Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Major Site News

Hockeyleaks.com is about to turn two years old. On July 8th, 2005 I started a blog at hockeyleaks.blogspot.com, to update my friends and others about the latest news during the dreaded thing will call the lockout.

The blog began getting hits from all around the globe, and the forums took off instantly. In October 2005, we launched a hockeyleaks.com website, which not only had daily news updates, but standings, rumours, stats, and interviews.

Two full years later, Hockeyleaks.com is one of the top rumour websites on the internet. We've expanded to offer our readers so much more than we could have ever dreamed of. Our blog is currently at 1.95 million hits, while our website has had hundreds of thousands of unique visitor, and over 20 million hits over the past two years. I never expected all of this, and I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide you with my information. This site is a passion of mine, just like hockey has always been. You have no idea how much I enjoy running this site, and being able to speak to you all on a daily basis.

So we come to the site news. As I said, we've grown a lot since we started. When we were looking to get free webspace to start the Hockeyleaks.com website in September of 2005, we were contacted by a Hockeyleaks.com reader, Roddie from Dallas. He had a server and because we were not that big of a ite, he offered us his server and webspace. We have been very pleased with what roddie has given us, and without him, Hockeyleaks.com probably would not exist.

Unfortunatly, we have grown much bigger than any of us could have expected. Roddie's server can no longer handle us, which leaves us without a server and without web space. That leaves myself with the task of finding a new home for Hockeyleaks.com. As I'm sure many of you are aware, Hockeyleaks.com is owned and operated by just myself. We have had many people help out over the years (and I want to thank Cory (cdog77) for all his help over the years, he helped us from dying a few times with all of his site updating), but as far as the bills go, I have paid for all the costs this site has had over the years. We had a few small ad deals that paid for a chat room here, or a domain name there, but as far as profit goes, Hockeyleaks.com has not made any.

So what does this mean? It means that in 2-3 weeks we will no longer be on the server we are on. I'm in the process of looking for a new server, but it will all depend on the costs and what we can afford. If I am moving forward with Hockeyleaks.com, I refuse to take a server that is less than the one we're on. If Hockeyleaks.com is to exist, it will continue to move forward, there will be no steps back.

I have my fingers crossed that we will be able to save this site, as I think it would be a tragedy if Hockeyleaks.com closed down. I know a lot of people visit this site many times during the day, and we have a few people who I honestly believe never leave our forums. I will do my best to keep this site operating, and lets hope we can move forward and live to see our third, fourth, and so on anniversary.

If your interested in helping us out, any ideas to raise money can be emailed to me at cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com. You can also click the link below to donate money to our paypal account. I can promise you any and all money donated will go towards us putting a new server. I'm pretty sure if a dollar is donated, just that would force me to put the money out necessary to keep Hockeyleaks.com around. Even if you can spare a dollar, it would help. I've always been against putting large google ads, poker ads, etc on Hockeyleaks.com, as that slows down load time, and takes away from the website and what we're trying to do.


Hockeyleaks will continue to operate as usual until further notice. I'm not sure an exact date that we have to be off the server, i believe it will be mid-july.

Once again, thank you for getting hockeyleaks.com this far, it's been an amazing experience thus far, and I hope it can continue and this will all work out.

Hockeyleaks.com has been updated with today's rumours, check the forums and UFA 07 section for all the breaking signings....like Brad Isbister was just signed to Vancouver...