Monday, May 21, 2007

Hockey Card Sale

As we approach the off-season, which will be a busy time for us all here, we're looking for a way to raise a little money in hopes of purchasing a few upgrades. As the 06-07 season draws to a close, the 06-07 Upper Deck Hockeycards will go out of print. So, we are offering some of these cards at huge discount prices.

If you wish to help us out and purchase some hockey cards at the same time, here is what you get. We are selling them in sets of teams. If you do not know Upper Deck, they issue two series' per year. So if you purchase our toronto package you will get all of the Toronto Maple Leafs base cards from series 1 AND series 2. All team packaging are just $1, unless noted below:

Toronto: $1.50 due to rarity of a few of the cards
New Jersey: $2 (good deal considering Brodeurs card alone is worth $2)
NYR: $2.50 (two gretzky cards worth over $4 combined)
Pittsburgh: $3 (good deal considering the Crosby card by itself is worth $3, plus Crosbys checklist card is worth a few bucks also)

Is set has 13-14 cards in it. Shipping is 3.99 to Canada, 4.99 to US and 5.99 over seas. This shipping price applies for 3 sets or less. For each additional set add .75. If you are interested please email me at Feel free to email me to ask any questions you have.