Friday, January 02, 2009

Remember When...

Remember when the Dallas Stars were just two points out of a playoff spot, with games in hand? Well thats the situation we are in right now. This team is going to make the playoffs, and could do damage once their in it.

Great work by the NHL yesterday with the winter classic. The game featured scoring, great plays, big really couldn't have gone any better for the NHL.

Alex Tanguay out for six weeks is a huge crutch for the Habs to overcome. They are also without Higgins, Price, Koivu and others, this is just one more obstacle for this team to overcome. They will, but the hill just got that much steeper.

Gaborik is done for at least ten tack that on to the three months he's already missed. Taking the surgery now was a great move on his part though. He will return sometime in late march, maybe help the Wild into the playoffs, and be in top form for just long enough to get some offseason attention. This guy is still going to be one of the biggest fish in the sea come July 1st.

There are some rumours out there today, including more on the Blue Jackets/Leafs deal, so check out the rumour mill for the latest.