Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mark Bell Suspended By NHL

Bell will miss the Leafs' first fifteen games thanks to a hefty suspension thrown down by Gary Bettman. Am I the only one who thinks this is too harsh? Yes, what he did was not great, but it happened awhile ago, and Bell has worked hard to fix his life since the incident. Bell could have plead not guilty, faught this, delayed the problem, and avoided suspension, but instead he fessed up, took the blame, and accepted his legal punishment. The NHL has now added to his punishment by forcing him to miss over a sixth of the season. As a Leaf fan, the only good news from this is that we may now see a guy like Tlusty or Williams start with the team, which both deserve to anyways. Hopefully if one does make the initial team, they play well enough that they stick.

Speaking of Toronto, Leafs TV will be televising the jersey unvailing today at 3 pm. At the press conference they will also talk about how Leafs TV is now available to everyone who subscribes to the VIP package (which I'm happy about, saves me $3 a month!). Thats good news for Leafs fan.

I get a lot of emails asking where Alyn McCauley is going. Well, he had knee surgery and will miss some time, up to six months. He's hoping to sign a new contract once he's fully recovered.

Ecshe is still hoping someone might have interest in him. He's currently working out with the Penguins, but don't expect them to sign him.

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