Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm Back!

I am very sorry for my lack of updates this past week, but I am now moved into my new place, and everything SHOULD be back to normal. We are strongly thinking of another site redesign with some new forums, so that is some exciting news. Also, the Power Play Fantasy League will launch very soon, so if you want in please email us at It should be a blast, look for details right here on the blog soon. Now for some rumours...

I am hearing Ryan Miller could sign as early as this weekend. Details are hard to come by, but I am hearing a three or four year deal worth somewhere between four and five million per season. Thats quite a bit for me to believe, as Miller has proven himself in just one season. With no takers for Biron, the Sabres are no longer in as much in a pressure situation to sign Miller. This makes me believe you may see Miller only end up with a three year deal worth three or three and a half per. Time will tell I guess..

Carter's people continue to talk with the Red Wings, and things are progressing. LA, Toronto and Vancouver are all in this too, and cannot be counted out.

Still no deal between the Leafs and Matt Stajan, which has led to a lot of speculation that he will be dealt. There was even a rumour that he would be packaged with picks/prospects to bring in Zherdev, but that was later denied. As far as I've heard the Leafs plan on having him signed ASAP, but if they could get something quality in return, they would move him.

Brian Leetch and Ottawa continue to talk. I am hearing right now Ottawa and the Rangers are the only two teams left in the mix