Monday, May 11, 2009

Sevens Are Wild

Two notes:

1) sorry for the lack of updates the last week. Between moving, my neighbours digging into my cable lines, and the colonoscopy I had this morning, I've really been away for the computer this week.

2) I really need some new team bloggers, as well as the ones who have signed up to post more blogs. We really want to make this a big part of the site but we can't do it without you guys! Email me at if interested.


As we hit the halfway point in Game Six of the Chicago/Vancouver game, the Canucks currently trail 2-1 in a must win game. I am hopeful they will pull the comeback off, as nothing is better than a game 7.

We are guarenteed one, with Pittsburgh and Washington playing theirs in Washington on Wednesday night.

Tomorrow, we will witness two HUGE game sixes, with Boston hoping to force a game seven back in Beantown, while Anaheim will look for some home-ice support to help them take the series back to Detroit for a seventh game.

We've yet to see a game seven go to overtime, and it really is about time. Can you imagine any of these four series going to a game seven, overtime situation (Washington/Pittsburgh, I'm looking at you).

Game sevens are one of the wonders of the world, and I can't wait until we get a couple in this round. One is guarenteed, don't be surprised if we see three by the end of tomorrow night.