Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blackhawks heading for trouble

While Chicago fans will be thrilled that Kane, Toews and Keith are all locked up long-term, the fact of the matter is that these kids are RFA's and were never a real threat to be going anywhere.

What isn't good news for Chicago fans is that they are now officially in cap hell. Toews and Kane are getting $6 million each, while I'm hearing Keith's deal will be between $4 and $5, so lets say $4.5. Total = $16 on three players.

This brings the the Blackhawks' cap number to $58 million on 14 players. The cap, which is going to go down next year (according to just about everyone I talk to) and I just don't see how the Hawks are going to do it.

Brian Campbell makes the most out of any Blackhawk at $7.15 million, and I just don't see that contract being moved. Huet makes $5.6 and the team may be able to get out from that via trade, but it won't be easy, not to mention it will leave the Hawks without a goalie. Niemi is an RFA after this season.

Andrew Ladd will also be an RFA, but if he wants any type of raise you can expect him to be somewhere else, maybe even by this year's deadline. Madden, Eager and Burrish are all UFA's, and if any want more than league min, they'll be going elsewhere next season.

Yes, the Blackhawka are full of star power, but exactly who is left on this roster come 2010-2011, I really couldn't guess. You have to think that a few of Seabrook, Barker, Versteeg, Sharp, Bolland and Byfuglien (and by a few, I think 3-4) may have to be sacrificed in order for this team to squeeze under the cap.

If you were the Hawks, how would you get them under the cap? Stop by the forums and answer that in the "question of the day forum".

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