Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wrap Up!

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came to the site today! We had over 350 people in the chat at one point, it was great talking to everyone. beat Hockeybuzz on every single transaction today, and we're free! The longer I do this, the more fun it gets for me and I think the better we get as a whole. This was fun, I cannot wait until July 1st when we will do this all again, bigger and better.

My Thoughts? I am disappointed we didn't see names like Bouwmeester, Pronger, or Kaberle moved, but in the end it was still a very entertaining day.

The Winners?

My winner of the day is Phoenix. They didn't give up anything they couldn't afford to lose, but get a ton of draft picks and young talent that will keep this team competitive for years to come. The Coyotes were almost playoff-bound this year and I think they'll be back in the playoffs next season. Great deay for Phoenix.

Calgary also did a great job. They wanted a D-man and a center, and they got A-Level players in both categories without giving up too much. Great day for Sutter and the Flames.

I will say Edmonton had a great day as well, as getting O'Sullivan and Kotalik for Erik Cole I believe is an awesome trade for a guy that was going to leave anyways.

The Losers?

Montreal couldn't afford to stand pat, and they did. This is a team I think will be a first round exit, let's see if they can prove me wrong.

Philly. This team was in on big name players, and instead got Kyle McLaren (over-paid, over-valued) and Carcillo. Carcillo gives them great, but honestly, I would have preferred the 2nd and Upshall. From what I've read, Flyers fans agree.

What this means?

The East is going to be a lot of fun these last 20 games. I don't think Buffalo did enough to stay in the playoffs, and I think the Rangers needed to do more. Boston could really have used to make a move, and this could hurt them in the playoffs. I think Detroit needed a goalie. I'm pleased with San Jose adding grit.

I'm going to take a few hours to digest this all, and then make my season-ending predictions based on today's moves. Check for that around 10 pm tonight.

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate all of your support, can't wait to do it again!