Monday, May 28, 2007

Here We Go!

First I want to say sorry for the lack of updates this past week. I've had a very hard week with my own life and haven't had much time for anything else. Unfortunatly I lost my regular job, so I've been busy trying to put things back together. Hopefully things with me will be resolved shortly and we can move forward. If anyone is hiring, feel free to contact me, haha! Also, we are still looking for someone to help us re-design so if you would like to help I'd love to hear from you.

So I head into the finals with a 12-2 record, which is the best I've ever done in the post-season. A lot of people I talk to believe Ottawa is the team to beat, but I really like Anaheim in this series. Anaheim in my opinion has a better defense and goaltending, while Ottawa has the better offense.

It was a year ago that Chris Pronger led a mediocre Edmonton team to the final, and that team was one win away from winning it all. This years Anaheim team is far superior that last year's Edmonton team, in all aspects. That being said, Ottawa is also far better than last years Carolina team, which makes me optimistic that we will see one hell of a series over the next two weeks.

In the end, I am picking Anaheim to win in seven games. J.S. Giguere will likely be the Conn Smythe winner, though a strong series by Pronger could give it to him as well.

In other news, the Habs have signed Markov to a four year deal. The numbers are not known yet, but the talk the other day was $5 mil per year. The agent denied that, and I thought that was a little much, so we'll wait until we get a number.

Enjoy your Monday, it's a nice one out there!