Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oilers Sign Penner To Offer Sheet - Site Update

I know the website hasn't been updated in a few days, this is because we are in the processs of moving the site to a new server. This will be happening in the next few days, and the site may be down for a few days. The blog will still be up, but the forums will be down. I'm not sure if the forums will survive the move, so keep your fingers crossed. worst case is we start with fresh forums, which wouldn't be terrible.

The Oilers have signed Dustin Penner to a five year / 21.5 million dollar offer sheet. Thats 4.3 a season, and as good as Penner is, the Ducks have to walk away. They can't afford that salary, and if they do it will be devistating to their cap situation. Even if Teemu or Niedermayer want to come back, they won't be able to fit in under the cap. Kevin Lowe is not making a lot of friends this off-season. Parise and Cammalleri remain the big RFA's still available.

Gelinas has signed with Nashville. One year, still checking on the money amount. This surprises me, as Gelinas is getting older and obviously wants to win, Nashville just doesn't seem to be the best bet in their current state. Maybe he knows something we don't?