Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lets Do This!

1 am here in Toronto, meaning 11 hours left to wait. I plan on sleeping soon so that when I wake up, it will be UFA frenzy time. Hockeyleaks will have live coverage tomorrow from 12 until 2 or 3 pm. Make sure to be in the forums for the latest news, and check for the latest details.

Latest has briere going to Montreal, though Philly, LA and Buffalo are still in this.

Bertuzzi to Detroit, Toronto or Montreal.

I am also excited to see what teams shock and awe us. We've been hearing Philly, Toronto, LA, San Jose, Buffalo, Montreal, etc as the big players. It wouldn't shock me at all if Columbus, Minnesota, Phoenix, or another low key team came out of nowhere and shocked us all by grabbing a Gomez or Drury. Gomez still likely to NYR, though Edmonton will offer him the largest deal. Drury out west....Colorado, San Jose, LA...though you can never count Buffalo out.

The Leafs are said to be ready to make a few giant splashes tomorrow. They're plan is to grab two wingers tomorrow, we'll see what happens. Expect toskala's extention to be announced tomorrow as well.

Get some sleep, tomorrow will be fun