Monday, June 30, 2008

Crazy Sunday

Sunday is usually a slow day. Today has been anything but.

Edmonton sends Stoll and Greene to LA for Visnovsky. LOVE this move for both teams. Visnovsky is going to be replaced by Doughty anyways, while Stoll gives them another great forward. The Oilers get the puck moving defenseman they've been looking for. I'm being told Pitkanen is on his way out, and could even be dealt before July 1st. Montreal and Ottawa have great interest in him.

Tampa signs Malone and Roberts as reported by myself earlier in the day. Now they've aquired the rights to Rolston. It's too soon to tell if he'll sign, but don't count it out. Roberts and Malone are huge pick ups for the Lightning, Rolston would be as well. Tampa is looking around the league for a goaltender, they are not done shopping.

Foote and Liles have re-signed in Colorado, taking two more big name defenseman off the market. I'm starting to wonder if there will be anyone for teams to sign on Tuesday.

I know the big media outlets are saying Sundin's decision is still a ways away, but I think they are just playing it safe. Tomorrow is a very big day for this whole process. If Sundin signs tomorrow with the Habs, the Leafs get something in return. He doesnt want to leave the Leafs with nothing, especially after burning them at the deadline. If Sundin makes it to July 1st, the chances of him staying a Leaf are decent, though still less than 50/50. I think tomorrow he signs, but thats just a hunch.

Tomorrow has potential to be a very large day. A lot of RFAs and UFAs rights are being shopped. A lot of teams had Sunday night deadlines, and teams may get into bidding wars tomorrow. With the rights of Rolston going tonight, I fully expect someone to finally give San Jose what they want for Campbell's rights. Tomorrow should be fun