Friday, June 20, 2008

Leafs Aquire Mayers

The Leafs have traded a third round pick to the St. Louis Blues for forward Jamal Mayers. To me, this means Tucker is on his way out of Toronto, as they are very similar players. The Leafs have had interest in Mayers since before deadline of 07, it's interesting that Fletcher made a deal JFJ came close to making several times.

Bryan McCabe is not likely to waive his NTC, and according to his agent there is no deal that Bryan would accept. This is a ploy to get McCabe bought out, something the team has no intentions of doing. At this point, Kubina to the Sharks seems very likely.

Unfortunatly I have to work my real job tomorrow night, and will not be around to cover the draft. Hockeyleaks' own Colin Lim will be at the draft, so hopefully sometime next week he will be able to give a report on what it was like to be there. I will set up a "Draft Chat" in the forum, for all of you to discuss the happenings. I will be posting rumours and any deals that happen tomorrow before 3 pm EST.

Here is the blog I wrote earlier today that wasn't posted due to Blogger being down..


Talking to sources today, it is my greatest opinion that there could be earthquakes in Ottawa this weekend. I've never heard so many big names (and I mean BIG) being mentioned.

Ottawa is looking to move Jason Spezza. They have offered him in a package with emery and their own pick to the Kings for the second overall pick, and a roster player (some believe its Cammy). They have also offered Spezza to the Thrashers in exchange for their third overall pick. There is more to that deal but I dont have details. Ottawa has lost Chara and Redden now, and want one of the premier defensemen in this draft to help replace that void.

The Pens are also shopping Malkin, as they are expected to re-sign Hossa. The Kings are the team in the spotlight, with the 2nd overall pick and Cammy going the other way. Malkin would fit great in LA with frolov, brown and a group of great young defensemen.

The Panthers WILL trade Jokinen I've been told. The Flames are the team to watch, in a deal that could involve Tanguay. The Canucks are also offering their 10th overall pick + for him.

I am still hearing McCabe could go this weekend. All the media outlets are saying he won't be moved until later in the summer, but Fletcher has to move of McCabe or Kubina, and this has to be done before July 1st so the team knows exactly how much money they have to spend. Kubina will be moved if needed, but his stellar play late last season means whoever wants him may have to take Raycroft as well.

The Red Wings are very interested in getting the rights to Sundin, though that doesnt have to happen this weekend.

More Later...