Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Round 3, Lets Do This!

My first round was a dandy, I went 8-0 with four perfects...in the second round I went 3-1 with 2 perfects making my total 11-1 with six perfects...(not bad, I've perfectly predicted half the series, and picked 11 of 12 winners)...this round is not easdy though...

(1) Buffalo vs. (4) Ottawa
- The two teams everyone thought would make it to finals have, and what a series this should be. Friends I've talked to all believe it will come down to who is better: Miller or Emery. I, however, feel it will come down to the defense of each team, and I feel Buffalo has the advantage there. Both teams have great offense, and solid young goalies, but Buffalo is a bit stronger and more reliable on their back-end. Sabres in six games. (I want to say seven, but i am jus feeling six).

(1) Detroit vs. (2) Anaheim
- Detroit has home ice which could be HUGE in this series, but Detroit's defense is also pretty banged up. I think Anaheim lacks the offense they may need against Detroit, but with Detroit's hurting defense, I think Anaheim can do this. Ducks in six.

I promised a Sundin story and you will get it, but since it's May 8th, and Sundin is meeting with doctors tomorrow, I'm going to hold off.