Saturday, June 09, 2007

Site Update Coming / Web Designer Needed

I plan on spending part of tonight and hopefully tomorrow doing the free agent 07 page. I hope to have it ready for Monday, so look for that. The Daily Rumour Mill will also return on Monday, and the site will be updated daily starting Monday. The free agent 07 page will kick off with my top 25 free agents and where they are rumoured to be heading. Once July hits it will be updated as the deals happen. For those here on the trade deadline, we expect to have a similar set up for free agent day, with the up to the second tracker.

The forums are currently down and I dont' know why, hopefully that gets cleared up ASAP.

With the busy period coming up, we'd love to add more writers to the team, so please email me at if your interested.

Also, I'd love to get someone to re-design the site for us. I'd love someone to offer their help free of charge, but if you are a web-designer with reasonable rates please contact me as well. The site makes no money but I can pay you out of my own pocket if necessary. Proposals of what you'd like to do to the site are appreciated with your email. I want to take to the next level but I need help getting there!