Thursday, March 01, 2007

Site Update...and looking for Web Designers...

First of all, the site has been updated today and we have several new articles up, including a pair from our two newest writers so please check them out. staff member Yick has been kind enough to create a UFA/RFA list for us, so I will be posting that here in a few days...I will let you all have a few more days to recover.

We are looking for someone to help us design a new page. I have in my head the perfect design for but I have no design skills to put it into action. We'd obviously love to find someone who would love to donate their time and skills, so we'd love to hear from people willing to help us out for free (though I can promise anyone willing to help on a new site would get free inside information for as long as Hockeyleaks is around that I can't publically say..)...but even if you are a web designer that would absolutlely have to charge for me your services contact me and we can talk, as I really do want a really great design even if I have to spend money on it. is where I want you to contact me