Saturday, September 02, 2006

Power Play Fantasy League Details!!!

Here are the details for the Hockeyleaks Powerplay Fantasy League

Players You Must Pick : 6 Forwards 4 Defenseman

Pricing : $5 US, $6 CDN per team.

There is no limit on amount of teams you can have.

Instructions : Please send your player choices to Once we receive your players and enter them into our system, we will send you payment information. You will be able to pay through cheque, money order or paypal. Unfortunately Paypal payments will add an extra .50 cents to your total cost as Paypal charges us fees, and will affect overall prize amount.

Prizing : At this point prizing has not yet been decided upon.

Last year the winner received $20 US, NHL stamps, and three or four autographed nhl cards. The prizes were not as good last year as we had several people not pay, so we were limited to the prizing available. This year we hope to have enough people to have a larger cash prize, as well as being able to put some of the money into an office pools account which would give you full access to stats and standings each and every day. Any questions please contact us at

Thanks for the interest, and here's to a good year!

Ryan Campney