Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coaching Catch-Up

I've been a little busy lately so I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd like to.

So the Oilers made headlines this week by hiring Quinn and Renney on as coaches. Brilliant move by a team that needs a good kick in the pants. I said all along Quinn would end up in Edmonton thanks to Tambo's loyalty to Quinn's attempt to bring him to Toronto several years ago. This coaching move tells me to expect some veteran UFA's to be brought in to Oil town, as Quinn has always loved working with the older players. Hopefully Quinn's days as the Leafs coach and Quinn's brief tenure as Canada's WJC coach will merge together to lead the Oilers into the playoffs next year.

Darryl Sutter saying he will coach the Flames isn't as sure of a thing as people like TSN are playing it off as. I still think Brent Sutter will be behind the bench in Calgary this October. Darryl said there was no coaches available that were better than himself, but for those not aware, Brent is still under contract by the Devils.

How about Roy burning the Avs by turning down both the GM and Coach roles in Denver. Sources tell that the Habs and Avs will now both battle over Hartley. Bringing Maurice back worked for Carolina, maybe Hartley in Colorado could work again. Interesting that Lacroix is once again the GM of the Avs...

Less than a month until the biggest draft the NHL will ever see. The Habs are set to turn some heads on their 100th aniversary. They missed their chance during the season, the draft on home court is their biggest chance. I still think Vinny becomes a Hab on June 26th. Imagine Gary B going to the podium and announcing that in front of the crowd of 1000s of Habs fans. It will almost be as big as a moment as when the Leafs draft John Tavares.

And finally, a stanley cup rematch? When was the last time that happened? I'm picking the Penguins, but thats another blog all in itself.

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