Monday, September 17, 2007

I Love Hockey

How great is it to see NHL hockey all over canadian television these past few days? Sportscenter has been all about about the training camps, the signings, the injuries, and I coudn't be happier. There is nothing in the world like the NHL, and this is one of the three times of the year I look foward too (the other two being deadline month and free agent month).

Lets get to the latest news:

Mike Fisher will be a Senator for the next five years, but at what cost? Well, it's 4.2 a season, which I think is a little much. The Senators will have a hard time finding money to re-sign both Redden and Heatley for next season. Should be interesting.

The Sharks first made headlines by bringing in Roenick, and now they're at it again. Sandis Ozolinsh will be attending the Sharks training camp, and I'm hoping he makes it. I hope he can re-find his career, and put his off and on ice problems behind him.

On the injury front, Schneider will delay his ducks debut by a month, thanks to a broken bone in his ankle. I can hear the sighs of the relief by all Red Wings Fans...

If Vancouvers offense wasnt hurting enough, Sami Salo is now out indefinitely with a wrist injury that will keep him out at least a month. Vancouver could be in for a long summer if they can't find a way to score goals, which I predict will be a serious problem for them.

The Senators are talking to Jeff O'Neill, and I'm actully surprised he hasnt found a home. For all the talk on him, he's put up a fair amountof goals over his past two seasons as a leaf.

Adam Forsyths season preview will hit tomorrow, so make sure to check that out. Adam has been out best writer since his arrival, and is always a pleasure to read.

We're at 20 teams for the PPFL, make sure to send in your team. for details.

Leaf fans tune into the Leafs forum tomorrow night at nine for Leafs chat: game edition. I'll be around talking during the game, hope you can be there.