Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sundin, Staal, Kaberle

Those are the three names making the biggest news today.

Sundin made his return last night against the Oilers. He went pointless, but the Canucks won the game. I wonder how many games Sundin can go pointless for before he gets heat from the fans and entire NHL world?

Jordan Staal got a new contract from the Penguins today. 4 years / 16 million dollars. In my opinion, he's not a $4 million dollar player, and the penguins can't afford to pay him this.

Thomas Kaberle made the allstar team today, and it's also come out that he's willing to waive his NTC. Before everyone jumps on the Kaberle to Columbus rumours, I am hearing Kaberle wants to go somewhere that is guarenteed to be in the playoffs should he be traded...more on this below.

Before I jump into the rumours I want to apologize for me jumping the gun yesterday on the Ottawa Situation. I was told by a source, and confirmed the news with a few others. Other outlets, such as the Ottawa Citizen and quickly jumped on this as well. In this industry, when you get word of something this big you jump on it. Sometimes you're right (I have been the first to break many things, like the Sean Avery trade to the Rangers, like the Zubrus trade to New Jersey), and sometimes you're not entirely correct (as I was yesterday). There is substance to this story, and I still believe something similar will go down in Ottawa soon. Only time will tell for sure.

Now to the rumours:

Jordan Staal could still be traded. In fact, one source told me today they believe he signed to up his trade value. The Penguins are in terrible shape right now, and cannot afford to go south. This is a team said to be in their prime, and in no way, shape or form can the Penguins afford to regress from their Stanley Cup appearance last year. Staal is the most moveable piece they have, and they continue to shop him despite signing him to a brand new contract.

Thomas Kaberle is all but an ex-leaf at this point. With his permission, Burke will now begin to shop the defenseman around the league. With that said, don't expect Kaberle to go anywhere until around the trade deadline. Kaberle loves Toronto, but will move on if it means a shot at a Stanley Cup. Early teams in the Kaberle race include Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Minnesota, Phoenix, New Jersey, Washington and yes, Philly still wants him. Columbus and Carolina are two teams I also see putting feeler offers in for him.

A rumour popped up recently involving Liles and Svatos going from Colorado to Ottawa. I don't believe this one, as I don't see what Ottawa possibly could offer Colorado (beyond their first round pick) for these established players. With that said, I know for a fact Colorado has inquired about Jason Spezza.

Jagr to New Jersey? Forget about it...

Mattheiu Schneider will be traded by Atlanta before the deadline this year. Montreal likes this vet, as does Minnesota.

Mike Comrie is another player on the move before the deadline. I'm hearing Minnesota, New Jersey and a possible Edmonton return.

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