Sunday, November 01, 2009

Early Season Slumps...

A few teams that were expected to have playoff seasons have started off slow, meaning some changes are going to start to happen.

I'll start in Carolina, which is rumoured to be the first team who will get shaken up. Paul Maurice may not be the target, but his job is far from safe. The Hurricanes, expected by everyone but me to the make the playoffs in 5th or 6th place, currently sit 14th in the East, and are only one point ahead of the Leafs. The Leafs also have a game in hand, just saying. Expect something to happen in Carolina tonight or tomorrow, whether it be a trade, signing or coaching change.

Speaking of Toronto, don't expect any changes just yet. The team has played much better as of late, and Kessel's Tuesday return should be enough change to keep the team happy, at least for now. One thing is for sure, Toskala has lost his starting job and will back up the Monster for the forseeable future.

Nashville, Anaheim and St. Louis all sit in the botoom three spots in the West, and all three teams are searching for ways to improve their teams. The Ducks would love to move Giguere, but thus far the market for goalies is pretty dry. The Blue Jackets are also quickly falling back to earth, and some change could come there as well.

If anyone thinks the Red Wings are content with their goaltending, they are very incorrect. The team would love to upgrade their goaltending, but it has to be affordable. Atlanta's Kari Lehtonen could be their man.

The Rangers are trying to move Chris Higgins, with the Ducks and Wild both showing early interest. The Bruins are another team interested in the young forward.