Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Look To The Future

Hockeyleaks will continue to grow as we head towards the 07-08 season. Here is what you can expect:

- More Q&A's. We've already aquired a few Q&A interviews, and once the site "re-launches" within the next week or so, we will begin posting them once a week or so. The first one will be with Logan Couture, San Jose's first round pick this season.

- A New Betting Section. It will a new section where you will get recommends on who to pick for that nights games. Three sections: A for sure win, your best chance to double your money, and my pick of the night. A lot of people always ask me for my advice when betting on hockey, so I decided to try this as a regular section. This will debut at the start of the season.

- Mail bag section: I will be getting you guys to write in with your thoughts on the league and hockey in general. I will also publically write responses on the website. This section will be updated once a week

- More Columnists, and more columns written on a regular basis. We are going to be re-doing our entire writing staff, bringing some back and adding some new names. This is one of our main focus'.

- Weekly Power Rankings

and of coarse you will get the same rumour and trade coverage you've been getting from us over the past two years.

what do you guys want? and what do you think of the new additions that are coming? Please email me at