Saturday, June 30, 2007

One More Day, Rumours a plenty

One more day until it's christmas for the 30 nhl teams. The best UFA crop EVER hits the open market tomorrow, and teams are already armed with their cheque-books. Salaries are about to get back to where they used to be pre-lock out, but dont get me started on how the lockout was a waste of time, we'll save that for when we have less to talk about.

The Leafs, Sens, Canucks, Wings and Habs are all working the phones hard today, trying to free up some cap room for tomorrow.

The Leafs are looking to move Kubina, Raycroft and Kilger to give them some more room to persue big guys. Stajan maybe too, if they can get good return. I'm hearing they would love to add not one, but two wingers tomorrow. Bertuzzi is one of them it appears.

The Sens would love to move Gerber, Shaeffer and/or Corvo. They really want some extra cash to make a serious attempt at Gomez, who they feel would strongly consider calling Ottawa home.

Vancouver wants Kariya I've been told, and are still looking to move Morrison to free up the extra cash. Washington still seems the most likely, though they may wait to see if they can grab Nylander on the market tomorrow.

The Wings are letting go Robert Lang, which frees up a little room, but not enough. They want to bring Schneider back, if they can afford him. Bertuzzi is looking less likely to return, but they would love to add Ryan Smyth. Finding 7 million to offer him, however, is a problem for them.

Montreal was upset the cap didnt go to 52 mil like some expected it to. They now only have about 7 million to offer briere, which will not be enough it seems. They are working the phones, trying to get a few more million free'd up.

I cannot wait for tomorrow. I'll be in the forums starting just before 12, and I'll be in there as long as I possibly can. Come by and chat with me, as we break all the signings and trades (if there are any). Make your home for UFA Day 2007. It will be a busy Sunday tomorrow, no doubts about. For more rumours, check

More if something breaks today..