.

NYI @ BUF - So it came out today that DiPietro has suffered two mild concussions in the last two weeks, not good news for the Islanders' playoff hopes. Dunham will get the start. I'd expect Buffalo to win this one, but the Islanders should put up a fight. A loss will leave them even in 10th place, while a win would put them in 9th, ahead of Toronto by a point, while they would either be tied or behind by Montreal by a maximum of two points, with a game in hand on the Habs. Islanders play Ottawa tomorrow, and if they don't have DiPietro for that one, well it may not be pretty. Bad injury at the worst possible time. After this weekend series of hell, they play Toronto on Tuesday, where the season could be decided depending on how the Leafs fair Saturday against Pittsburgh and Sunday against the Rangers.

Leafs and Rangers have the night off tonight, both will be back in action tomorrow night. Leafs are at home to the Penguins while the Rangers hit the road to face Philly. Both games should be battles. Tampa hosts Washington (remember last time these teams faced? no win is guarenteed at this time of the year) tomorrow as well. Wins by Tampa and Montreal tonight would give them some much needed distance, however, losses by both and we have a race too close to call.